The Government is Now Coming For Your Bake Sale Brownies

States are already standing up to the federal government after federal regulations kicked in which would affect bake sales in schools. reports:

Barely a month after federal regulations for school cafeterias kicked in, states are already pushing back.

Specifically, they’re fighting nutrition standards that would considerably alter one of the most sacred rituals of the American public school system: bake sales.

Twelve states have established their own policies to circumvent regulations in the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 that apply to “competitive snacks,” or any foods and beverages sold to students on school grounds that are not part of the Agriculture Department’s school meal programs, according to the National Association of State Boards of Education. Competitive snacks appear in vending machines, school stores, and food and beverages, including items sold at bake sales.

Georgia is the latest state to announce an exemption to the federal regulations, which became effective July 1 for thousands of public schools across the country. Its rule would allow 30 food-related fundraising days per school year that wouldn’t meet the new healthy nutritional standards, which call for more healthy options and less junk food that could contribute to the nation’s child-obesity problem.

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AW, NUTS! Meghan McCain turns down co-host position with The View

meghan mccain

The View is struggling as it has lost a number of popular co-hosts in the recent year. Now their hope of bringing on Meghan McCain is also ruined.

Daily Mail reports:

The View chat show is in chaos after producers hopeful that conservative Meghan McCain might join the team turned down the offer.

The conservative pundit and daughter of Senator John McCain appeared as a guest co-host on The View earlier this month as part of a tryout to join the talk show.

After losing all their co-hosts except for Whoopi Goldberg, the show is in turmoil as they struggle to find suitable replacements…

McCain, 29, is currently a panelist on Pivot’s TakePart Live and had appeared on The View several times in the past few years, most recently as a guest co-host in 2013.

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Leftie Kooks Protest SCOTUS at Western Conservative Conference (Video)

Leftist kooks – pretending to be non-partisan – protested outside the Western Conservative Conference last weekend in Colorado.
kooks protest

They were upset that “conservative” Supreme Court justices had made rulings they disagreed with. The protesters also claimed the “conservative” justices were bought off by big corporations. And, so the left has started a campaign to banish the justices from the Supreme Court.

Progressives Today contributor Pat Kane was there to capture video:

PETA Makes a Deal for Detroit: Go Vegan and Get Your Water Bill Paid For a Month


We are used to hear of PETA doing some crazy things, but bribing Detroit residents by offering to pay their water bill if they go vegan seems like it might top the list.

CBSDetroit reports:

The water shutoffs in Detroit have gained attention from around the country — including PETA. The organization is offering to pay one month’s water bill for 10 Detroit residents.

In return, those residents have to go vegan for a month.

The animal rights group PETA has joined the chorus of voices in protest of the shutoffs to Detroit residents behind in their water bills.

Lindsay Wright, with PETA, says that a member of the group has offered to pay one month’s water bill and provide a basket of healthy and cost-effective vegan food for 10 residents.

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PETA To Pay Detroit’s Water Bills For A Cost…

peta protest
PETA Protest (MyUpperWest)

With jobs evaporating and city infrastructure crumbling, many Detroit residents are struggling to afford basic human necessities. It is estimated that over 10 million families in Detroit are struggling to pay for their water bills, and over 100,000 people behind on their bills have had their water cut off by the city.

In response to this crisis, an unlikely group has stepped up to help families in Detroit keep up with their bills. Animal rights group PETA has offered to pay the water bills for ten struggling families. The catch is that the families chosen must pledge to go vegan for a month, meaning that they can not eat anything made with animal products, including meat (obviously), cheese, milk, jello, and even most beers and wines.

According to the group’s website, a recent donation from an undisclosed member has given them the ability to pay for ten families’ water bills, and to provide them with a basket of “vegan foods and recipes.” The basket includes two week’s worth of vegan foods and snacks, including oatmeal, fresh fruit, and vegetables.

PETA claims that by doing this they are not only helping Detroit residents keep running water in their homes, but they are also helping to reduce their risk of “obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and strokes.”

While seemingly well intentioned, the group has come under heavy backlash by commentators on both sides of the aisle. Liberal publications such as Think Progress and Jezebel have criticized PETA’s promotion as “tone deaf” and “elitist,” arguing residents who can’t afford to pay their water bills aren’t likely to be able to afford posh vegan cuisine.

PETA officials claim that there is no system in place to monitor if the families chosen by the group actually stick to their pledged diet; they will be held only by the honor system.

Thankfully, other groups have stepped up to help struggling Detroit families without trying to push a political agenda in return. Turn on Detroit’s Water offers people a chance to donate directly to impoverished Detroit residents without any strings attached.

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Nancy Pelosi Compares Immigrant Refugees to Moses, Baby Jesus


According to Nancy Pelosi, we should all be viewing the immigration crisis a bit differently. We need to remember that Moses was a refugee also. reports:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi doubled down on her comments that Americans should view the flood of children crossing the border while claiming refugee status just like baby Jesus.

Pelosi reminded reporters that it was the National Conference of Catholic Bishops that used the baby Jesus analogy. She then suggested that if Moses hadn’t have been accepted by the Egyptians, then there wouldn’t be the Ten Commandments.

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Steelworkers President in South Carolina Charged with Theft


On May 14, Timothy Gamble, former president of United Steelworkers Local 378, was charged in U.S. District Court for the District of South Carolina with embezzling $9,345 in funds from the Aynor (near Myrtle Beach) union during May 2010-May 2013. The charge follows an investigation by the U.S. Labor Department’s Office of Labor-Management Standards.

Progressive Columnist: Thomas the Tank Engine Sends Race Messages Through Smoke Puffs


The PC Police have attacked a number of well-respected individuals over not being racially sensitive. Now they are attacking Thomas the Tank Engine too. reports:

Tracy Van Slyke, who writes for the liberal rag The Guardian, spewed her racial rhetoric and apparent refusal to allow children any enjoyment, in her latest scathing piece about this inanimate object:

“Thomas and those friends are trains that toil away endlessly on the Isle of Sodor – which seems to be forever caught in British colonial times – and, on its surface, the show seems to impart good moral lessons about hard work and friendship. But if you look through the steam rising up from the coal-powered train stacks, you realize that the pretty puffs of smoke are concealing some pretty twisted, anachronistic messages…

“(For the record, all the “villains” on Thomas and Friends are the dirty diesel engines. I’d like to think there was a good environmental message in there, but when the good engines pump out white smoke and the bad engines pump out black smoke – and they are all pumping out smoke – it’s not hard to make the leap into the race territory.)”

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HHS Has Released 30,340 Unaccompanied Minors to Sponsors Across the Country in first 6 Months of This Year


The Department of Health and Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement, responding to numerous media inquiries, congressional probing, and demands from Governors across the nation has released a listing of how many unaccompanied illegal immigrant minors have been released to sponsors for all 50 states and US territories.

From the start of this year through July 7th 30,340 illegal immigrant minors, most crossing into the US along the Rio Grande valley in Texas from Central America, have been handed over to the custody of a parent, relative, or family friend already in the US.

More than 3,000 of these unaccompanied minors were sent to Florida, New York, and California each.

Maryland and Virgina each have over 2,000.

Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, and New Jersey each have more than 1,000 unaccompanied minors in the care of sponsors in those states.

Texas which has taken the brunt of the influx of nearly 60,000 unaccompanied minors since October of last year is also the leader when it comes to how many minors have been released to a sponsor with more than 4,000.

My home state of Illinois, which has at least 748 illegal immigrant minors being sheltered in the city of Chicago alone according to Sen. Mark Kirk, also has 300 more who have been released to a sponsor.

As reported yesterday Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad is upset that 138 unaccompanied minors were released to sponsors in his state without his knowledge.

To try and stop the flow of even more illegals into the country Texas Governor Rick Perry has announced he is calling up the National Guard to assist Texas law enforcement and the Border Patrol deal with the nearly 1,000 illegal immigrants coming into Texas on a daily basis.  However, Breitbart is reporting that those Guardsmen won’t be deployed for 30-45 days.

House Republican leaders are in the final stages of crafting a response to the border crisis and it is likely to include a call for the National Guard to be deployed along with making adjustments to a 2008 law that is letting many of these children remain in the country in addition to bringing in more immigration judges to handle to overflow of cases.

Initially the Obama administration via WH Press Secretary Josh Earnest insisted that the privacy rights of the illegal immigrants trumped Congress and the publics right to know where these illegals where after being detained and processed by the Border Patrol.  That is thankfully changing as evidenced by this listing from HHS and a vow from it that this list will be updated on a monthly basis.

To see how many unaccompanied minors have been released to a sponsor in your state just look at the following table.(Source: Office of Refugee Resettlement)

January 1, 2014 to July 7, 2014
State # Released
Alabama 407
Alaska 5
arizona 186
arkansas 166
california 3,150
colorADO 221
IOWA 122
Maine 8
maryland 2,205
Massachusetts 773
michigan 92
minnesota 173
mississippi 179
missouri 121
montana 1
nebraska 192
nevada 122
new hampshire 13
new jersey 1,504
new mexico 18
new york 3,347
north cArolina 1,191
north dakota 4
ohio 360
oklahoma 212
oregon 50
pennsylvania 386
rhode island 119
south carolina 350
south dakota 21
tennessee 760
texas  4,280
utah 67
vermont 3
Virgin Islands 4
virginia 2,234
washington 211
west virginia 10
wisconsin 50
wyoming 6
Total 30,340