Socialist Seeks to Take Out Washington State House Speaker


Calling one of the highest-elected socialists in the country, Seattle councilwoman Kshama Sawant, an “inspiration,” Jess Spear is seeking to unseat the Speaker of the Washington House of Representatives. reports:

The election of Socialist Alternative candidate Kshama Sawant in Seattle last November was a major inspiration and sign of encouragement to people all over the US who are fed up with the two-party system.

In only six months since her election and the launch of 15 Now, workers in Seattle have won $15/hour, the highest minimum wage in the country. Socialist Alternative has demonstrated, through the election of Kshama Sawant and the launch of 15 Now, that real gains can be won for working people through the combination of electing independent working class candidates and building a movement.

Imagine what a boost it will be for all those fighting the corporate agenda, if we can repeat this victory, and show it was not just a one-time event! This would put socialist ideas back on the agenda and open the way for a left, working-class-based force to be built all over the U.S.

And this is what will happen when Socialist Alternative candidate Jess Spear takes down the Democratic Party Speaker of the Washington State House, Frank Chopp. …

Jess is an experienced and proven organizer for workers, the environment, and women. She is a climate scientist and a member of Socialist Alternative. Last year, she organized 450 volunteers as the Volunteer Coordinator for the historic Kshama Sawant campaign for Seattle City Council. She currently is the Organizing Director of 15 Now, the grassroots organization that led the way in winning a $15 minimum wage in Seattle.

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Veteran to Colorado VA: You ‘Owe Me a Leg’

Local media stories from across the country indicate the problems with VA medical centers are much more widespread than national media may be reporting.

KKCO in Grand Junction, Colorado ran a story detailing the plight of two veterans. One bluntly said the VA’s lack of urgency cost him his leg.

Larry Wilkinson said a VA doctor never called him with the test results of a foot infection and after two months of no news, he had to have his leg amputated.

“I feel the VA owes me a leg,” Wilkinson said.

Another VA patient, Richard Worsley, said when he was showing symptoms of a heart attack, he was taken to St. Mary’s even though he wanted to go to the VA Medical Center. He then received a bill for more than $8,000.

Paul Sweeney, spokesman for the Grand Junction VA Medical Center, told the news station that vets who had complaints could follow this procedure:

  • Go to a “patient advocate” and file a “patient contact” with them
  • If that doesn’t satisfy them, they can meet with a “public relations officer”
  • The next step is to “write a letter to our chief of staff”

Vets are losing limbs – AT HOME! – while the paper pushers make them check all the bureaucratic boxes. Outrageous.

Local AFSCME Treasurer Charged with Stealing $77,469 in Dues; Pleads Guilty


Yet another union boss has been busted for embezzlement.

The National Legal and Policy Center reports:

On March 27, Robert Lewis, former treasurer of American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 3585, was charged in U.S. District Court for the Central District of Illinois in a criminal information count with embezzlement of $77,469 in funds from the Canton (near Peoria), Ill. union. Less than three weeks later, on April 14, he signed a waiver of indictment and pled guilty.

Report: ACORN-affiliated Political Party Wants Diane Ravitch to Run for NY Guv

Diane Ravitch(

Progressives must be desperate in New York.

The New York Post reports:

The Working Families Party is talking to a potential gubernatorial candidate who is a close ally of the teachers’ union, sources said.

The minor party has reached out to Diane Ravitch to guage her interest in running for governor — and siphoning votes from Gov. Cuomo, said a source.

Ravitch, 75, is a professor at NYU and the ex-wife of former Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch. She is also in lockstep on most issues with the United Federation of Teachers.
With 72 hours to go before their convention, Ravitch’s name has surfaced after a divide in the party.

The furthest left members–tired of a GOP controlled state senate– are holding Cuomo’s nomination hostage, saying they want him to help Democrats re-take control.

The Working Families Party is scraping the bottom of the barrel with Ravitch. A hero to unionists, she has engaged in numerous personal attacks in recent years and has been plagued by several health issues, resulting in the cancellation of speeches.

If they’re scrambling like this before their nominating convention, they’re in deep trouble.

UPDATE: Cuomo received the WFP nomination, according to the Times Union.

San Francisco Woman Breeds & Releases Rats But Won’t Be Arrested Because of Progressive Policies

San Francisco “Rat Girl” Erica J. has been breeding rats in her hotel room and releasing them in parks.
Local officials have exterminated thousands of rats in her room and neighboring areas.
KTVU reported:

KTVU reported:

While authorities are trying to keep track of a San Francisco woman who was breeding rats in her room at a residential hotel and releasing them in public parks, they say their hands are tied as far as trying to stop her.

She’s been nicknamed “Rat Girl” by the people who’ve followed her behavior over the years. But officials told KTVU the situation is no laughing matter because her affection for rats could endanger her health and the health of the San Francisco public.

KTVU on Thursday obtained video shot in April of 2011 of a room in a Minna Street SRO hotel packed with piles of filthy clothes, a dirty mattress and dozens of rats, burrowing in and out of the debris.

Animal Care and Control officials say the then-resident — a 43 year-old woman known as “Erica J.” — bred hundreds of rats in the room. San Francisco’s Public Health Department told KTVU that by the end of May, 2011, it had exterminated a thousand rats in the room and neighboring areas.

“The rats have actually burrowed into other people’s rooms. They can carry disease, they can carry parasites,” said Animal Care & Control Captain Denise Bongiovanni. “I was immediately concerned for the well-being of Erica. I believe that there’s a serious underlying mental health issue that needs to be addressed and it seems to be unresolved.”

Bongiovanni said that in the last three years, Erica J’s social worker, landlords and members of the public have reported her for breeding the rodents.

At one point, Bongiovanni said Erica J. lived under a Japantown pedestrian bridge and brought her rats with her…

Animal Care & Control Department head Rebecca Katz told KTVU her department often has trouble tracking down Erica J. and said prosecuting her under the municipal code is unlikely to solve the problem. Bongiovanni said the woman needs treatment to prevent her behavior from harming herself, others and the rats.

“We understand that Erica has housing again in the city and I can only imagine that this situation is probably going to continue wherever she lives until she gets the help that she needs,” said Bongiovanni.

rat girl
Inside her hotel room she keeps hundreds of rats that are allowed to burrow through her mattress and piles of trash.

KOCH-ADDICTED Mother Jones Posts Footage of Boy Brothers Boxing

Mother Jones Koch
(YouTube screengrab)

Progressives are addicted to Koch. They try to claim conservatives are, but it’s just projection – as most of their accusations are. Perhaps the likes of the Mother Jones crowd know they’ll never be as successful as brother Charles and David, so they just have to obsess over them.

Regardless, Mother Jones is now featuring grainy black-and-white home footage of the Koch boy brothers boxing – from the 1940s! Why? Who knows.

Maybe they think by watching boys box when they’re about 8 years old will help them understand the psyche of billionaire philanthropists.

Apparently grainy footage of two kids who supposedly are two of the Koch brothers – David and Bill – is entertaining to progressives? Who exactly is addicted to Koch?

If only they would be as vigilant at obtaining Barack Obama’s college records.

SHOCK: Planned Parenthood Points to BIBLE to Justify Abortions

Wow. Planned Parenthood is unbelievable.

The group is now issuing a “pastoral letter” to prospective abortion clients that claims,

The truth is that abortion is not even mentioned in the Scriptures—Jewish or Christian—and there are clergy and people of faith from all denominations who support women making this complex decision.”

pastoral letter

Courtesy of, it reads:

The decision to have an abortion is personal. Though your reasons may be complicated and private, you’re not alone. As religious leaders from a number of religious traditions, we’re here to
support you in your decision.

Many people wrongly assume that all religious leaders disapprove of abortion. The truth is that abortion is not even mentioned in the Scriptures—Jewish or Christian—and there are clergy and people of faith from all denominations who support women making this complex decision.

The beliefs of each person are deserving of respect, and each person deserves care and compassion. No one should be allowed to force their faith teachings on anyone else.

We believe this decision is yours, made with your doctor and anyone else you choose to bring into the conversation, such as a spouse, partner, parent, or clergy person. …

God loves you and is with you no matter what you decide. You can find strength, understanding, and comfort in that love.

UCLA Gushes Over Commencement Speaker Hanoi Jane Fonda

Unrepentant communist-supporter ‘Hanoi Jane’ Fonda will deliver the commencement address at UCLA in June.

The school praised Fonda saying she has spent her life “telling deeply powerful stories that have inspired audiences worldwide to action for the greater good.”

She also inspired the communists killing American soldiers.

In 1972 “Hanoi” Jane Fonda applauded an NVA anti-aircraft gun crew during her trip to North Vietnam. These guns were used to shoot down American planes and contributed to the deaths of American Airmen.

The young Hanoi Jane Fonda reportedly told friends, “My biggest regret is I never got to f*** Che Guevara.”

Deadline reported:

Two-time Oscar winner Jane Fonda will deliver this year’s commencement speech to UCLA‘s School of Theater, Film and Television grads on Friday, June 13. Fonda made her screen debut in 1960′s Tall Storyand went on to star in over 40 films including comedy classics Cat Ballou and 9 to 5. Dramas They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?, Julia, The China Syndrome, On Golden Pond, and The Morning After nabbed her Academy Award nominations, while her turns in Klute and Coming Home won her the Oscar.

…“We are truly honored to have Jane Fonda speak at this year’s commencement ceremony,” said Dean Teri Schwartz. “Jane is a visionary and a remarkable artist who has spent her life telling deeply powerful stories that have moved and inspired audiences worldwide to action for the greater good and to a greater understanding of our common humanity through her films, philanthropic efforts and personal journeys. She has effortlessly placed herself at the heart of what TFT stands for — the education and development of outstanding new artists and scholars whose stories, performances and research enlighten, engage and inspire change for a better world.”