Connecticut Democrat State Rep Hearts Voter Fraud

Christina ‘Tita’ Ayala – Democratic Felon (Daily Mail)

If once is good, 19 must be a lot better. At least Connecticut Democratic state representative Christina ‘Tita’ Ayala must think so.

Ayala has been arrested and charged with 19 counts including fraudulent voting, primary or enrollment violations, and tampering with or fabricating physical evidence occurring between 2009-20012.

Paging Jimmy Carter! The State of Connecticut needs your help keeping their elections honest.

The warrant alleges Ayala voted in various Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee elections, a municipal primary election and a state primary election between 2009 and 2012, in districts inconsistent with location of her residence. In addition, the warrant alleges that she voted in the Bridgeport state general election in 2012 in a district where she did not reside.

Please Help Conservative Blogger-Journalist Mandy Nagy at GoFundMe

On September 6, conservative investigative journalist Mandy Nagy suffered a serious stroke and has been in the hospital ever since.

The details and her progress were in a prior post at Legal Insurrection.

It is hoped that Mandy will move to a rehab facility soon.

The most recent update to his original post is from Mandy’s mom: “Mandy was doing well this morning. But she wants to come home. I told her that’s not possible yet.”

Legal Insurrection posted an update today. Mandy faces several difficult months ahead of her.

Mandy’s family has established a “supplemental needs” trust, with her mother as Trustee.
All funds raised will go into that Trust.
You can donate here.

You can also send a check to the family- address is here.
Thank you, and please keep Mandy in your thoughts and prayers.

The 9 Craziest Tweets From Arrested Terrorist Sympathizer, Anjem Choudary

Meet Anjem Choudary, the former head of the now banned Islamist group Al-Muhajroun or Islam4UK. The BBC reports that Choudary was recently arrested along with eight other men in London on “suspicion of being members of a banned organization.”

While Choudary has consistently denied allegations that he is an active supporter of acts of terrorism, tweets from his popular Twitter page seem to show otherwise.

Listed below are just a few of the tweets put out by the self proclaimed supporter of sharia.

For those who are not aware, kafir is a pejorative term used to describe those who do not believe in Islam. Apparently showing basic respect to people who believe differently than you makes you a heretic.

Here is a flyer for a talk Choudary hosted arguing that Muslims should not even interact with non-Muslims.

kuffar islam

A man of peace, Choudary explores the possibility of trading judges and police officers for the captured British journalist Alan Henning.

According to Choudary, when Jesus comes back, he will be waging war against Christians. Makes sense.

At least he isn’t a communist.

Tell that to the ISIS child brides.

Finally, last but not least, here is the craziest tweet from terrorist sympathizer Anjem Choudary.

Michelle Obama Tells Disgruntled & Hungry Students “Change is Hard”

While change is indeed hard, by all accounts so is trying to eat lunch at school under Michelle Obama’s school lunch restrictions.

Channel 1 a news network produced for broadcast in schools around the country.  On Friday,  First Lady told Channel 1 that the new school lunches schools are being forced to serve under her lunch guidelines are “nasty.”  She said she would not want to eat it.

“Frankly, I wouldn’t want to eat a nasty lunch, either.”

Despite the admission, Mrs. Obama told Channel 1 “change is hard” and kids will just have to deal with it.

She then went on to suggest that students should, “Figure out how to help their school make lunches taste better.”

The original video version of this report has been removed but you can check out audio of Channel One’s report below:

One obvious way to make the lunches taste better is to dump Michelle’s overbearing guidelines… But, that makes too much sense.

UNREAL. Dem John Lewis Says Progressive Policies Have Helped African Americans in Chicago & Detroit (Video)

The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation held their annual convention in Washington DC this week.
PJTV’s Michelle Fields confronted Congressman John Lewis (D-GA) on the dismal record of the Black Caucus.

Lewis says progressive policies are helping African Americans in cities like Detroit, Chicago and Los Angeles. But, then he backpedals when confronted with the facts.

As reported earlier at Progressives Today
Here is what we found on the Black Caucus in America:

Black Caucus districts have a high percentage of people who have public health coverage
· Black Caucus districts correlate highly with those who have public health coverage (25%) while the remaining districts correlate highly with those who have private health insurance (33%).

Black Caucus districts have a high percentage of poor people
· Black Caucus districts correlate highly with those with household incomes less than $10,000 a year (46%) and incomes of $10,000 to $14,999 a year (27%). All of the 14 categories for families whose incomes are less than the poverty level correlate with the Black Caucus districts. Of the fourteen categories, only three are not highly correlated (i.e less than 25%) with the Black Caucus districts.

Black Caucus districts have a high number of high school dropouts
· Of the 16 education categories, the only category that correlates highly with the Black Caucus districts is the category for those with a 9th to 12th grade education and no diploma (29%).

Black Caucus districts have a high number of high school dropouts
· Of the 16 education categories, the only category that correlates highly with the Black Caucus districts is the category for those with a 9th to 12th grade education and no diploma (29%).

Black Caucus districts have low rent housing
· All of the ten rent categories correlate with Black Caucus districts with three categories correlating highly: rent less than $200 a month (36%); rent between $200 and $299 a month (31%); and, rent between $750 and $999 a month (37%).

Black Caucus districts have fewer home owners
· Of the 45 housing categories, there is a high correlation between houses that are renter occupied with Black Caucus districts (37%) while there is a high correlation between houses that are owner occupied with districts other than Black Caucus districts (35%). Overall there is little in common with home ownership and Black Caucus districts.

Black Caucus districts have a high number of unemployed workers
· Of the 41 job related categories only employment status unemployed (49%), employment status percent unemployed (44%), jobs related to service occupations (25%), and jobs with commutes using public transportation (not taxis) (25%), are highly correlated with Black Caucus districts.

Black Caucus districts have a high percentage of blacks (no surprise)
· Of the 51 categories that relate to race, ancestry and origin, three highly correlate with the Black Caucus member led districts: ancestry – sub-Saharan African (47%), West Indian (36%) and Black or African American (74%). The Black or African American category is also significantly related to the Black Caucus districts.

These results paint a bleak picture for the Congressional Black Caucus led districts. Overall, their constituents are black, poor, have low incomes, and rely on the government for their health care. They rent rather than own, are high school dropouts and are unemployed. Many constituents work in service positions and take public transportation to and from work. Clearly, the Democratic Party has failed these Americans.

Weird. Progressive Leader Obama Sounds Like Bush Jr. in UN Speech (Video)

President George W. Bush never hesitated to call out Islamic extremists at the United Nations.
Bush consistently urged the world body to help in the fight against global terrorism.

Barack Obama took a different route. The Progressive leader denigrated Bush and the US in the war against radical Islam. He even renamed the War on Terror to the Overseas Contingency Operation.

But, after five-and-a-half years in the White House, it is clear that Obama’s policies have failed. The world is more dangerous today than when he came into office. Al-Qaeda has metastasized and spread like a virus. Large swaths of Iraq and Syria are under the rule of ISIS, a group that came to power during Obama’s tenure.

So, with midterm elections just weeks away, Barack Obama has switched directions. The Progressive leader set aside his golf clubs for a few hours to bomb ISIS. And this week he sounded more like the determined George W. Bush at the United Nations than the apologetic leftist of a few years back.

Granted, Obama still took swipes at America in his speech, but at least he acknowledged the real threats facing America – besides global warming.

HARVARD STUDY: Schools TRASH 60% of Veggies and 40% of Fruit Under Michelle Obama’s Lunch Rules

Michelle Obama’s New School Lunch Regulations Face Continued Scrutiny–

The regulations have taken money away from tutoring programs.

The regulations have cost taxpayers an estimated $4 million dollars PER DAY.

The regulations have increased food waste over 80% in America’s lunchrooms.

Now there’s more…
According to a Harvard School of Public Health Study 60% of ALL Fresh Veggies and 40% of ALL Fresh Fruit in the lunch programs are being discarded.

The kids are dumping the veggies in the trash.

WDTN reported from Ketterign School in Ohio. The school nutritionist complained about forcing undesirable food on kids.

School nutritionist Nancy Easterly – “We now have to make the kids take a fruit or a vegetable. Before it used to be an option where they could choose to take it or not.”

The National School Nutrition Association reports students across the country are saying “no” to the newer government issued fruit and vegetable standards, sending food groups to the trash, costing millions of dollars in wasted school lunches, creating mounds of nutritious garbage.

The kids are just trashing the extra fruits and veggies.

See WDTN’s video report below.

It’s becoming more and more evident why school districts around the country are ditching Obamalunch.

A NEW PROGRESSIVE LOW – Obama’s Salute to Marines With Cup (Video)

This really happened.
The Coffee Cup President…

obama cup salute

This was actually posted by The White House on Instagram.

Via the White House (who saw nothing wrong with this video): “President Obama just landed in New York for #UNGA2014. Watch him speak at 12:50pm ET on his plan to #ActOnClimate:”

Awful. This was the day after the US military bombed ISIS for Obama.

#Ferguson Football Protest a Bust… Update: Football Protest a Decoy For “No Justice, No Baseball”

Even with major mainstream media coverage Sunday’s effort to “Shut Down The Rams Game” in St Louis, the #Ferguson – #MikeBrown protesters could only muster a handful of supporters at the game.

Local police told Progressives Today that they had extra officers on site due to the threats. However, the protesters had no effect on the crowd outside the Edward Jones Dome and ZERO impact inside during the game.

Even with $12 tickets available Progressives Today witnessed no more than eight protesters outside and only 2 entered the game. The 2 that did enter the game were forced to purchase tickets from a scalper. All that begging for free tickets to the game must not have worked. Big surprise right? DSC05419
Maybe next time they should just lay out the $12.

The Cowboys beat the Rams 34 – 31

UPDATE – It turns out “No Justice No Football” was a decoy to throw off the local cops. The real plan was to disrupt the Cardinals vs. Reds MLB game Sunday night. Even with all the Machiavellian planning they still could only draw about 15 protesters by the looks of the below vine video.

The crowd reportedly booed the protesters according to twitter.
crowd booed

And at least two were arrested.

PBS & Ken Burns Distort and Pervert History with “The Roosevelts”

The Roosevelts – Teddy, Eleanor and Franklin (National Review)

Those who ignore history are bound to repeat it. Likewise, for those who distort and pervert history in their documentaries.

Ken Burns and PBS, with funding from working Americans, produced a 14-hour documentary, The Roosevelts – starring Teddy, Eleanor and Franklin, just in time for the midterm elections. It takes a certain amount of gall to push the progressive movement after nearly six years of failed Barack Obama policies. But, that is exactly what Burns did in this progressive love-fest.

In the fourteen hour broadcast not once did the producers question Roosevelt’s failed economic policies that extended the Great Depression for a decade.

Renowned author and Roosevelt critic Amity Shlaes was noticeably absent from the 14 hour melodrama. But Shlaes weighed in on the documentary at National Review:

When it comes to the 1930s, such twisting of the record becomes outright distortion. By his own stated goal, that of putting people to work, Roosevelt failed. Joblessness remained above 10 percent for most of the decade. The stock market did not come back. By some measures, real output passed 1929 levels monetarily in the mid 1930s only to fall back into a steep depression within the Depression. As George Will comments, “the best of the New Deal programs was Franklin Roosevelt’s smile.” The recovery might have come sooner had the smile been the only New Deal policy.

So great is Burns’s emphasis on the Roosevelt dynasty that William Howard Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, and Herbert Hoover come away as mere seat warmers in the White House. Especially puzzling is the neglect of TR’s progressive heirs, Taft and Wilson, who, after all, set the stage for FDR. This omission can be explained only by Burns’s desire to cement the reign of the Roosevelts. On the surface, the series’ penchant for grandees might seem benign, like the breathless coverage of Princess Kate’s third trimester in People magazine. In this country, elevating presidential families is a common habit of television producers; the Kennedys as dynasty have enjoyed their share of airtime. Still, Burns does go further than the others, ennobling the Roosevelts as if they were true monarchs, gods almost, as in Martha Gellhorn’s abovementioned line. Burns equates progressive policy with the family that promulgates it. And when Burns enthrones the Roosevelts, he also enthrones their unkingly doctrine, progressivism.

To be sure: One documentary series, even one by Ken Burns, can reach only so many. But Burns is not alone. The new Advanced Placement history curriculum, which will touch a large portion of thinking high-schoolers, buttresses the myths of the 1920s as failure and the New Deal as rescue. Against such a lovable monolith, bound to influence our culture through multiple election cycles, conservatives and centrists offer — what?

Read the whole thing here.

Power Line has more.