“SHUT IT DOWN!”: Ferguson Youths Storm Stage At Al Sharpton Event (Video)

Sharpton YouthImage screenshot

It would seem that Al Sharpton never learned what could happen when you play with fire.

Case in point.

There was an embarrassing incident during Al Sharpton’s “Justice for All” march in Washington D.C. on Saturday. A group of youth from Ferguson, Missouri, the same youth who have been trained by radical leftists to disrupt traffic and cause mayhem, ironically disrupted the event and caused mayhem.

A group of young people with arms raised yelling, “Hands up, don’t shoot” and, “If we don’t get it. Shut it down!” stormed the stage with bull horns demanding to be allowed to speak. (video below):

The Russian News, RT, went so far as to report that the youths were accusing Al Sharpton of hijacking their movement. (video below):

According to the video description:

A march in Washington D.C. against the killing of Black men in the US by police officers organised by the National Action Alliance, headed by Reverend Al Sharpton, was interrupted by a group of youth activists from Ferguson, Saturday. The activists rushed the stage demanding to be heard and accused Sharpton of turning their cause into a show.”

The apparent division among the Ferguson protesters may just be a reflection of the same division that has been prevalent in the Democratic party since the mid-term elections.

Maybe it’s just a case of Al Sharpton being called out for what he is, or a good example of what happens when Progressives incite crowds with anger and train people to be radicals…and then are somehow surprised when they can’t control them.

When you play with fire, you might get burned.

Maybe Al should remember that for the next time he wants to go…”help” someone.

Irony: Murdering, Marxist Leader’s Son Sells $6,000 Motorcycle Tours In Communist Cuba

lChe Failure Wikimedia Commons2 Image World Affairs Journal

In Santa Clara, Cuba there sits a museum honoring the Communist mass murder, Che Guevara (pictured above). Guides at this museum are known to to point out that one of the ways Cubans pay homage to Che, is to do extra work every week for no pay.

To what would be his father’s extreme disappointment, it would seem Che Guevara’s son has found a different, and rather capitalistic way to pay homage to his father. Charge people thousands of dollars for a service.

The Daily Star reports that Che’s youngest son is selling expensive motorcycle tours in Cuba to honor of his Communist father:

The youngest son of Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara has opened an agency offering two-wheel tours of the Caribbean island nation on Harley-Davidsons, in a nod to his father’s passion for motorcycles.

“The Marxist guerrilla’s storied motorbike journey through South America was immortalized in the 2004 film “Motorcycle Diaries,” directed by Brazil’s Walter Salles and starring Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal.

“The trip, spanning from December 1951 to July 1952, took the 23-year-old revolutionary to Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela.

“Now, Che’s son Ernesto Guevara wants to honor his father’s famous ride by giving visitors to Cuba a “unique” trip through the country on Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Prices start at $3,000 per person and go up to $5,800 for six or nine day trips. Airline costs are not included.”

The irony that a murdering Communist, who died trying to violently spread Marxism, had a son who is now relying on capitalism to earn a buck in the very Communist country he helped establish, is only overshadowed by the fact that his son is also using Harley Davidson motorcycles made in the very country Che Guevara said was his worst enemy…the United States of America.

If that isn’t enough to make an old Marxist roll over in his grave, nothing will.

OOPS!: Greenpeace Damages Peruvian Cultural Treasure; Officials Enraged

ennazcaefe1271818Images BBC

While the extremist environmental group known as GreenPeace has gone to great lengths to harass whaling vessels with rubber rafts and chain themselves to trees in the rain forest in order to protest what they consider to be the destruction of the planet, they don’t seem to mind personally destroying cultural treasures.

GlobalPost.com reports that on Wednesday, Greenpeace apologized all over themselves to the Peruvian government for damaging one of their cultural treasures in a campaign to fight (fictional) global warming (pictured above):

Environmental group Greenpeace apologized Wednesday after Peru accused it of damaging a millenia-old archaeological site when its activists displayed a protest banner there calling for action on climate change.

“The stunt at the ancient Nazca lines, enormous drawings etched in the earth some 2,000 years ago by a pre-Inca civilization, drew a furious reaction from Peru, which is currently hosting UN talks aimed at curbing global warming.

“Greenpeace set up large letters beside one of the designs, known as the Hummingbird, reading: “Time for change! The future is renewable.”

Peruvian officials considered Greenpeace’s actions as an “attack” and have gone so far as to ask for help in apprehending those individuals who have damaged the historical site:

“Describing the action as an “attack,” the Peruvian government said the site had been damaged and vowed to prosecute those responsible.

_79637601_3ece6194-9070-41ae-93d0-648572e3e46b“After the illegal, premeditated action by environmental defense group Greenpeace, the zone has been seriously affected,” the culture ministry said in a statement Tuesday.

It called on Peruvians to “collaborate in identifying the people who carried out this attack on the cultural heritage of all Peruvians and all humanity” and said those responsible must be “stopped from leaving the country.

Needless to say, the Peruvian government has rejected the apology.

Socialist Professor Forces Students To Recite Anti-Republican, Anti-American Pledge

Pledge-2 Image Campus Reform

While many people are rightfully concerned about the spread of the Federal Common Core curriculum in American schools, sadly it seems few people are paying attention to those currently teaching our children in the realms of higher education.

Case in point.

Campus Reform reports that a college professor in Denver is forcing his students to recite an Anti-American, Anti-Republican ‘pledge of allegiance’ (pictured above):

Dr. Charles Angeletti, a self-proclaimed atheist and socialist professor of American Civilization at the publicly funded Denver university, required students recite the satirical Pledge of Allegiance during the fall 2014 semester according to a class flier obtained by Campus Reform.

I pledge allegiance to and wrap myself in the flag of the United States
Against Anything Un-American and to the Republicans for which it stands,
two nations, under Jesus, rich against poor, with curtailed liberty and
justice for all except blacks, homosexuals, women who want abortions,
Communists, welfare queens, treehuggers, feminazis, illegal immigrants,
children of illegal immigrants, and you if you don’t watch your step.”

The flier was distributed to the entire class and students were required to recite it according to Steven Farr, an MSU freshman majoring in Meteorology.”

Considering that Colorado is becoming a Progressive stronghold, the fact that a Socialist Professor is forcing his students to recite this Anti- American pledge is no surprise.

What will be surprising is if the parents, who are paying tens of thousands of dollars in tuition, actually care that it’s being used to fund this Socialist, Progressive diatribe.

Socialist Leader: Racism Is WORSE Under Obama

PSImage ABC News

In 2007, then presidential candidate, Barack Obama, made the claim that he could unite the American people better than Hillary Clinton.

It would seem that that claim, like many of the President’s promises, has proven to be false.

A day before a new Bloomberg poll showing that the majority of Americans feel that race relations have worsened under the Obama administration, a Socialist President said the same thing.

Reuters reports that on Saturday Venezuelan leader, President Nicolas Maduro  (pictured above), said that racism in the U.S. has become worse under President Obama:

“CARACAS (Reuters) – Racism in the United States appears to have worsened during the administration of its first black leader, Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro said on Saturday.

…”It’s really dramatic,” he told TV network Telesur, highlighting the death of Eric Garner, who was caught on video gasping for breath in a policeman’s stranglehold, as particularly “brutal.”

“It’s as if racism has been exacerbated in the United States with the arrival of Obama himself,” said Maduro, the socialist leader who succeeded Hugo Chavez last year.

While the Progressives have failed at their attempts to separate the American people along the lines of “Rich vs Poor”, it appears their latest attempt at division along racial lines has met with some success.

So much so that not only do the American people see it, but a Socialist President as well.

New Haven Board of Aldermen Honors Communist Party “Peoples’ Center”

People's Center Communist Party USA’s People’s Center, New Haven Connecticut

(Image Google Street View)

During the summer of 2012, the Communist Party USA’s (CPUSA) People’s Center, in New Haven, Connecticut, was under siege. A group of Vietnam veterans descended on the building to protest Governor Malloy’s attempt to give the Communists $300,000 of tax payer money to repair the decaying building.

Fast forward to 2014 and it would seem that in Connecticut the times haven’t changed much. But instead of the governor giving taxpayer money to save the Communist’s building, it’s members of the New Haven Board of Alderman honoring it.

The CPUSA news, People’s World,  reports that the New Haven Alders Black and Hispanic Caucus recently gave an award to the People’s Center:

 “NEW HAVEN, Conn. – Just two weeks before election day, Anthony’s Ocean View Restaurant was packed for the third annual New Haven Board of Alders Black and Hispanic CaucusGala, honoring three individuals and the New Haven Peoples Center.

…Accepting the community service Heritage Award on behalf of the Peoples Center, Joelle Fishman expressed appreciation for the courage of the Caucus in recognizing this all-volunteer institution which has been a welcoming space for labor, community, youth, peace, immigrant, and many other groups for 77 years.”

Joelle Fishman is the head of the CPUSA’s Connecticut branch. She also serves as Commissioner on the City of New Haven Peace Commission and serves on the executive board of the Alliance of Retired Americans. Coincidentally, both organizations were in attendance at the event, along with the radical Young Communist League and several union members:

Attending the Gala as part of the Peoples Center were ten members of the New Elm City Dream and Young Communist League youth groups that have been organizing on behalf of the needs of their generation. Several other tables were filled with representatives of unions and organizations that utilize the Peoples Center space, including AFT Connecticut, SEIU 32 BJ, Connecticut Alliance for Retired Americans, Unidad Latina en Acción, Connecticut People’s World Committee, and the New Haven Peace Council. Others throughout the audience also identified as part of the Peoples Center community.”

While the People’s Center may have been welcoming communists, labor, and their allies for 77 years, it will most likely never welcome freedom, capitalism, and the veterans who have fought against communism to preserve them. If it did that could be considered anti-Communist, and that’s something the Marxist mindset just won’t tolerate.


Senator Blunt: New EPA Regs Will Raise Utility Bills 50% Over Next 6 Years (Video)

Blunt EPAImage Screenshot

On Tuesday, December 2nd, Missouri Senator Roy Blunt took aim at President Obama’s new EPA regulations criticizing the timing of its release, the day before Thanksgiving, and pointing out that the regulation will increase utility costs in his state by 50 percent over the next 6 years (00:48-00:53):

“In my state, in Missouri, it will raise the utility bill by 50 percent over the next six years.”

Video below:

The new EPA regulations are targeted to drastically reduce the amount of ozone allowed in the air; from 75 ppm to 65-70 ppm.

A study done for the U.S. Chamber of commerce shows that while costing much more than the EPA estimated, the new regulations could also cost 609,000 fewer jobs every year.

So while Americans were enjoying their Thanksgiving holiday, the Obama administration was thankful that people were to busy to notice that the EPA released what may amount to be the most “Costliest Regulation Ever“.

Mary Landrieu Supporter Tells Black Conservative “Why Don’t You Go Down” on GOP Opponent (Video)

A Louisiana Union thug insulted and intimidated black conservative Anita Moncrief outside a recent debate between the two senate candidates.
The Landrieu supporter told Anita Moncrief, “Why don’t you go down on Bill (Cassidy)?”

Moncrief is a member of “Blacks against Landrieu.”
The Washington Times reported:

The Black Conservative Fund released a video on YouTube Tuesday showing a union worker verbally abusing ACORN whistleblower Anita MonCrief outside a debate between Louisiana Senate candidates Mary Landrieu and Bill Cassidy.

According to the conservative organization, Ms. MonCrief was waving a “Blacks against Landrieu” sign in a show of support for Cassidy, the Republican candidate who is leading the three-term Democratic incumbent Landrieu in the polls.

A union worker began to speak with Ms. MonCrief and told her she should go “go down on Bill,” in reference to Cassidy. Ms. MonCrief addressed the union worker and said she was offended, but he proceeded to deny the remark and moved close to her in an attempt to intimidate her.

Ms. MonCrief said she was “appalled, but not surprised” by the man’s behavior, and that she felt like the man thought she “wasn’t in [her] place.” Reflecting on her past with ACORN, Ms. MonCrief said, “I’ve learned not to back down … and I was scared.”

Nancy Pelosi: “San Francisco is the “Model” for Living the Gospel”(Video)

Nancy Pelosi Image Screenshot

Even though San Francisco has been known to be home of the radical gay agenda, and where selective abortion based upon sex has been pushed by government officials, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi seems to think the city is on par with Biblical scripture.

During a Thanksgiving day speech at the San Francisco Interfaith Council, Nancy Pelosi stated that San Francisco is the “model” for living the gospel (20:30-20:42):

“And I think that we have to challenge all of us in public policy, certainly not in San Francisco which is the model of living the gospel, but in public policy to say, it isn’t only what you think you did, it is what you did not do.”

Video Below: