SHOCK VIDEO>>> CODE PINK Leads Genocidal Chants Against Israel At #AIPAC2015

code pink aipac
Code Pink rallied outside AIPAC2015 today in Washington DC.

Code Pink also led genocidal chants outside AIPAC2015 today:

“From the river to the sea Palestine will be free”
“Judaism Yes. Zionism no! The state of Israel’s got to go!”
“Hitleryahu you will see, Palestine will be free”

The anti-AIPAC protesters waved the Hezbollah flag.

Hezbollah Supporters At Code Pink Protest Against Israel
The Hezbollah protester calls Israel a terrorist regime while defending Iran.

“My Rights Are NOT To Be Questioned!” Cuban Refugee To Gun Grabbers

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 5.39.29 PMThe gun grabbers in Oregon are back at it. While the big bills are yet to be introduced, one of the bills that was heard on February 26th was SB385, which would ban guns in “municipal courthouses.”

On hand to testify against yet another death-by-1000-papercuts bill was Oregon’s freedom defending celebrity and Cuban communism escapee Manny Martinez, who burst onto the scene 2 years ago with his blistering testimony at another hearing.

State Senator Floyd Prozanski, ardent enemy of 2nd Amendment rights, continually interrupts Mr. Martinez, to the point where Martinez is wondering if he should just leave.


University Official: Affordable College Is A Part Of Sustainability (VIDEO)

CSU East Bay (Image Clastateonline)

As the worshipers of Global Warming continue to manipulate and pervert their cause to such an extent that they now claim the warming of the planet is causing the record cold temperatures across the county. There are some who are now claiming that the cure to man-made global warming, Sustainability, includes not only efforts to make clean air and water, but now affordable college tuition.

During a recent interview California State East Bay’s Sustainability Director, Jillian Buckholz, stated that clean air, clean water, and affordable college are all apart of Sustainability:

“Sometimes when you talk to people about Sustainability, Climate Change, it seems like: “yea I think I kinda like that. I think I support that.” ┬áBut sometimes it seems like this big daunting task that what is one person like myself going to do about it?

But when you talk to people and you say, do you want to have clean air to breath, and clean water to drink? And live in a place that is easy to get around and doesn’t create a lot of gases and fumes where you live. And colleges that’s affordable and accessible to everybody. People say: “Yea I want those things.”

“And that is Sustainability.”

Video below (3:50-4:34):

Convicted Teachers Receiving Millions In Pensions

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 2.46.15 AMA new study from the Freedom Foundation in Washington state has uncovered several former teachers who have had their teaching licenses revoked due to things such as child molestation and other sexual abuses are still receiving their pensions.

A total of 22 teachers have hauled in over $5.1 Million in “retirement” during and after their time behind bars.

Republican state Senator Barbara Bailey wants to change that, but Washington Teachers Association representative Kit Raney says she “Would fight it.”

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 2.55.55 AM

Kit Raney, defending sexual predators

Full story at King 5.

(H/T Anne Marie Gurney at Freedom Foundation)

Meet Bloomberg’s Out-Of-State Operatives In Washington

Clockwise from upper right: Meera Bhardwaj, Geoff Potter, Lisa Nikodem, and Emily Parzybok

Clockwise from upper left: Meera Bhardwaj, Geoff Potter, Lisa Nikodem, and Emily Parzybok

Washington has been one of the target states for Bloomberg and his gun control efforts. Using strategies similar to Obama’s Organizing For America, combined with a multi million dollar public relations push, they were able to successfully pass a ballot initiative that would mandate background checks for private firearm transactions (though, by a considerably smaller margin than their initial polling).

So who are the folks working behind the scenes to make this happen? You probably won’t be surprised that many of them are from out of state, shipped in to “organize”.

Meera Bhardwaj, 2012, working on the Obama campaign in North Carolina

Meera Bhardwaj, 2012, working on the Obama campaign in North Carolina

Let’s start off with Meera Bhardwaj. She has been the lead organizer for Everytown/Moms Demand Action in Washington for about a year and a half. She still uses her 402 area code phone number, which is a Nebraska number, which is where she went to college from 2007 to 2010.

From Nebraska, she was dispatched to North Carolina in 2012 to work as a field organizer on the Obama campaign, which she quickly parlayed into a gig with Moms Demand Action shortly after the organization was formed.

Meera Bhardwaj, snapping pictures at a Moms Demand Action event in North Carolina, circa early 2013

Meera Bhardwaj, snapping pictures at a Moms Demand Action event in North Carolina, summer of 2013

At some point in the summer of 2013, as I 594 was launching into full signature gathering mode, Bhardwaj was called up from North Carolina and dispatched to Washington, and promoted to statewide organizer.

At some point between late June and early August, Meera Bhardwaj was dispatched to Washington.

At some point between late June and early August, Meera Bhardwaj was dispatched to Washington.

Meera Bhardwaj blames shootings "weak gun laws" instead of criminals

Meera Bhardwaj blames shootings on “weak gun laws” instead of criminals










She was very active organizing throughout 2014, helping to pass I 594.

As of February 10th, she is still the statewide organizer for Bloomberg.

7Co0pXQI_400x400Geoff Potter is the “Communications Director” for Washington Alliance For Gun Responsibility, which received $2,625,000 from Everytown, MAIG, and a direct contribution from Bloomberg himself in 2014.

Mr. Potter has a history that put him at Syracuse University and Iona College in New York, as well as working for Hillary Clinton’s staff in D.C. when she was a Senator. He operated in Minnesota in 2008, before landing in Seattle, where he bounced around between a few short term gigs and eventually ended up with WAGR.



Lisa HeadshotLisa Nikodem is an “Organizing Manager” for Moms Demand Action in Washington. She has spent time working for PIRG in Eugene, Oregon and Chicago as an organizer and canvass director. While in the windy city, she was a Campaign Director for a group called Environment Illinois. She’s relatively new to Moms Demand Action, as she’s only been working for them in Washington since January. Ironic that someone from the murder capitol of the U.S. comes into another state to lecture them about gun laws.



207003_1642677518575_1585950031_31289095_3539427_nEmily Parzybok is a “Community Relations Manager” for Center For Gun Responsibility, after previously running the Get-Out-The-Vote operation for WAGR in the 2014 election. It looks like she was originally from Washington, but moved to Boston at one point and largely stated out of politics until 2014. After stints in Nambia and Boulder, CO, she ended up back in Washington and went to work for the Bloomberg shill organizations.





At least Cheryl Stumbo, chief petitioner of I 594, is actually from Washington and has lived there for some time. Though. Ms. Stumbo is a marketing expert, like Shannon Watts and Jenn Lynch, so of course she knows how to package up the message and sell it to the masses.

To summarize, regardless of the state you’re in, when you see the MDA/Everytown people in the media and at events, it is highly likely that they are only in your state temporarily, to impose the wishes of their billionaire master, and they will soon be moving on to a different state after their damage is done.