Pro-Russian Communists Attack U.S. Documentary Crew In Ukraine

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According to an article on CBS, a documentary film crew from Pittsburgh was attacked by Pro-Russian Communist protesters in the Ukraine:

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The State Department has updated its warning, urging U.S. citizens to avoid all travel to Crimea and eastern regions of Ukraine.

The danger in that part of the world is something an award-winning film crew from Pittsburgh knows all too well after they were attacked in a Ukrainian town last weekend.

“Red flag, communist flag, communist flag,” a translator described a flag flying over the town square.

Last Saturday, a local documentary crew of six – based in Downtown Pittsburgh – was capturing the mood of a pro-Russia rally as it wound down in the Ukrainian town of Mariupol.

The woman, referring to the crew, speaks with the translator:

Woman: “Make sure they tell the truth.”

Translator: “They’ll tell the truth. They’re not interested in our politics.”

Woman: “What country are they from?”

Translator: “They’re American guys.”

Within minutes those “American guys” from Pittsburgh were told to get out, running for their lives.

That is how people can die when nationalistic feelings reach a fever pitch.

In Ukraine, for four days, the documentary crew was there to tell the story of a man named Gennadiy, who cares for children at an orphanage.

But the crew quickly became targets – as a crowd became a mob – and insults escalated into kicking, punching and tear gas.

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Hanoi Jane Publishes Sex Book To “Help” Teens

jane fonda
“Hanoi” Jane Fonda in Communist Vietnam 1972 (

If you were to make a list consisting of all the people you trust to give your teenager advice, I’m willing to bet “Hanoi” Jane Fonda isn’t in the top 1,000.  But that still didn’t stop her from writing a book attempting to give teens advice (Dang it).

According to a book review on The Boston Globe, earlier this month Jane Fonda published, as the reviewer put it, a rather “dry sex book” to help teens:

Fonda is the second actress in recent years to reinvent herself as a teen-advice doyenne; Elizabeth Berkley, star of “Showgirls” and “Saved by the Bell,” put out a self-help book for the high school set in 2011. But unlike the chatty “Ask Elizabeth,” “Being a Teen” is very matter-of-fact.

That someone whose most famous cinematic moments involved a zero-gravity strip tease would pen a dry sex book might come as a surprise, but “Being a Teen” is intended to serve as a reference, or, as Fonda calls it in the preface, a “dip-in book.” It is divided into 20 illustrated chapters, each subdivided into several short subtopics that address everything from gender identity to how to insert a tampon.

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Disney CEO To Host Obama led Democrat Fundraiser In His Own Home


When one hears the name Disney, they usually think of Micky Mouse and Disney World.

But it seems when Obama hears Disney, he thinks of the money.

According to an article on, Walt Disney Studios CEO, Alan Horn, is holding a Democrat fund raiser in his own home:

President Obama is returning to Los Angeles on May 7 to raise money for congressional candidates at an event at the home of Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn and his wife, Cindy, according to sources familiar with the plans.

The event will benefit the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi scheduled to attend.

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Another Trayvon! Just Kidding, This Crime Doesn’t Fit The Narrative Frame

"The biggest crime in the U.S. criminal justice system is that it is a race-based institution where African-Americans are directly targeted and punished in a much more aggressive way than white people." -Bill Quigley “The biggest crime in the U.S. criminal justice system is that it is a race-based institution where African-Americans are directly targeted and punished in a much more aggressive way than white people.” –Bill Quigley

Trayvon Martin was an innocent, urban youth of promise who planned to go to college, escape the hood, write poetry in the same style as Langston Hughes, make documentary films, and probably even donate to Oxfam occasionally. He certainly wasn’t representative of the obvious-to-everyone but still a mystery to the mainstream media that young black men commit an unbelievably disproportionate amount of crime in the country.

For the thoughtcrime of thinking that probable-cat burglar Trayvon might be a cat burglar, George Zimmerman was almost convicted of murder. The entire media infrastructure and elites came out to villainize Martin. No doubt many pro-Trayvon movies are in production.

And so when, in Madison, Wisconsin, a young couple was awoken to four burglars ransacking their home, threatening to kill them, and then viciously raping the wife, you would think that, in context, it would get noticed by the mainstream media.

Oh did I mention the wife was six months pregnant and pleading for her baby’s life?

In supposedly racist America, you can’t even drive around town without being pulled over for “Driving while Black” and yet, stories like this seem to be missed by the racist white overlords running our media industry.

Surely they haven’t missed other stories like this, like those of the Wichita horror or the Channon Christian and Andrew Newsom murders. David Berkowitz killed six people and from that there have been four movies and three songs. How many times do we even hear about these kind of crimes?

Google News reports just 15 mentions of this crime in the media. There are 9,450 current news stories about Travyon Martin. This is despite the fact that Travyon Martin was shot while beating George Zimmerman nearly two years prior to this crime happening.

The most charitable interpretation of the absence of liberal outrage here, even from supposedly pro-woman groups, is that it’s just manufactured outrage in order to achieve a political end. Trayvon was a convenient media framing and so they jump at the opportunity to trot out the tired cliche of racist whites driving trucks gunning down young black men. But a slightly less charitable interpretation is that they enjoy and encourage this kind of behavior, that they feel as though these are morally justified rapes and attempted murders because the victims are from the undesirable class.

Black entertainers rap about killing whites. Leaders proclaim to kill whites. Even white liberals talk about and strategize how to kill white babies.

But white liberals repeat ad nauseum that the criminal justice system is unfixably racist. Bill Quigley, a Louisiana law professor, says, writ large, that “The criminal justice system, from start to finish, is seriously racist.” Yale Professor Vesla Weaver says we live in a “racial democracy” where only whites get to vote because they’re the ones who aren’t felons. This is the quality of intellectual honesty where they avoid any chance that the individuals convicted of crimes might actually be guilty.

Yet, it’s “racist” to talk about such things, to even acknowledge that this is the underlying mindset of a shockingly surprising amount of the left: whatever is bad for whites is good for the left. Whatever hurts white people as a group helps the organized left.

If the progressive left will justify coercive government policies to benefit one group at the expense of another, why not rejoice when those groups fight with one another and the undesirable group suffers as a result? When you operate a healthcare system that doesn’t care about individual wrongs, why would you care about one crime in one place from the undesirable group.

This type of crime cover-up by the media is nothing new, and will no doubt only continue to get worse. Hence why you’ve probably never heard of Mona Nelson. The media isn’t hiding their race agenda now when reporting the news. It’s no longer all the facts, it’s screened now to fit their particular agenda.

U.S. Gov Study: Only Way To Save Western Civilization Is Communism

Future Flag of the U.S.A. ?( SHTF

Few people realize that Karl Marx, the father of Communism, was a strong believer in not only having the state control and ration wealth to the masses, but having the state control and ration natural resources as well.

According to an article on The Daily Caller, a NASA funded study concluded that Karl Marx was right, the only way to save Western Civilization from collapse is Communism (Also known as Sustainability):

If the United States wants to avoid falling like the Roman Empire, it must avoid “overconsumption” and distribute resources equally, according to a study funded by NASA.

…What did the study find? That collapse is hard to avoid in unequal societies as “[e]lites grow and consume too much, resulting in a famine among Commoners that eventually causes the collapse of society.”

…The only way to avoid calamity is to adopt egalitarian methods of resource distribution if resource consumption is limited and distributed equally — eerily reminiscent of those who champion population control or communism.

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NASA released a statement today disavowing the study saying:

As is the case with all independent research, the views and conclusions in the paper are those of the authors alone. NASA does not endorse the paper or its conclusions.

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Obama’s First “Innovation Hub” Falls Flat: Creates Only 10 Jobs In A Year And A Half

The National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute, Youngstown, Ohio(

During his State of the Union Address earlier this year, President Obama said:

My administration has launched two hubs for high-tech manufacturing in Raleigh and Youngstown, where we’ve connected businesses to research universities that can help America lead the world in advanced technologies.  Tonight, I’m announcing we’ll launch six more this year.  Bipartisan bills in both houses could double the number of these hubs and the jobs they create.  So get those bills to my desk and put more Americans back to work.

It would seem that for once, the President wasn’t lying when he said his “Hubs” would put Americans back to work.  According to an article on Reuters, The Hub in Youngstown, for instance, has employed a whopping 10 people in the year and half it’s been open:

Of six organizations in Youngstown and Cleveland – the nearest major city in the state – working on America Makes projects, none has made new hires for the work. But the non-profit managing the initiative, the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining, has added 10 employees to run the lab and oversee the application process, said executive director Ralph Resnick.

If that wasn’t enough to get you on board the Obama train, then you might be happy to know that these “Hubs” may not directly create jobs for middle class Americans (like the President promised) but instead may directly cause fewer middle class jobs:

The lab, called America Makes, is the first in a series of so-called “manufacturing innovationhubs” that President Barack Obama has launched with the promise that they could revitalize America’s industrial sector and spur jobs growth in downtrodden communities like Youngstown. Seven more hubs are planned by the end of the year, including projects in Chicago, Detroit and Raleigh, North Carolina, that will follow the Youngstown model of bringing together businesses, non-profits and universities to pursue technological breakthroughs.

But after more than a year of operation, the Youngstown hub underscores the challenges facing Obama’s goal of ensuring “a steady stream of good jobs into the 21st century,” as he put it in remarks at a White House event last month.

One of the biggest challenges is the nature of factory innovation itself, which often reduces, rather than bolsters, the need for workers who aren’t very skilled. That means the manufacturing initiative could help create jobs for people with highly specialized skills, such as engineers, but it may do far less to help people struggling to find work after the shuttering of local steel mills.

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Kasparov: Obama Makes Carter Look Like Churchill


Earlier this month, the ever not so popular Republican Senator, Lindsey Graham, said that whenever Obama threatens Putin, everyone does an “eye roll”.  To top it off, the Senator said:

“We have a weak and indecisive president that invites aggression.”

It’s bad enough when an American Senator can read the writing on the wall when it comes to President Obama’s lack of spine, but it takes on a whole new level of embarrassing when a Croatian chess Grandmaster, turned Democracy Advocate, begins to point it out.

According to an article on, Garry Kasparov tweeted that when it comes to Foreign Policy, Obama makes Jimmy Carter look like Churchill in comparison:


Image from

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Progressive Author Supports Population Control To Curb Global Warming

Progressive Author Robert Meeropol (

If Population Control is found to be apart of the cure in the fight against man-made Global Warming, then the Progressive ideology of Communism has done more than it’s fair share of prevention. With an estimated 15 million people (at least) having been exterminated in the creation, and ruling of, the former Soviet Union, one might say Communism has been leading the pack on protecting the planet.

While the majority of us on the right aren’t even willing to admit that man-made Global Warming exists, let alone suggest that controlling the world’s population is some ‘cure’, there are those on the political left who are beginning to suggest that it is indeed an answer to the fictional global climate ‘problem’.

According to an article on the Communist Party USA News, People’s World, self described Progressive author, activist, and Communist, Robert Meeropol, supports the idea of controlling the population in order to fight Global Warming:

Seven billion people are way too many, and 10 billion will just hasten disaster. Weisman’s point is well-taken; we must and can bring down the population through universal education, and government assisted family planning programs, and doing so is a necessary condition of controlling global warming.

Mr. Meeropol’s comment leaves us to wonder.  Does he just support Family Planning and Abortion?  Or do his ideals of Progressivism and Communism allow him to support the ‘population control’ tactics of Stalin?

Let’s hope… we’ll never have to find out.

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Talking Points Memo Witchhunt for any Gay Offense

Even Uncle Joe thinks that Media Matters and friends are going "too far."
Even Uncle Joe thinks that Media Matters and friends are going “too far.”



TPM has been attacking fellow leftist Ezra Klein for starting Vox and hiring someone who once wrote about Liberty University and also wrote a defense of Duck Dynasty.

Because, clearly, if Klein had known about either article, not only should he have made clear to tell openly-gay 23 year old writer Brandon Ambrosino that he shouldn’t write that kind of stuff at Vox, which would be censorship, or that he should apologize for what he once wrote, which would be censorship, or that they should fire Ambrosino, which would be censorship, but Klein needs to explain why he even hired him in the first place.

Being a media entity now means that proper due diligence in hiring anyone is vetting them for any past offense against the organized gay media pundits, aka “Big Gay.”

You know things are over the top for Big Gay when even the Huffington Post is defending Ambrosino. But Media Matters is always on the attack.

EPA Chief On Gifts From Alaskans: “I Threw The F—ing Thing Away”

Eric Engman/News-Miner
EPA Chief, Gina McCarthy during her visit to Alaska. (Eric Engman/News-Miner)   (News

Class.  Not every person whose famous, or in a position of power, is blessed with it.  In the case of EPA Chief, Gina McCarthy, she isn’t even on the same planet when it comes to being ‘classy’.

Case in point. According to an article on News, in an article published earlier this month in the Wall Street Journal, she had some not so nice things to say about some of the  gifts she received while on her trip to Alaska:

FAIRBANKS—Environmental Protection Agency Chief Gina McCarthy is being criticized by Alaska officials for two disparaging comments she made about Interior Alaska in a recent Wall Street Journal article.

The Journal article, “Rare Detente: New EPA Chief and Industry,” focused mostly on McCarthy’s ability to find relative harmony between the regulatory agency and energy companies, citing specifically her unrelentingly forthright nature.

In the story, McCarthy told a Wall Street Journal reporter earlier this month that she had been surprised by the government’s strict ethics regulation regarding the acceptance of gifts, going on to ridicule two gifts in particular she received while visiting the Interior in August.

The story said she remarked how officials chased her down for accepting a small North Pole pin someone gave her at an event — “I threw the f—ing thing away,” she said she told them) — and for receiving a jar of moose meat that “could gag a maggot.” The moose meat was given by a little girl during a hearing, the story said.

North Pole Mayor Bryce Ward, who said he was the “someone” who gave McCarthy the pin, took issue with the EPA chief’s brusque dismissal of his gift and called for an apology.

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