Progressives Abandon Obama, Instead Turn To “Dark Horse”

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It is becoming more and more apparent that President Obama’s failure to effectively govern the nation has left a sour taste in many Progressives’ mouths. So much so that they are abandoning him in droves and failing to fill even the smallest of venues at his latest public appearances.

But who are they leaving the President for?

Well if Hillary Clinton’s dismal books sales are any indication, it isn’t her. It appears Hillary doesn’t even have enough support to run for city dog catcher, let alone President of the United States.

But I believe we can turn to Conservative Radio and TV show host and author, Dana Loesch for the answer:

Ironically it would seem that The Washington Times agrees with Dana.

The Times reports that Progressives have left the President in the lurch and instead are working to remake the Democratic Party in the image of Elizabeth Warren:

“The Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC), a rising force on the left and the biggest champion of Mrs. Warren and other populist liberals, took direct aim at President Obama Tuesday and said the Democratic party must be remolded.

…“The White House failed to define any agenda for voters in 2014,” the PCCC said in a statement Tuesday. “Progressives will remold the Democratic party in Elizabeth Warren’s image — focused on big ideas and popular economic issues. We’ll organize in New Hampshire and Iowa to ensure that all Democrats running for president take a position on Warren’s populist agenda of reforming Wall Street, reducing student debt, and expanding Social Security benefits.”

it doesn’t really matter to me if the Progressive Presidential candidate is Hillary or Warren. Considering they are both Progressives with very similar platforms.

Besides… one Liar… is just as bad another.

VIDEO Captures Virginia Voting Machine Casting Ballot for Democrat When Republican Selected

The Republican Party of Virginia is monitoring an apparent problem with touch screen voting machines in Virginia Beach and other localities. The GOP has alerted local officials, as well as the Department of Elections.

They are reminding all voters using these machines to review their ballots carefully before they are cast.

Voting Machine Caught on Camera Casting Ballot for Democrat when Selecting Republican

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Soros Backed Group Sets Up “Voter Protection” In Missouri For Midterm Elections


In what only can be described as a disturbing development, a group backed by a Progressive billionaire has set up a “voter protection” program in Missouri for the midterm elections.

According to an article on the Communist Party USA News, People’s World, The Advancement Project has erected Voter Protection Programs in St. Louis and Kansas City:

“ST. LOUIS – Voter protection advocates in Missouri will assist voters who have questions about their voting rights or face difficulties at the polls on Election Day. This non-partisan effort, organized by Advancement Project, a national civil rights organization, is part of the nation’s largest Election Protection program.

…The voter protection efforts include poll monitors in St. Louis and Kansas City who will distribute voting rights information and answer questions from voters.”

The Advancement Project is backed by Progressive billionaire George Soros.  And while the organization would have you believe that they exist to protect voters’ rights, it has a history of protecting voter fraud.

According to Net Right Daily, The Advancement Project has led the way in blocking voter fraud investigations and in standing against attempts to implement voter I.D. laws:

“During the 2004 election, Advancement Project attorneys tried to block Republican efforts to protect the integrity of the ballot. They claimed Republicans were prohibited from implementing ballot security programs by a 1982 federal court consent decree in the case DNC v. RNC.

“That same year Republicans challenged the authenticity of tens of thousands of voter registrations in Ohio and other key battleground states. The Advancement Project responded by filing lawsuits in Ohio and Florida to prevent those states from implementing voter security measures.

Read how The Advancement Project tried to weaken voter I.D. laws in 2012 Here.

Considering all of the fraud being uncovered nationwide which benefits the Democrats, one can only wonder how The Advancement Project will negatively influence the honest and fair midterm elections in The Show Me State.

Top Illinois Democrat: Blacks Spend More Time in Jail, Than Church (Video)

A top Illinois Democrat was caught on tape saying many Rockford urban residents spend more time in jail than church.

Heidi Schultz, a former top staffer to Rep. Cheri Bustos, was forced to resign after her comments made the local news.
The Illinois Review reported:

Heidi Schultz, a former top staffer for Illinois Democrat Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (pictured above), is speaking out about the recording of her making racist remarks about Rockford residents.

The person Schultz accuses of recording her is Austin Quick.

“It’s him, no doubt,” said Schultz in an interview Thursday with WQAD-TV.

Schultz is heard on the audio tape describing part of Rockford as very urban and very poor, saying “Not people that, um, spend a lot of time in church. More in jail, than church.”

She says the comment she made was “wrong” and “inappropriate,” but argues that what is more wrong and inappropriate was that she was taped. She claims it was done illegally.

“It’s okay to out me,” said Schultz. “They’re going to protect him [Quick], but throw me under the bus? I’m disappointed that they would go to this new low of trying to go after somebody who isn’t even a candidate,” she said.

Whoopi Goldberg Works With Marxist “Working Families Party” To Get Out The Vote (Video)


In a video on Friday, comedian Whoopie Goldberg urged New Yorkers to vote for Working Families Party (WFP) candidates next Tuesday. Whoopie describes the WFP as “The Progressive Party that believes New York should be for everyone…”.

See the video below:

In her generalized description, Miss Goldberg left out a few very important points about what The Working Families Party. Such as…

The Working Families Party was founded in 1988 by members of ACORN, the Communist Party USA affiliated Communication Workers of America Union (CWA) and the United Automobile Workers (UAW).

One of the key founders of WFP was Joel Rogers. Joel is a progressive activist who has been a strong advocate for the redistribution of wealth through Sustainability and the green agenda. In the early 90’s he co-founded a Democratic Socialist of America /ACORN/SEIU political group in Chicago called The New Party of which President Obama was a member.  He also founded the Communist affiliated Apollo Alliance, which wrote President Obama’s stimulus package. To top it off, the WFP and The Apollo Alliance are both funded by George Soros through The Tides Foundation. Which even helped to organize and support the Occupy Wall Street protests.

As you can see, there is so much more behind The Working Families Party than Miss Goldberg would have New Yorkers believe.

The question is… are there enough Freedom loving Americans left in Progressive New York who would vote for someone other than a Marxist, Progressive WFP candidate?

If Whoopie’s support for WFP is any indication one would be led to believe, probably not.