HATE ON CAMPUS: Swastikas Painted On Jewish Fraternity House (Video)

1 013114_aepi_BN0955(Image Sacbee.com)

It seems the rising anti-semitism in Europe has now spilled over to a University in the U.S.

The Sacramento Bee is reporting that two swastikas have been spray painted on a Jewish fraternity house at the University of California:

“Students at a UC Davis-affiliated Jewish fraternity house awoke Saturday morning to find two large swastikas spray painted onto their building.

“Nathaniel Bernhard, vice president of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity, said the vandalism took place between 3 a.m. and 9 a.m. Saturday. He condemned the action, saying the hate crime threatened to rekindle race tensions at UC Davis. The fraternity house is located off-campus.

“Jewish people still can’t feel safe on their own campuses and in their own houses,” Bernhard said. “Anti-setimism still exists today. It’s not a fairy tale.”

Video Below:

Former Democrat Candidate: “Radical Right-Wing Menace Has All The Heavy Weapons”

peaceful_revolution_by_blairexfabulous-d4c581n(Image Deviant Art)

The 2nd Amendment. While it was designed to be the last line of defense  against a tyrannical government, it inadvertently is also a deterrent for radical Progressives who wish to “fundamentally change” our Constitutional Republic.

Case in point.

In 1988 Progressive author, Bob Zimmerman, ran for a Hawaiian Congressional seat and was soundly defeated.

In 2015 Mr. Zimmerman has written a free “book” titled Common Sense. He modled it after the historic pamphlet written by Thomas Paine which shared the same title. But instead of embracing individual Liberty, Mr. Zimmerman uses the words of the Founders to push a centralized, Progressive form of government here in the United States.

In Mr. Zimmerman’s version of Common Sense he discusses taxes, the war on drugs, and how to crush the Radical-Right. Crushing rule #1: Don’t use violence because the Radical-Right will shoot the Progressives dead, since they are heavily armed:

How We Can Crush the Radical-Right-Wing Coalition Before
They Finish Crushing Us.

1. Never resort to violence. History has had its fill of violent revolutions. Some worked, others did not. In America today, the radical-right-wing menace controls all of the heavy weapons. Far better to be a living voter and protester than a dead martyr.

Not to question Mr.Zimmerman’s motives (I’m sure he is actually a peaceful man) but his statement above rings a little to close to what the Young Communist League stated back in 2011:

“we support all forms of revolution, which historically have included violent forms but only were they successful or lasting and positive when the circumstances had called for it”

It seems Progressives are all about Revolution, in one form or another, but only if it works.

So the lesson is be sure to Thank God for the 2nd Amendment. It not only helps dissuade tyrants, but wannabe Progressive tyrants as well.

Watch These Gun Control Legislators Make Fools Of Themselves


Townhall season is in full swing, as elected morons are preparing for their sessions, and actually making some public appearances.

In Oregon, state senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward and rep Mitch Greenlick want to criminalize being victim. As in, if someone steals your gun and uses it in a crime, you are held liable. When asked for clarification on this, they both emphatically state “YUP!” when asked if they want a parent thrown in jail if their child uses a gun in a crime.

Senator Steiner Hayward later goes on to say “For better or for worse, that’s what our Constitution, sort of, says” when someone else brought up the gun issue.

On an unrelated issue, Rep Greenlick went on to say “It’d be great if we could be a different country.”

Meanwhile, at a joint town hall with senator Michael Dembrow and reps Alissa Keny-Guyer and Barbara Smith Warner, the gun issue came up again. Ms. Smith Warner is called out for her participation in a fluff session where the US District attorney Amanda Marshall, along with activists, were talking about full gun registration, and Multnomah County commissioner Judy Shiprack was urging Smith Warner to legislatively overturn the Oregon State Police’s “administrative rule” that says background check records need to be destroyed, and to make those records public and available to the feds.

Neither the politicians nor the crowd want to hear anything about how Washington’s new “universal background check” law is an utter disaster, with it being proven to be unenforceable with none of the state agencies knowing how to apply or wanting anything to do with it, be it bureaucratic or law enforcement.

Prince Charles: Global Climate Change Pact Could Be Magna Carta For Earth

charlesPrince Charles (Image ER.com)

The Magna Carta. A document created in England in 1215 that outlined individual liberties known as the “Rights of Englishmen”. The document was so revolutionary it influenced the creation of the U.S. Constitution over four-hundred years later.

But in 2015, instead of being inspiration for a document listing the liberties of man, the Magna Carta is disturbingly being used as inspiration for a global document pertaining to the earth.

According to an article on Business Green.com, Prince Charles believes that an upcoming global agreement to fight Global Warming could be a Magna Carta for the earth:

A new global pact on climate change, due to be signed this year in Paris, should be a “Magna Carta for the Earth”, Prince Charles has urged.

“He said this year marked potentially the “last chance” to save the world from the perils of global warming, with the Paris conference and the United Nations’ plan to replace the millennium development goals with a new set of sustainable development targets. “We simply cannot let this opportunity go to waste. There is just too much at stake, and has been for far too long.”

He told a meeting of forestry and climate experts in London: “In the 800th anniversary year of the Magna Carta, perhaps this year’s agreement of the new sustainable development goals and a new climate agreement in Paris should be seen as a new Magna Carta for the Earth, and humanity’s relationship with it.”

While the Prince seems overly concerned with the “rights” of the planet, Explosive Reports blog suggests that he isn’t necessarily interested in the rights of man. Particularly the unborn.

In 2013 Prince Charles praised a controversial report on how to deal with global overpopulation:

Prince Charles has openly expressed support for a recent population study by biologists Paul and Anne Ehrlich, calling for drastic global efforts to reduce fertility worldwide. On the official website of the Prince of Wales, prince Charles commended Paul and Anne Ehrlich’s latest population study published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society on January 8 of this year, calling among other things for globally provided “back-up abortions” to avert overpopulation catastrophe. The prince writes:

We do, in fact, have all the tools, assets and knowledge to avoid the collapse of which this report warns, but only if we act decisively now.

In their latest study entitled Can a collapse of global civilization be avoided?, biologists Paul R. Ehrlich and his wife repeat their decade-long mantra, namely that global population growth is certain to collapse civilization as a whole- and only a concerted global effort to reduce fertility may avert the feared catastrophe. The report mentions that global population reduction is a monumental task, but they add:

Monumental, but not impossible if the political will could be generated globally to give full rights, education and opportunities to women, and provide all sexually active human beings with modern contraception and backup abortion. The degree to which those steps would reduce fertility rates is controversial, but they are a likely win-win for societies.

It would seem that, as far as Prince Charles is concerned, the planet should have more rights than the unborn.

Sadly he isn’t alone in his thinking. Several people on the Progressive left, like Margaret Sanger, would probably agree with him.

Communist Black Panther Gives MLK Week Keynote At PSU

10940545_10153061311788872_1487052088483149498_nPortland State University recently hosted Angela Davis, a renowned Black Panther and former 2 time Communist Party USA nominee for Vice President. Ms. Davis had the honor of giving the keynote address during the university’s MLK Week.

In a video posted by LaughingAtLiberals, her speech including sympathizing with the Charlie Hebdo shooters by saying “It is so sad to see that the use of the term “terrorist”, which reminds me of the way communist used to be used, spreads such fear in people’s hearts…To ask questions about those young men who did that horrible thing in Paris. But what kind of lives were they living? No one talks about the conditions under which they live, in the ghettos surrounding Paris. People don’t like to talk about French racism. Seems to me like we have to be willing to look at the entire story and not simply use the word “terrorism.”

She goes on to say “We have a serious problem with gun violence in this country… So I think we really should disarm everyone. That also means disarming the police.”

Promo poster at PSU for Angela Davis' keynote speech.

Promo poster at PSU for Angela Davis’ keynote speech, which highlights her ties to the Communist Party USA. (Click to enlarge)

Ms. Davis was an active Black Panther in the 1960’s and 70’s, and was once on the FBI’s top 10 Most Wanted list for her role in supplying guns that were used in a Marin County court room hostage situation. She was eventually acquitted of all charges.

In 1979, the height of the Cold War, the Soviet Union awarded her the “Lenin Peace Prize“, and she was invited to Moscow to accept the award.

This isn’t the first time Ms. Davis has created controversy at a university. Just last year UCLA students were in an uproar over her inclusion in a “We, The Optimists” campaign.

Portland Teachers Given Credit for Watching Racist “WHITELANDIA” Film

10565179_1509891702562272_6966560993117846666_nTeachers get credit for watching the new documentary “Whitelandia“, which explores the “history of state sanctioned discrimination against Black Americans in Oregon and how that discrimination continues to be a destructive force today. The film leaves us to speculate whether Oregon’s original goal of establishing a white homeland may well be close at hand.”

Producers Matt Zodrow and Tracy MacDonald held a forum regarding the film in Portland on January 22nd, 2015, at an event held at the Portland Public Schools (PPS) building. Citizen journalist Daylight Disinfectant was there to document the discussion surrounding the gala, and was harassed by one Lolenzo Poe, who is the “chief equity officer” for PPS. There was some objection over the fact that the event was being filmed. Eventually Mr. Po and the others realized it was a public event in a public building, and they could not stop someone from filming it.

vlcsnap-2015-01-25-15h08m43s174The panel discussion featured such quotes as “Hey White People, sit with this discomfort of holding this privilege and power because you do” from MacDonald. Dr. Calvin Henry says that “The education system was not truly designed for black Americans. It’s to hold us in a place where we should not gain very much.” and refers to the “White Republican party“. Carolyn Leonard, retired PPS admin is concerned that there apparently aren’t enough black crane operators in Portland.

Turns out there has been a lot more controversy surrounding the film, as several of the area’s black leaders refused to take part in it, due to the producers using footage from YouTube without consent of Walidah Imarisha. Nonetheless, black leaders such as JoAnn Hardesty took part in it. Ms. Hardesty was one of the protest organizers during the area’s Trayvon Martin protests and marches. School teacher and devout marxist Mic Crenshaw is also featured in the film. Mr. Crenshaw performs hip hop as well, and such lyrics include “I’m goin’ in, like a shank to the pancreas” while saying “We need to get passed capital and private property” and encourages people to “occupy property and block the streets.”

Teachers who attended this forum get a certificate “In recognition of your participation in Focus on Diversity Series”

Children’s Video Showing “Dancing Genitals” Criticized For Not Being Progressive Enough (Video)

Vid1One of the dancing female genitalia. (Censored Image screenshot)

For years the Progressive left has made the case that the United States should be more like Europe. From the way we consume oil, to our healthcare system, the Progressives are convinced that Europe does it better.

But I wonder what the American left would say about a recent article on the National Post, which reports that some on the European left are saying that a video, targeting children, consisting of dancing genitalia, isn’t quite Progressive enough:

“STOCKHOLM — In socially liberal Sweden, an educational video for children featuring dancing genitals has become an online hit — and even drawn criticism for not being progressive enough.

“The one-minute animated video by public broadcaster SVT, promoting a television series about the human body, has been seen by more than 4 million YouTube viewers.

“Producers say many parents found it a great way to explain about private parts to children, though some called it inappropriate for a program aimed at children aged 3-6.

Programming director Peter Bargee said Thursday the clip also drew “unexpected” criticism from some Swedes, who said portraying the penis with a moustache and the vagina with long eyelashes reinforced gender stereotypes.

Video below (Warning dancing, cartoon genitals).

So an ‘educational’ video targeting children which displays dancing genitalia isn’t Progressive enough since it doesn’t take the transgender community into account.


If this is the European Progressive left’s idea of decency, then they can keep it.

Along with any American Progressives who agree with them.

Al Gore & Former Mexican Prez: “Spend Trillions To Ban Cars From All Major Cities In The World” (Video)

The Daily Caller reports that Al Gore, and former Mexican President Felipe Calderon, both wish to spend trillions of dollars to ban cars from all major cities around the world in an effort to fight Global Warming (Video above):

Former Vice President Al Gore and former Mexican President Felipe Calderon are pushing for $90 trillion in spending to ban cars from every major city in the world and make them more dense.

“Gore and Calderon presented a report from the Global Commission on the Economy & Climate (GCEC) and argued that fighting global warming will require making cities more compact and wholly reliant on public transit. This is the only way to make sure urban areas don’t contribute to global warming, the two politicians argued.

“Calderon and Gore argued that $90 trillion is going to be spent anyways in the coming decades upgrading cities around the world. They argue that it should be spent on making cities more climate friendly.

“The mistake we made in Mexico was to let cities develop however they want, and it’s a mess,” Calderon told Business Insider.

“GCEC’s study says that “more compact, better-connected cities with strong mass transit systems will help policy-makers tackle these pressing challenges. Such cities are more productive, socially inclusive, resilient, cleaner, quieter and safer.”

On a totally unrelated note Al Gore has been known to appear at Global Warming summits in a fleet of automobiles containing Lincoln Towncars and SUVs. (Video Below)

Video below the fold……….

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$10,000 Tax Credit To Hire Ex Cons

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 11.38.21 PMAt an event put on by Don’t Shoot Portland, the city’s #Ferguson protest meme, Mayor Charlie Hales announced that the city has “banned the box” for hiring city employees, referring to the part on a job application where an employers asks the applicant if they’ve ever been convicted of a crime. This is part of a larger “Ban The Box” movement, which hopes to make that into a law that applies to the private sector as well.

This means a business owner will be legally barred from asking an applicant if they’re a felon. The business won’t know if their employees are child molesters, drunk drivers, drug traffickers…

To make this even more ridiculous, Mayor Hales is also proposing a $10,000 per year tax credit to companies that hire “returning citizens”, which is apparently the new, politically correct term for an “ex offender”. That’s right, companies would get a huge tax credit for hiring felons over non felons.

Let me say that again. Businesses would get a yearly $10,000 tax credit for hiring a child molester rather than hiring someone who’s never committed a crime.

Here’s the video of this announcement, via Daylight Disinfectant.

Adam Sharp on The Allman Report: People Need to See This Judge’s Face & Call Her Out (Video)

With violent crime on the rise in the St. Louis area part of the blame has recently been directed toward lenient judges .

Recently local radio and TV host Jamie Allman investigated and exposed one of these radical judges on his show. – 22nd Circuit St. Louis Judge Margaret Neill.
Judge Margaret Neill was recently criticized for the Deandre Nutall .

Nutall fled from police in a vehicle, crashed that vehicle, ran from police on foot, fought with arresting officers, was in possession of a felony amount of weed and a hand gun with a 30-round extended magazine.  

His punishment from Judge Neill?…  PROBATION. (see below document) — Not one day in jail. This is typical for Judge Neill.


After watching the report and hearing Jamie say they have had no luck getting a response from Judge Neill Adam Sharp took tracked down the judge to ask her about the case.

On Thursday, Adam Sharp spoke with Jamie Allman about his investigation.
Via The Allman Report: