Cuba Arrests Free Speech Activists; Obama State Department “Concerned”


(Image Sunrise In Havana)

Only a week after President Obama’s controversial announcement detailing the process of normalizing relations between Cuba and the United States, the Cuban Communist regime does what Communist regimes do…arrest innocent people for trying to be free.

The Miami Herald reports that Cuban authorities arrested activists who were planning a free speech event where Cuban citizens could voice their opinion as to what the future of Cuba should entail:

“Cuban authorities arrested dissidents, independent journalists and a well-known artist Tuesday in an apparent attempt to block a rally in Havana’s revolutionary square organized by a new movement that calls itself #YoTambienExijo (I also demand).

“Among those detained were journalist Reinaldo Escobar, editor of the online 14ymedio publication and husband of prominent blogger Yoani Sánchez; Eliecer Ávila, an activist; and Antonio Rodiles, who directs a human rights group called Estado de Sats. Sánchez, who founded 14ymedio, reported the arrests on Twitter.

“Sánchez said she was placed under house arrest and also reported that several other 14ymedio contributors were visited by State Security officers and warned not to cover the event, which was scheduled to take place at 3 p.m. at the Plaza de la Revolución.

“The demonstration called for participants to go before a microphone for one minute to share their thoughts, concerns or ideas about how Cuba’s future should unfold.”

In response to President Obama’s new friend, Raul Castro’s actions, the U.S. State Department released a statement condemning the arrests while stating that the Obama administration was “concerned”:

 “We are deeply concerned about the latest reports of detentions and arrests by Cuban authorities of peaceful civil society members and activists, including Luis Quintana Rodriguez, Antonio Rodiles, Danilo Maldonado, Reinaldo Escobar, Marcelino Abreu Bonora and Eliecer Avila. We strongly condemn the Cuban government’s continued harassment and repeated use of arbitrary detention, at times with violence, to silence critics, disrupt peaceful assembly and freedom expression, and intimidate citizens.

“Freedoms of expression and peaceful assembly are internationally recognized human rights, and the Cuban government’s lack of respect for these rights, as demonstrated by today’s detentions, is inconsistent with Hemispheric norms and commitments. We urge the Government of Cuba to end its practice of repressing these and other internationally protected freedoms and to respect the universal human rights of Cuban citizens.”

Ironically, while the U.S. State Department is quick to condemn the Cuban government’s continued use of harassment to silence critics, the silence from the U.S. Government is deafening as it pertains to the Obama Administration’s use of the I.R.S. to silence its own.

HUNDREDS Attend Quad City Rally in Support of Police

Guest post by Ulysses Arn

rally police

Hundreds of people gathered along the banks of the Mississippi River to honor and thank police and other first responders at a rally and march that started in Rock Island, IL and crossed over to Davenport, IA Saturday afternoon.

Local organizers(a former crime scene tech) and participants wanted to show support for police and other first responders following the abuse and vitriol being directed at them following the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO and Eric Garner in New York City.

The march and vigil took place the same day NYPD officer Rafael Ramos was laid to rest one week after he and his partner Weinjain Lui were murdered in cold-blood by an assassin, who committed suicide shortly afterwards, who claimed on social media prior to the attack that he was going to kill cops as revenge for the deaths of Brown and Garner.

Read the rest here.

Portland Driver Plows Through #Ferguson Street Demonstration – Is Immediately Mobbed by Protesters (Video)

Portland Driver Plows Through Demonstration Blocking Intersection–
mob 3

Brave Portland #Ferguson demonstrators were back at it again Saturday evening, as they blocked the busy intersection of SE 39th and Belmont as a way of stickin’ it to the man.

The demonstrators sang parody Christmas carols, which included a brief rendition of “Deck the halls with rows of dead cops.”

While on Peacock Lane, which is very busy this time of year with folks who drive and walk through to see the lights, one driver decided to start plowing through the protesters. The crowd immediately mobbed the silver Jeep. It is unclear if anyone was injured or why the driver didn’t stop for the crowd.

Via Laughing at Liberals:

#Ferguson Protesters Sing: “Deck The Halls With Rows Of Dead Cops” (Video)

Portland #Ferguson protesters sing: “Deck the Halls With Rows of Dead Cops”
mob 3

The brave Portland #Ferguson demonstrators were back at it again Saturday evening, as they blocked the busy intersection of SE 39th and Belmont as a way of stickin’ it to the man.

They blocked buses and cars, and got into arguments and physical altercations with several people, including: elderly drivers, disabled bus passengers, a black woman who was trying to pick up her son, and anyone else who dared voice their dissent.

mob 1

After about 20 minutes of tying up the intersection, the protest moved to nearby Peacock Lane, which is well known for its rows of large Christmas displays. The demonstrators sang parody Christmas carols, which included a brief rendition of “Deck the halls with rows of dead cops.”

While on Peacock Lane, which is very busy this time of year with folks who drive and walk through to see the lights, one driver decided to start plowing through the protesters. The crowd immediately mobbed the silver Jeep. It is unclear if anyone was injured or why the driver didn’t stop for the crowd.

mob 2

Via Laughing At Liberals on YouTube:

Protesters berate and intimidate elderly and handicapped.

Protesters argue and scream at black woman.

Protesters harass and intimidate drivers.

Another altercation at Portland protest.

VIDEO: #Ferguson Protesters Berate & Abuse Janitor at Police Union Headquarters

Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 10.49.17 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 10.49.37 PMProtesters in Portland, OR demonstrated out front of the police union building on Christmas eve, and when this man drove up, they immediately began to assume that he is a racist cop, and they launch into the “I Can’t Breathe” song.

The man claimed he was the janitor, but that didn’t stop the protesters from shoving cameras in his face and accusing the man of being drunk, even asking if he could do a sobriety test.

Topless Feminist Steals Baby Jesus From Vatican Nativity Display

Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 9.54.27 PM

After shoving crosses up their butts last month, the militant feminist group known as FEMEN have staged yet another “protest”. This time, one of their members stormed the Vatican nativity scene on Christmas day and tried to kidnap the baby Jesus.

From the FEMEN webpage:

FEMEN sextremist kidnapped a newborn baby in Vatican. FEMEN opens a hunt for the Bethlehem babies under anticlerical campaign “Massacre of the Innocents”. The campaign is dedicated to the criticism of the senturies-old Vatican stance on women’s rights for own body and reproductive function. The maniacal desire to control women’s fertility is a common trait of many religions, National Socialism, nationalism and other antediluvian, anti-humanist ideologies.”

Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 9.59.46 PMAccording to Global, the activist was the head of FEMEN, Inna Shevchenko. She had “God Is Woman” written across her chest and stomach, and shouted that phrase as Vatican guards arrested her.

GOVERNMENT FUNDED NON-PROFIT Holds “Blacks Only” #Ferguson Meeting

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 9.42.11 AM

Screen capture of the facebook event. (Click to enlarge)

The Portland, OR branch of the All African People’s Revolutionary Party held an event at Portland’s Center For Intercultural Organizing. The AAPRP puts on several events and organizes in communities, but this time, the event was specifically “blacks only”. No whites, no Asians, no latinos/latinas, no natives… Only “for all who identify as being of African descent“.




Center For Intercultural Organizing office and meeting space. (Click to enlarge)

Center For Intercultural Organizing office and meeting space. (Click to enlarge)

The Center For Intercultural Organizing is a 501(c)3 non profit. According to, the organization is heavily dependent on government grants. From 2010 through 2012, they received a total of $434,012.86 in “government grants”. In 2009, they filed the EZ version of the 990, which does not separate government grants from private grants, contributions, or gifts, so it’s hard to say how much of the $124,756.09 from that year’s revenue came from the feds.

Data on guidestar does not go back further than 2009, but the Center For Intercultural Organizing has existed since 2003. No telling how much they received from the government for those missing 6 years.


Just to clarify who is welcome and who is not welcome.

Just to clarify who is welcome and who is not welcome. (Click to enlarge) 

The head of the Portland branch of the AAPRP can be seen in several YouTube videos promoting socialism and Che-like revolution, and spouting anti-American, and anti-capitalist views.

Show-Me-Fraud: Over 2,000 Fake Signatures Suspected In Progressive Backed MO Petition Drive

photo The Director of Missouri Progressive Vote, Matthew Patterson, delivering the petitions to Jefferson City, Missouri back in May. (Image News Leader)

Earlier this year, the Missouri Progressive Vote Coalition (Missouri ProVote) gathered 300,000 signatures in a petition drive calling for early voting in Missouri.

But recently the Columbia Missourian reports that over 2,000 of those signatures could be fake:

“An initiative petition that sought to qualify an early voting measure for the Missouri ballot included the supposed signatures of dead people among other potentially fraudulent names, according to a report from state’s top election official.

“…Republican political consultant Jeff Roe said Monday that the potential fraud may have been even more widespread than reported by the state. Roe, who opposed the ballot measure, commissioned a review by a law firm of the petition signatures submitted in 69 of Missouri’s 114 counties. That review identified up to 2,246 instances of potential signature fraud across 15 counties, more than half of which occurred in Boone County.

“…The initiative, which was backed by Democratic-aligned groups, sought to create a 42-day, no-excuse-needed early voting period that would have been one of the longest in the nation. Missouri currently allows absentee voting only for people who attest that they cannot vote in person on Election Day.

“…report said the petitions contained the purported signatures of people who had died before the date listed next to their signatures in Boone, Buchanan, Cooper, Knox, Macon, Pike and Schuyler counties. In some other instances, individuals whose names were signed to the petitions told the secretary of state’s office that they had not signed the sheets.

“…”It looked like they were taking a clipboard and phone book and just filling them all out,” Roe said.”

The Missouri ProVote Coalition consists of several Missouri unions and progressive groups including SEIU and several Marxist affiliated groups such as the far left ACORN spin off, Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE), and CWA local 6300 whose building has been used for Communist Party USA fundraisers over the past several years.

#Ferguson Protesters Disrupt Mall Of America Shoppers

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 3.29.38 AM

From Kare 11 in Minneapolis:

“About 10 minutes into the protest, a warning that the demonstration “is not authorized and is in clear violation of Mall of America policy” was announced over the loudspeaker and displayed on a large screen in the rotunda. The warning asked participants to disperse and stated that those who continued to demonstrate could be arrested.

Mall officials shut down all of the escalators in the rotunda, and some stores in the area closed their gates. The Mall of America enhanced security, and police in riot gear were present.”

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 3.12.49 AMThe mall, which is private property, relayed to police that they wanted the protesters gone. They attempted to announce this to the protesters, but the crowd began booing so loud that the message could not be heard.

Stores lowered the gates, and hundreds, if not thousands, of holiday shoppers found a reason to hate the protesters.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 3.28.06 AMAbout 20 people were arrested, and most of the crowd left, shortly after staging a “die in”, which is becoming common place at these protests.

You Won’t Believe What These Anti Gun Folks Are Openly Saying…

VIa 2nd Amendment Action Center:

“Gabby Giffords came to Oregon on October 21st, 2014. The event was private, but media was allowed in. YouTuber Daylight Disinfectant made his way in and filmed the entire thing…Obama appointed D.A. Amanda Marshall makes fun of “2nd Amendment enthusiasts”, then they start to talk about removing the privacy of folks who have been through the current background check system and turning the records over to the federal government. Multnomah County Commissioner Judy Shiprack then talks about having the state legislature address the “administrative rule” that the Oregon State Police have in effect where they destroy most background check records after 5 days. Failing that, State Representative Barbara Smith-Warner suggests that they administrative rule simply be changed. Apparently it’s a problem to these people that the records are not made public or made available to the federal government.”

In a second video:

“At 2:28, Amanda Marshall talks about getting county Sheriffs to enforce federal laws and “dispossess” people of guns. At 3:03, Robert Yuille says “certainly we need registration”, presumably of firearms.”


And in a 3rd video:

“We see Vanessa Timmons, head of the Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, say “It’s not that all guns are dangerous, but when guns are dangerous, women die… when women die in Oregon, they die at the hands of guns”. Ms. Timmons makes no mention of the perpetrators who use the guns, she only blames the firearm. Dr. Sylvia Emory, President of the Oregon Medical Association, appears to say “F*** Florida” in reference to a proposed bill that would have prevented doctors from violating their patients privacy.”

On purpose or not, they have actually laid out their current and future plans for gun prohibition:

a) Indoctrinate children starting at age 3

b) Get the OSP’s 5 day rule reversed, either by changing the rule internally or with legislative action, so that background check records are made public and available to the feds for indefinite periods of time. Ironically, such things would probably result in fewer people going through the background check process, because folks don’t want that information becoming public record.

c) Registration is a future step

d) Claim that it’s a health issue and call it “sensible gun safety”

e) Use public officials to insult and mock the opposition

f) It’s not a privacy issue, it’s a community issue

g) Promote the breaking of their own laws and policies that they want to implement

h) Don’t talk about other things that kill children

I) Deny saying what you clearly said on video”