Jindal Claims Obama Told Him He doesn’t Trust Governors


Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said in an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity Thursday that Barack Obama told him he doesn’t trust governors to protect their people.

IJReview.com quotes Jindal as saying,

“When we met with him as governors, I asked him, why don’t you give the states more influence on accrediting higher education, to bring more competition in the marketplace

“Here’s the insulting thing: In a room full of Democratic and Republican governors, basically, in so many words he said, ‘We can’t trust states. We can’t trust governors to protect their own people.’”

This is hardly a shocker. After all, the President and the feds know best about all things. That’s why they have sued the states over things like voter ID laws, immigration laws and union issues. That’s why they bypassed state legislatures as they snuck Common Core K-12 standards through the back door. That’s why they insist on imposing a school lunch menu that children refuse to eat.

Obama has a tendency to forget that our Constitution created a federalist system, where power is shared between the federal government and the states. He seems to forget the proud American tradition of local government, which works best because unique states and communities have unique needs and circumstances.

Or maybe he doesn’t forget any of that at all. Perhaps he believes that state and local governments are ridiculous entities that should step aside and let the big boys in Washington, D.C. call all the shots.

It’s just that stupid Constitution, the same document that prevents him from completely ruling by executive order and forces him to deal with that silly Congress on far too many issues.

Census Report Day 3: Democrats Are the Party of High School Dropouts

The Census Studies–

census bureau


In late March 2014 the Associated Press (AP) reported that eight of ten US House of Representative Districts with the highest annual mean incomes were districts held by Democrats.

This was somewhat surprising as the media constantly labels Republicans “the party of the rich.”  The article went on to list the top ten Congressional Districts predominantly on the East and West Coasts and led by several well known and very liberal Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Henry Waxman and Jerry Nadler.

In response to this article, we decided to review the most recent Census data ourselves and see what other items of interest might be found hidden in this data.

Progressives Today first collected the 2012 US census data housed at the government census site.  We also obtained a list of Congressional Representatives and their party affiliation from the US Congressional website for the 113th Congress voted into office starting in 2012 and combined these files into one massive spreadsheet to obtain relationships.

Earlier this week Progressives Today reported:
** 36 of the poorest 39 districts in the US are Democrat districts

** The Middle Class – Working Class districts in the US are represented by Republicans by a two-to-one ratio

** The shameful results of the Black Congressional Caucus districts – Their constituents are black, poor, have low incomes, and rely on the government for their health care. They rent rather than own, are high school dropouts and are unemployed.

Today we have this tidbit on the education level of Republican versus Democrat districts.
— Just as with income levels, the Democrat Party represents the extremes in education levels. Democrats tend to be high school dropouts or post graduate students. Republicans tend to be individuals with a high school education and individuals with some college experience but have not attained a degree – typical working class Americans.

Education – Of the sixteen education related categories, two categories are highly correlated with Republican led districts and two categories are highly correlated with Democratic led districts. Republican led districts correlate highly with individuals who have attained a high school degree or equivalent (31%) and individuals who have had some college but have not attained a degree (27%). Democratic led districts on the other hand correlate highly with individuals who are enrolled in college or graduate school (31%) and individuals with less than a 9th grade education (30%).

By Joe Hoft and Jim Hoft

Weird. Hillary Said Taking Care of Veterans Is “Highest Obligation” …Yet She’s AWOL on Today’s Vet Scandal (Video)

Back in 2008 while running for president, Hillary Clinton said taking care of veterans is the “highest obligation” of the president.

“As a president, President Bush has not done what needed to be done for our veterans. We haven’t funded the VA. We have so many coming home who are injured and not being taken care of. I think it is the highest obligation of the president who is also our Commander in Chief to take care of those who have served our nation. And, I pledge to you, I will take care of our veterans.”

But that was back in 2008.
In a weird twist, we have not heard a peep from Hillary Clinton since this whole VA scandal blew up a few weeks ago.

For being so concerned about veterans, she sure has been strangely silent.

For the record, Hillary had lunch with Barack Obama today at the White House.

Writer Points Out That Santa Barbara Killer Had a Whiny, Progressive, ‘Poor Me’ World View


Of course progressives are rushing to use the Santa Barbara murders as further evidence that stricter gun control is necessary.

They ignore the fact that California has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation.

They ignore the fact that Elliot Rodger killed three people with a knife. He could have done that with every gun in the nation under federal lock and key.

Progressives also ignore the fact that Rodger was an obvious product of their own whiny “life isn’t fair” world view that they promote so effectively.

The following insightful passage comes from Derek Hunter on Townhall.com:
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Obama, de Blasio Have Turned Out to be Hypocrites When It Comes to Government Transparency

Obama double

The New York Post is calling out progressives for their hypocritical stance on government accountability, citing New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and President Obama as the most obvious culprits.

De Blasio and Obama have both criticized their predecessors for keeping the public in the dark, and have pledged to bring increased transparency. But as the Post points out, neither have kept their word.

“Last year, as a public advocate, (de Blasio) unveiled a ‘Transparency Report Card’ accusing Bloomberg-era city agencies of failing to ‘obey the law and make records public,’” according to the Post editorial. “But a new report from the Associated Press says that ‘from the first moments’ of his mayoralty, Bill de Blasio has ‘established a record of frequently conducing public business in private, with dozens of events closed to the press.’”

De Blasio has reportedly blocked media or limited media access to at least 83 events, prompting Associated Press Executive Editor Kathleen Carroll to quip during a recent speech to the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press that “It’s clear that the most-used rubber stamp in his office is the one that says ‘closed to the press.’”

In total, more than 20 percent of de Blasio’s events during his first five months in office have been closed meetings, according to Breitbart News.

The Post’s op-ed also takes aim at Obama’s hypocrisy on transparency.
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CNN Anchor: Obama gets ‘Icy Reception’ at West Point Graduation

Mr Freeze

It’s hard to fault the guy – he simply read what was in the teleprompter. Nevertheless, Obama’s policy speech went over like a lead balloon with West Point graduates Wednesday.

Mediaite reports:

Obama’s “philosophical” speech to the 2014 graduates of West Point about a new direction for America’s foreign policy was “not a great” speech for that audience, said CNN anchor Jim Clancy on Wednesday. He said that the president did not sound like a “commander-in-chief speaking to his troops” and got an “icy reception” as a result.

“It was a philosophical speech,” Clancy said. “It was not a commander-in-chief speaking to his troops. And you heard the reception. I mean, it was pretty icy.”

Watch the clip here.

Seattle’s Proposed $15 Minimum Wage ALREADY Costing Jobs – and It’s Not Even Law Yet!

For Lease

Progressives know best. Results be damned.

The Washington Policy Center reports the proposed $15 minimum wage within the confines of the city is already having a negative impact.

After decades in Seattle, Northwest Caster and Equipment recently made the difficult decision to move the business to unincorporated Lynnwood, according to a report by KOMO news. The owner of the family business blames Seattle’s increasingly difficult business climate for the move: “It just seems like increasingly the city’s become a more difficult place to do business.”

The city’s proposed $15 minimum wage was tops on his list of complaints.  “If I’m going to bring someone in on an entry level, I’d prefer to start them out where I’d like to start them out, rather than having that dictated to me.”

A commercial property landlord echoes those concerns about the $15 minimum wage, noting several tenants have signaled they may not renew their leases if it becomes law: “It’s just too expensive to operate in the city.”

And in a story today, KUOW reports that small businesses throughout the city are panicking over the super high minimum wage. Multiple small business owners told KUOW they are holding off on opening new business or expanding their current business in Seattle, while others said they are delaying plans to hire new workers.

Of course, the progressives’ solution will be state or country-wide elevated minimum wages, so business owners can’t flee to survive.

WPC reports, “Jody Hall, owner of Cupcake Royale, initially supported a $15 minimum wage.  But now Hall admits the proposed policy is, ‘keeping me up at night like nothing ever has.’”

Employee wages are meant to compensate someone for their work, based on their skill level and the sully of workers.

A politician-created minimum wage manipulates the market and while theoretically helps some, it penalizes others because the job pool shrinks.

Seattle’s proposed minimum wage isn’t even law yet and it’s already damaging the entry level job market. Be proud, progressives!

New Blog Instructs Kids: “How to Get an Abortion Without Telling Your Parents”

A new far left blog instructs children on how to get an abortion without telling your parents.
abortion parents

The Table of Contents of the “zine” lists the steps to a secret abortion.
table abortion minors

Live Action News reported:

As if teenagers didn’t already feel misunderstood by their parents, here comes a zine to help distance them from their parents. Hot off the presses of OdineQuinn.Wordpress.com comes “How to Get an Abortion without Telling Your Parents.” Perfect for helping teens to distrust their parents, isolate them from the people who love them most, and knock their self-esteem even lower by convincing them that their child is better off dead than being raised by a teen mother.

In “How to Get an Abortion without Telling Your Parents,” parents are, of course, made out to be the bad guys. And in some cases maybe they are. Not all parents were created equal. But in most circumstances, parents love their children, and since they have to give permission for Tylenol, they should be in the loop when their daughter gets an abortion from which she could die or become sterile. The author refers to parents as “unnecessary people” further proving that those on the pro-choice side are working hard to create a rift between teenagers and their parents.

From herbal abortions to obtaining a judicial bypass, this zine offers tons of help in ending the life of an unborn child.

The zine tells kids to look into selling their cars and furniture to pay for their abortion.