Socialist French Minister: Fight Terrorism By Bringing Back The Socialist State

FRANCE-GOVERNMENT-JUSTICE-TAUBIRAFrench Minister of Justice Christiane Taubria (Image Facebook)

Much like the Obama administration is blind to the fact that Islamic extremism is the cause of most terror attacks, it seems the Socialist French government is blind on how to fight terrorism.

According to an article on France 24, French Minister, Christiane Taubria says that the Socialist government of France believes that you don’t declare war in order to fight terrorism, you increase the size of the Socialist government:

It’s not enough to win the war to build the peace,” Christiane Taubira told the UN’s Counter-Terrorism Committee in a rousing and eloquent speech that prompted an impassioned round of applause.

Terrorism is not elsewhere it’s everywhere,” she told a packed room of counter-terrorism delegates from across the world. “It spreads in fragmented societies where the economic and social fabric is being destroyed by poverty. People feel excluded. People who are going through a difficult moment in life and don’t feel that anybody’s concerned about them, that they are marginalised, that they don’t belong to society…

[In order to combat this] we need to concentrate on education and health. Reducing misery and inequality […] will enable us to combat terrorism, because if we’re able to ensure that hope comes back, that people see that there’s a tomorrow, that they can get justice, then we will be able to dissipate this terror.”

Taubira blamed her conservative predecessors for closing down schools, libraries and other public services in poor and immigrant-rich areas, many of which lie near the péripherique, or Paris ring road. She told FRANCE 24 that the Socialist government was committed to the rejuvenation of these “long neglected areas”, which she said had become danger zones for impressionable youths vulnerable to radicalisation.

…“We mustn’t renounce the rule of law, our values, individual and collective freedoms, or public freedoms,” she said. “If we declare war it’s a semantic and ethical trap because it suggests that we have the same goals and ambitions as the other side.

“…We have been working hard to bring back the state, in the form of libraries, schools, police and education, to those areas and are now intensifying those efforts”, she told FRANCE 24. “We’ve identified what needs doing and we’ve started doing it.

Obama Takes Credit For Lower Gas Prices: “You’re Welcome” (VIDEO) In 2012 President Obama gives a speech detailing how he wanted to limit oil speculators. (Image CNN Money)

Only a few months after banning oil drilling in Bristol Bay in Alaska, and a few days from pushing to ban oil drilling in an Alaskan wild life refuge, President Obama has decided that cheap gas prices are somehow because of him.

On Friday, President Obama told a crowd at the Ivy Tech Community College in Indianapolis that people were saving a lot of money at that gas pump so “You’re Welcome” (video below):

“A lot of families have been saving a lot of money at the gas pump which is putting smiles on folks faces. And (Crowd laughs) No, You’re Welcome.”

The absolute gall of the President for taking credit for something he honestly doesn’t support, and is not responsible for, is mind numbing.

Ever since 2006, when Obama was still a Senator, he has touted that America can not “drill away it’s energy problem”.

In 2008 Obama even stated that he supports high gas prices if they are gradual (video below):

Around that same time he also voiced support for high gas prices because it would force people to utilize, and for governments to improve, public transportation (video below):

Four years later the President still supported high gas prices because when a father of a large family complained to him about the price at the pump, he mockingly told him to get a “hybrid” vehicle (video below):

As a matter of fact President Obama does not support any form of cheap energy. This became apparent when he admitted that in order to “mobilize” the citizenry in support of his Green energy agenda, his Cap and Trade program would cause the price of electricity, natural gas, or anything else that is refined (such as gasoline) to sky rocket (video below):

President Obama taking credit for something which he did not do, or support is very reminiscent of the tactics used by Communist leaders who would take credit for the rain that fell from the sky and the food on peoples’ tables.

The President’s time in office shows that he, and the Progressive left in general, have mastered that Marxist tactic well because they have proven time and time again that if something good happens in the country it’s thanks to them. If something bad happens, well… it’s Bush’s fault.

Somalis Demand Public School Immersion Program

Kayse Jama, who just happens to be the director of the Center For Intercultural Organizing, the non profit that held the “blacks only” #Ferguson meeting a few weeks ago, was at a recent Portland Public Schools board meeting, to demand 5 new full time staff positions for a Somali immersion program.

From the video, seen at Daylight Disinfectant:

“The Five all time positions are:
1. Full-Time Somali Teacher on “Special Assignment”
2. Full-Time Somali Teacher for Native Language Literacy Program
3. Full-Time HR Dual Immersion Specific Coordinator
4. Full-Time Project Manager
5. Full-Time Somali Community Outreach Specialist”

UN Climate Official: We’re Intentionally Transforming The Economic Development Of The World

6a0177444b0c2e970d019b003542b8970d-800wiUnited Nations (UN) Climate Chief Christina Figueres (Image Michael Smith

Fox News is reporting that a United Nations Climate official has finally admitted what most of us, who were paying attention, already knew; That the UN is trying to transform the Economic Development of the world:

The United Nation’s top climate change official Christiana Figueres announced this week that the group is actively working to “intentionally transform” the world’s economic development model, a task she called the “most difficult” one the group has ever undertaken.

“…Figueres: “This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the industrial revolution. That will not happen overnight and it will not happen at a single conference on climate change, be it COP 15, 21, 40 – you choose the number. It just does not occur like that. It is a process, because of the depth of the transformation.”

$15 Now Supporters Close Book Store Over Minimum Wage Hike

borderland-books_3227898_lBorderlands Books in San Francisco has been in business for 18 years. They’ve survived the economic ups and downs, but they are being done in by the citywide minimum wage increase to $15 an hour, which has forced the story to close

Ordinarily, this would be just another story about a small business going under due to regulations, but in this case, Borderlands was a big supporter of the $15 minimum wage movement.

From the Borderland’s blog:

“In November, San Francisco voters overwhelmingly passed a measure that will increase the minimum wage within the city to $15 per hour by 2018.  Although all of us at Borderlands support the concept of a living wage in principal and we believe that it’s possible that the new law will be good for San Francisco — Borderlands Books as it exists is not a financially viable business if subject to that minimum wage.  Consequently we will be closing our doors no later than March 31st.  The cafe will continue to operate until at least the end of this year.

Many businesses can make adjustments to allow for increased wages.  The cafe side of Borderlands, for example, should have no difficulty at all.  Viability is simply a matter of increasing prices.  And, since all the other cafes in the city will be under the same pressure, all the prices will float upwards.  But books are a special case because the price is set by the publisher and printed on the book.  Furthermore, for years part of the challenge for brick-and-mortar bookstores is that companies like have made it difficult to get people to pay retail prices.  So it is inconceivable to adjust our prices upwards to cover increased wages.

The change in minimum wage will mean our payroll will increase roughly 39%.  That increase will in turn bring up our total operating expenses by 18%.  To make up for that expense, we would need to increase our sales by a minimum of 20%.  We do not believe that is a realistic possibility for a bookstore in San Francisco at this time.”

(H/T Ricochet)

Obamacare Architect Gruber Wants Body Weight Tax

pic_giant_111314_SM_Jonathan-Gruber_0More  reports have been discovered from Jonathan Gruber, the Obamacare “economist” who crafted the bill in intentionally deceptive ways.

In a 2010 report on “Taxing Sin”, he advocates for a body weight tax. But of course, he has to frame it in a way so that it’s doesn’t look like a tax. He writes:

“Ultimately, what may be needed to address the obesity problem are direct taxes on body weight. While it is hard to conceive of this approach being a common public policy tool in the near term, such taxation may be happening indirectly through health insurance surcharges.”

(H/T to Against Crony Captialism)

Common Core in Action: 4th Graders Made To Read About The Black Panthers

Screen-Shot-2012-07-30-at-4.15.57-PM(Image The Blaze)

When most of us were 10 years old we were thinking mainly about comic books, barbie dolls, and cartoons. You know, the normal stuff 10 year olds should be concerned about.

But it seems in 2015 some schools feel today’s 10 year olds should be concerned with things much more adult in nature. Such as racism, and the Black Panther Party.

Stop Common Core NC reports that 4th Graders are being forced to read a book which contains a story where children are sent, by their mother, to a camp run by the Black Panther Party:

“What did you read when you were in elementary school? An engaged parent’s radar went off after reading an email describing upcoming assignments, see 4th Grade Reading Topics. I promised to update you as I learned more and right out of the gate is a story of concern. Some 4th Graders in Wake County are reading about the Black Panthers in the assigned book One Crazy Summer. There is so much to be concerned about with this story not just the Black Panthers, they read about broken families, racism, etc. These are heavy topics for 4th graders, let’s start the indoctrination early. The review from StorySnoops (bold emphasis mine):

“Eleven-year-old Delphine lives with her grandmother and father in Brooklyn, helping to take care of her two sisters after their mother abandoned them seven years ago. Her life changes suddenly when her father flies the three sisters out to Oakland to stay with their unfamiliar mother for the summer. They find themselves alone with a cold mother who, uninterested in them, sends them off to a summer camp run by the Black Panthers. Set in 1968, the civil rights movement is in full swing in Oakland, and Delphine finds that blacks are treated differently than they are in Brooklyn. She does a great deal of growing and learning during this one crazy summer — about family, racial pride, and responsibility.

This excellent book about family, stereotypes, and race relations is a great read for girls and grownups alike. Beautifully written, it is at turns heartbreaking and triumphant. Delphine is a positive female African-American role model for girls. She displays tremendous responsibility and loyalty to her family. Her mother, however, is mean. At one point she tells Delphine that she should have gotten rid of her when she had the chance, but there is no indication that her true meaning is understood. The Black Panthers are portrayed in a positive light, and the reader is educated about some of the charitable community programs they set up.

As one of the positive reviews on Amazon points out, One Crazy Summer makes it clear that the concerns by some suggesting that the subject matter maybe too adult for children are all wrong. Because the book makes it clear that the Black Panthers are just fighting for equality, against racism and the cultural enforces, the White police (Pardon?):

“A few reviewers complain that today’s young people won’t understand the story as well as they could because they’ve never heard of the Black Panthers nor are familiar with some other historical content. But I feel the comments and context make it clear that such references deal with black groups fighting for equality and against being discriminated against by the white establishment and its cultural enforcers, the white police.

So it would seem that some 10 year olds are being force fed propaganda at school. Because instead of teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic some schools would rather push racism, a glossed over version of the Black Panther Party, and anti-police literature.

Mandatory Psychological Exams For Cops?

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 12.53.39 AMAt a recent town hall in Portland, Oregon state rep. Lew Frederick says “One word: Ferguson” and goes on to say “I want to have a regular psychological evaluation of every law enforcement officer” among other things, to a rousing round of applause.

Video courtesy of Daylight Disinfectant:

This is the same Lew Frederick who praised an anti capitalist high school student during a #Ferguson rally.

Separation of Church and State? First Lady To Hold “Off The Record” Call With Faith Leaders


The Progressive left are quick to point out the belief that religion has no place in government. But it seems the First Lady doesn’t mind if the government is in the Church. That is, as long as the Press isn’t there to witness the interaction.

According to an email, Michelle Obama will be holding an  “Off the Record” phone call with faith leaders in order to push Obamacare:

Partnership Center 2(Image Screenshot)

Partnership Center 1(Image Screenshot)

The faith leaders who received the email are members of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships. According to the HHS website the faith leaders in the group aren’t limited to pushing Obamacare on their flock. They are also encouraged to push the First Lady’s Let’s Move Program and the President’s mentoring initiative Fatherhood.

So while Progressives don’t want any part of the “Church” being in Government, as long as it benefits their cause, the White House feels it’s alright if the Government influences the Church. Just as long as the People, and the Press, aren’t there to be a witness.