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SmartEVSolutions is an end to end charging infrastructure provider. We focus on providing solutions to organizations that wish to offer charging services to their customers.

Smart EV Charge
Charging Stations

We provide A-Z solutions for EV charging

Innocharge provides electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for all.


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Key Features

We strive to develop implement state of the art technology which provides safety, comfort & value to our customers

System Maintainence

We provide end to end system maintainance for the app

Telematics & Data Analytics

We provide complete analytics of the charging points

Efficiency Improvement

We always prefer to improve the effieciency of the system

Instant Support

We will provide Instant support to the app

Energy Management

We will provide all information related to Energy Management

System Controlling

We will provide a system which can send instructions to the charging stations

Smart EV Charging

A fully functional and user-friendly network is an essential element for any charge point management system. It is the brain of the charger and we have developed a highly intuitive and intelligent application for all our customers on the network. Just download the application and get going on the Smart EV Charging platform

Scan to Charge

You can charge the car using the scan option which gives secure identity to the car. Our app is built with the virtual wallet where you can pay money by loading to the virtual wallet.

Geo Locate chargers

Locate chargers & check their availability on the go. Each station is connected to Smart EV Charge. It is accessible to all EV owners with our open charging network

Monitor live status

Are you visiting a restaurant, mall or an office? want to be sure that your vehicle can be charged there? Now you can book/ reserve your charging space

Reserve your slot

Is the charging station compatible with your vehicle? What is the charging tariff? Are there any amenities nearby? Now you can know it all on Smart EV charge

Convenient payment

Our charging management system is integrated with all major payment channels to enable a trouble-free, safe and an enjoyable charging experience

Features For Business Owners

Customer Management

It is essential for businesses to have detailed reports on customer usage, feedback, billing history, pricing plans and much more.

Asset Management

Business Owners can monitor real time status of the chargers with complete business intelligence reports, set access rules and configure tariffs


Downtime is revenue loss and it is crucial to have live updates on the status of the charging station. And to have any problem fixed in the shortest possible time

Charging Stations

Chargers for every need. We have a complete range of chargers from 3.5kW to 350kW depending on the requirement of the customer. Our chargers are equipped to handle multiple charging standards and are available in both AC mode and DC fast charging mode. Our team of experts shall guide you on the best fit for your need.

Commercial Chargers

Our commercial electric charging stations are the most versatile and efficient chargers in the industry. With remote monitoring and automated invoicing, smart pricing options and dynamic load management for multiple installations, and custom branding options, they’re the perfect fit for every commercial parking area.

AC Chargers

They are ideal for office and retail applications where the vehicles are parked for more than 1 hour. The chargers are currently rated from 3.5kW up to 43 kW. Moreover, we are engaging with car manufacturers to enable high speed AC charging in their vehicles

DC Chargers

Rapid and Fast DC chargers have helped overcome range anxiety and we are closely working to develop chargers that have power output up to 350kW and charge electric vehicles in less than 10 minutes.

If you foresee such a requirement, get in touch with us and we can do a feasibility study for you

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All Common Questions

You can find nearest charging station through our app by enabling the location

Yes, you can book a charging slot at any time through mobile application.

You should scan the QR code of the charging point through your mobile app and then click on start charge button.

You can pay the bill online through our app once charging is done or else you also can load the balance in your virtual wallet which is avaiable in the app.

You can find by opening the map and clicking the charging stations point then it will show the all available charging pins.


App available for Android & Iphone