Is Oregon’s Ex Guv Dumping Evidence?

02292012landfill264_t670The saga of John Kitzhaber takes another strange twist. With the IRS now joining the FBI in the investigation into the corruption of Oregon’s ex governor, Kitzhaber was seen dumping documents. Literally. At a dump, FOUR HOURS away from where he lives.

The Oregonian reports:

“The former governor and Hayes showed up at the Knott Landfill southeast of Bend in a pickup and an SUV about 2 p.m. last Friday and spent a few minutes dumping trash, according to Timm Schimke, the director of the Deschutes County Solid Waste Department.

As it happened, there was a glitch processing the credit card that the former first couple offered for payment — one that locked up the entire system and required a supervisor to reset.

At that point, workers recognized who they were dealing with and apparently decided the dumping might be of interest to law enforcement. Kitzhaber and Hayes are targets of a federal investigation.”

Deschutes County Sheriff deputies arrived on scene and began sifting through and collecting what had been dumped. Too bad it was after Kitzhaber and his shack up honey, Cylvia Hayes, had left the scene.

Bend, OR is 180 miles away from where Kitzhaber lives, which is Beaverton, OR, a suburb of Portland. It is a 4 hour drive over several mountain passes.


PT EXCLUSIVE: Connecticut High School Promotes Communist Party Sponsored Contest

Commie School Touchup

Wilber Cross High School (Above) (Altered Image

Wilber Cross public high school in New Haven, Connecticut is home of the Wilber Cross Governors whose team colors are red and black.

Ironically, the Communist Party USA’s (CPUSA) “team” colors are also red.

But which part of the color wheel both the CPUSA and Wilber Cross high school have chosen to represent themselves is not the only thing they have in common. It would appear that the radical Communist ideology must be, at least in part, acceptable to both parties. If not, then why did the administrators at the Wilber Cross high school advertise a contest sponsored by the CPUSA on the school website?

The African American History Month Arts and Writing Competition for High School Students is a contest put on every year and sponsored by the CPUSA news, People’s World. The flyer states that students can win cash and prizes if they write an essay, poem, song or create an artwork expressing:

“what young people today can do to further Dr. Martin Luther King’s Dream and achieve new hopes and aspirations”.

Sounds all hopey changey doesn’t it?

What could possibly go wrong with something as innocent as asking kids to express how to make this world a better place?

Well how about the fact that in order to receive their prize, the kids have to attend a banquet at the local CPUSA building?

Below is a screen shot taken from the flyer posted on the Wilber Cross public high school website. Take special notice of the web address: That is the same as the school’s main web address which stands for New Haven Public Schools (nhps) Wilber Cross (wcross). The flyer specifically states at the bottom that this contest is being sponsored by People’s World and that the awards banquet will be held at the CPUSA People’s Center. Granted they failed to mention the little thing about People’s World being a bunch of Communists (click picture to enlarge):

Wcross High School Commies

People’s World reports that The African American History Month Arts and Writing Competition for High School Students award ceremony for 2015 took place on February 22nd. Where even young kids in 8th grade marched along side members of the violent Young Communist League and listened to a Communist agitator from Ferguson, Missouri give a speech.

So while praying in public schools is strongly frowned upon, pushing a contest sponsored by a radical Marxist group on a school website is totally acceptable.

At least in New Haven, Connecticut.

Prince Charles: “People Need To Eat Healthy Diets” To Cure “Sick Planet” of Climate Change

icecreamPrince Charles eating and ice cream. (Image BBC)

Only a few days after the Obama administration released new dietary guidelines centered around a sustainable diet, The Guardian reports that during a speech to medical staff Prince Charles parroted the Obama administration by saying that people must eat a healthier diet in order to save the “sick”  planet from Climate Change:

“The Prince of Wales has compared the planet to a “sick patient,” warning it could face its “death certificate” at the hands of climate change.

“Speaking to health experts at the Royal Society in London on Wednesday, Charles said: “We can only pray that our sick planetary patient might be placed on a road to recovery, in the process bringing gains for human well-being.

“Failure to write the prescription, however, might leave us contemplating the death certificate instead.

“So, my fervent hope is that you can find the means to make the difference that our world so desperately needs.”

“Actions which are good for the planet are also good for human health.

“Taking a more active approach to transport by walking and cycling and adopting healthy diets reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also reduce rates of obesity, heart disease, cancer and more, saving lives and money.

“Reductions in air pollution also result – with separate and additional benefits to human health. A healthy planet and healthy people are two sides of the same coin.”

Goldman CEO: “There Is No Place For Pure, Unregulated Capitalism; We Have To Do A Better Job Distributing Wealth”


In 2008 Goldman Sachs was the corporation behind the most funding of Obama’s presidential run. But four years later, after realizing they helped to elect an anti-business President, they drastically jumped sides and funded Romney in an unsuccessful bid to unseat Obama.

Now realizing that the hopes of an unfettered economy may have gone to the wayside, during an interview with CNN, Goldman CEO, Lloyd Blankfein says that there is no place left for unregulated capitalism:

“China’s economy may be slowing down from its breakneck pace of recent decades, but it’s still running far ahead of free markets like the U.S.

So does China’s rapid growth call into question the hands-down success of capitalism?

The U.S. is not pure capitalism,” Goldman Sachs (GS) CEO Lloyd Blankfein told CNN’s Poppy Harlow. “In fact, there’s no place for pure capitalism, unregulated capitalism. We have a regulated system.”

Blankfein, arguably the most powerful man on staunchly free market Wall Street, said that “at the end of the day, everything is going to be a hybrid.”In an even more disturbing chain of events Mr. Blankfein even goes on to claim that in order to fight income inequality we need to do a better job to “distribute” the wealth:

In an even more disturbing chain of events Mr. Blankfein goes on to claim that in order to fight income inequality we need to do a better job of  “distributing” the wealth. How? By making the government do something about it:

“..He said inequality isn’t necessarily being caused by the affluent. Instead, Goldman’s CEO said the gap between the rich and the poor has been driven by “the rise of technology” and the “winner take all market.”

“In one sign of growing inequality, a recent Urban Institute report shows whites now have 12 times the wealth of blacks and nearly 10 times more than Hispanics. That’s up from seven times for blacks and six times for Hispanics in 1995.

“We have to do a better job” of distributing wealth, he said. “Everybody has to join in.”

“So what does the Goldman chief say needs to be done to fight inequality?

“He said the government needs to invest more on training, education and housing to ensure everyone has free or cheap access.

“If you don’t have it, you lose access to the escalator that could take you up and through the middle class and higher,” Blankfein said.”

“It’s All About The Money” – O’Keefe Punks Al Sharpton

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 10.27.23 PMUndercover video investigator James O’Keefe, and his organization Project Veritas, have emerged with a new video, this time focusing on those who have associated with Al Sharpton and his National Action Network (NAN).

“It’s all about the money” says Bishop Calvin Scott, of the Believers Temple in Ferguson, MO. “He incites people for the wrong reason.” Another Sharpton associate, Jean Petrus, a donor to the Trayvon Martin Foundation, says Sharpton “Knows how to make money and get money. They’re shakedown guys to me. Let’s call it what it is.”

Other people involved in the remembrance of Trayvon also distance themselves from Sharpton, including Travon’s father, Tracy Martin. They recently purged all Sharpton imagery from the foundation’s website.

Erica Garner, daughter of Eric Garner, claims that one of the Sharpton’s organizers, Cynthia Davis, attacked her for not including the NAN logo on a series of flyers involving Eric Garner. “Instead of me, he wants his face in front of it. Al Sharpton paid for the funeral. She’s trying to make me feel like I owe them.” One of Erica Garner’s friends says “They [NAN] need them [Garner family] in a way to fund raise.”

“He’s like this” says Erica Garner, as she rubs her fingers together to indicate money.

Other community and church members in Ferguson, MO, back up the assertion that Sharpton was all about the money, and other than give a couple of speeches, couldn’t really name anything positive that he had done for their community.

Nevada Solar Farm Fries 130 Birds In 2 Hour Test

25FD87CC00000578-0-Biologists_say_130_birds_have_caught_fire_in_mid_air_while_enter-m-4_1424688888496The Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project array is nearly ready to go partially online in Nevada. The $737 Million publicly Department Of Energy funded project is intended to produce 110 MW of energy. There’s just one problem.

130 birds were literally set on fire in mid flight during a recent test run in the span of 2 hours. This is because the array redirects solar energy to a point 1200 feet above ground, right in the flightpath of birds.

Nature World News reports:

“About two hours into the test, engineers and biologists on site started noticing “streamers” – trails of smoke and steam caused by birds flying directly into the field of solar radiation. What moisture was on them instantly vaporized, and some instantly burst into flames – at least, until they began to frantically flap away. An estimated 130 birds were injured or killed during the test.”

“According to The Associated Press (AP), many biologists call the number of deaths “significant” and suspect that the streamers are caused by a chain of attraction – that is, insects are drawn towards the bright plant’s light, which in turn attracts birds looking to feast on crispy bugs.”

Police Now Instructed To Close Eyes & Take A Deep Breath In Tense Situations

Bill de Blasio, Bill BrattonNew York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s new $35 Million “smart policing” program advises that officers to close their eyes, step back, and take a deep breath when in tense situations.

From the New York Post:

“One cop who sat through two full-day programs called them “not realistic’’ and “pretty silly.”

At one point during the lectures, the cop said, those in attendance were given breathing exercises to learn how to calm down — even when facing someone who could pose a threat to their safety.

They said if you find yourself in a situation that’s getting heated, take a step back, close your eyes and take a deep breath,” he said.”

Oregon Governor’s First Act Is To Investigate Whistle Blowers


Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. After taking the oath of office last week to replace resigning John Kitzhaber, former Secretary Of State/now-Governor Kate Brown has launched investigations into the whistleblowers who exposed some of the corruption during the Kitzhaber reign.

From the Oregonian:

“A top official in Gov. Kate Brown’s administration has launched a criminal investigation searching for the person who leaked former Gov. John Kitzhaber’s personal emails.
Meanwhile, two high-ranking state managers were placed on administrative leave on Friday pending a personnel investigation that is separate from the criminal one. One, Michael Rodgers, is the same manager who blocked a well-publicized effort by Kitzhaber’s staff to delete copies of his personal emails stored in state archives.”

“Among the emails was an exchange between Kitzhaber and his ethics lawyer, Stephen Janik, that confirmed the ex-governor’s involvement in a strategy to blunt an ethics review of [Cylvia] Hayes’ conduct. The Oregonian/OregonLive earlier reported on that strategy, citing filings made with the Oregon Government Ethics Commission.”

“James Moore, a politics professor at Pacific University, said the leaker may have been a whistleblower whose primary motivation was to avoid improper destruction of public records. He called a criminal investigation “overkill” and said it conflicted with Brown’s public statements embracing transparency.”


Anti-Gun Woman’s Hilariously Awful Public Testimony

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 2.55.38 AMWARNING: Before playing this video, please swallow your food, put down the coffee, and warn your family members and neighbors about the laughter you will soon be exerting. This is quite possibly the most delusional anti gun rant you will ever hear.

This woman rambles on incoherently, without making a single valid point, while delivering such lines as “The 2nd Amendment was written 1776… every town had guns, they were kept in the armories… We do have armories, but we use them to house the Red Cross when there’s a disaster”… “All of these law abiding citizens are shooting back and forth in front of our house”… “To get that gun, we walked into Wal Mart, went up to the gun counter, showed them our license, he bought the gun and carried it out… That’s how difficult the background check was”… “You talk about big money coming in. What do you call the NRA and all of the gun manufacturers that are making the NRA nothing but a publicity arm”…”I feel that sensible rules have to be put in place. We may not have designed them yet, but they have to be worked out. But to sit and say absolutely no change, you might as well put a gun to your head, because that is sheer stupidity”

You cannot buy this kind of comedy.

DHS Secretary: Not All Illegals Are Criminals, No Administration Is Going To Deport Them (VIDEO)

DHSDHS Secretary Jeh Johnson on Fox News Sunday. (Image screenshot)

Entering the United States without going through the proper legal procedures is considered a crime under Federal Law. Therefore anyone entering the country illegally has broken Federal law and is a criminal.

But don’t point out that obvious fact to the head of the agency who is supposed to enforce immigration law. Because during an interview on Fox News Sunday DHS Secretary, Jeh Johnson, after extensively defending President Obama’s denial about Radical Islam, stated that while the DHS is deporting illegals who are “convicted criminals” there are a large number of “undocumented” whom no administration, Democrat or Republican, are going to deport:

“Looking at it from my common sense perspective. The judge in his opinion, and I read all 123 pages of it so, said he has no quarrel with the notion that we are allowed to prioritize how we use our resources to deport people in this country.

“And we are prioritizing. We are prioritizing on convicted criminals. We are prioritizing on border security. Deporting those who are recent arrivals apprehended at the border.

“But there is a large segment of the undocumented population in this country, who have been here for years, who are not going to be deported in any administration, Democratic or Republican. That’s the reality…”

Video below (7:00-8:12 mark):