Seriously? This Poster Art Is Considered Racist


A strawberry festival in Ponchatoula, Louisiana, is under fire from the NAACP over the poster that is being used, which depicts 2 dark skinned children with a basket of strawberries.


After meeting with local NAACP officials Wednesday (March 25), the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival announced it would not sell or display its controversial poster at the event April 10-12. The Festival also issued an apology for the poster’s artwork, although it remains the official Festival poster.

Wednesday’s meeting came after social media erupted with a debate about whether the poster, which depicts two black children and was painted by New Orleans artist Kalle Siekkinen, is insensitive or racist.

In an interview with Doug MacCash of | The Times-Picayune, Seikkenen said it did not occur to him people would be offended by the poster, which he saw as an homage to Bill Hemmerling and his Tangipahoa Parish roots.

“I was kind of surprised when I read it,” Seikkenen told MacCash about his reaction to the social media tumult.

I think (to) reach out to those that are hurt and apologize and explain that it’s really not about race, it’s about a feeling that the paintings exude,” he said of the work.

The poster is designed to raise money for the Ponchatoula Kiwanis Club. There were reports this year’s poster has been the best selling one ever and Club President Randy Tomeny did not dispute that.

So if it’s racist to not include people of color in cultural events and media, is it now racist to include them, as well?


  1. ohio granny says

    Racists can always find racism in anything. Would they still claim it is racist if the picture was of a black person and white person? Or what about two whites? Would that then be racist because it had no black?

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  3. Christine Cuneo says

    What the heII is racist about a poster panting with two kids on it holding strawberry’s?

    • holdonmcgroin says

      They’re too black. The girl has those little racists bows in her hair. They look lazy. They look too much like pictures from the Tar Baby stories. Maybe drawn by a white artist. No white child in the picture to prove equality. White clothing is a throwback to slavery days. Red lips make it look like blackface makeup.

      I agree 100% with you, but I can imagine the stretch some warped minds could make to show the poster as racist.

  4. NortonSmitty says

    I agree, Pickaninnies be cute! But I can see where this poster could be a gray area. I can’t see banning it though, it’s tastefully done and all of these festivals go for the old-timey look. Now if it was a watermelon festival….

  5. Jefferson Paine says

    The Left should just cut to the chase: Declare by Executive Action that unauthorized use of the word “black” and/or the color “black” (and those shades close to it) are racist and illegal by dictate and violators will be oppressed and prosecuted by the government.

    • scm11478 says

      The Left/Democrats are the BIGGEST Racists of all.. They’ve ALWAYS been firmly against the peaceful unity of black & white Americans..

      Democrats fought AGAINST the Emancipation Proclamation. Then, it was the Democrats who threatened to turn the National Guard on the Black Civil Rights movement, especially the integration of Schools..

      Once the Left/Democrats realized they could no longer use active, aggressive tactics against black Americans, with their drop in support from more and more White Americans,..they swapped to passive-aggressive tactics.

      The Left/Democrats, seemingly over-night, started hailing themselves as ‘The Party of the Black Voter’, and immediately started pushing the ‘Helpless Victim Mentality’ upon the Black communities, using the Big-Government welfare system as the ‘Shackles of the Modern Age’.

      The Democrats are clearly the biggest supporter of the Welfare System, and it’s by far, their most effective tactic – The more you stay home, and make babies, the bigger your Welfare check becomes. It’s rewarding lack of motivation. The more dependent you become on that welfare check, the less likely you’ll be to attempt to go to school, get an education, and work for your own living, rising above your situation, because the second your income rises even a little, the Government ‘adjusts’ your Welfare check, lowering it. That is why the Welfare System is such an effective tool of oppression..

      So one way, or the other, the Left/Democrats have achieved the same goal they had when fighting against the Emancipation Proclamation, and against the Civil Rights movement. The elite, the rich white people in the Democrat party, have never wanted black Americans to feel ‘equal’ to them..

  6. TJ says

    The word “racist” has very nearly lost all its meaning. When everything is racist, nothing will be. It will be a real shame when there is no longer a way to call out real racism because the meaning has been so diluted.

    Same goes for “sexist”, “misogynist”, “homophobic”, etc. (although, to be fair, homophobic never really had a meaning, it’s a strangely inaccurate term for what the users are attempting to describe.)

  7. magic1114 says

    Those pickaninnies with the NAACP will find racism in anything they look at. It’s best to ignore them like the petulant children that they are…

  8. Guest says

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  9. Roy Mallmann says

    I am sorry that I do not measure up to the PC police standards but I thought it was a great poster and if you think it is “racist” then you are the problem.

  10. Patty says

    picking strawberries must seem to the NAACP like picking cotton and of course the Black boy and Black girl sells it for the NAACP. That is my take on it. Sad, because to others it looks like a very sweet and cute pictures, those who aren’t racist that is.

  11. DocRambo says

    What a sweet poster–faux outrage over the true spirit of the area’s heritage. Obviously outsiders, non-Christian, progressives. When will people stand their ground and tell these unprincipled interlopers to find a life!

  12. A_Nonny_Mouse says

    Yep, it’s racist to notice race. Additionally, it’s racist *NOT* to notice race. It all depends on what particular Narrative-Of-The-Moment our Lib-Prog Race-Baiter Overlords want to advance at a given moment.

    It’s racist that astronauts are 90%+ white. It’s *NOT* racist that basketball players are 90%+ black.

    It’s racist for any white person to use violence of any sort to defend him/herself against a black attacker. It is *NOT* racist for a black person (or a black mob) to violently attack a white person because of the color of his/her skin.

    Whites are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t.

    Persons of Enhanced Melanin are entirely guiltless and justified if they do, and are also entirely guiltless and justified if they don’t.

    SURELY you understand that by now…..

  13. Patrick Keenan says

    The people who see this as racist are the ones who are the racists for they are the ones who see everything through prism of skin color.

  14. Fred Bastiat says

    “So if it’s racist to not include people of color in cultural events and media, is it now racist to include them, as well?”

    Yes, it’s racist, sexist, or any other “ist”, that any other person or group wishes to claim since progressives decided to abolish all meaning for words to support a patchwork ideology of violence. The fruits of that half century worth of language desecration are now being realized.

  15. JoeDrager says

    Everything is racist to these worthless POS if they are not making any money off it.

  16. ShlomoShunn says

    Blacks are upset that the kids on the poster look clean and civilized, well-mannered and friendly.

    The festival folks SHOULD have photographed some hostile-looking pants-below-waist gangbanger sexist males…and a few wide-load twerking illiterate welfare skanks…all robbing white folks selling strawberries.

  17. Christine Barney red2blonde says

    Sweet children & strawberries! God forbid if it was watermelons instead of strawberries! I vomit all over my computer screen every time I read a new complaint or grievance. “That offends me”, “That hurt my feelings”, “I disagree with you therefore you should die a slow & painful death!” PC stands for PRETTY CRAPPY! Someone has said “Racism is an easy allegation for the unscrupulous engaged in character assassination!” Notice the 2 ass in assassination. I know my character better than you do so shut the hell up, find a job or hobby, and stop seeing evil where there isn’t any unless you are looking in the mirror!!

  18. Genesis 11:9 says

    If only someone could explain to these poor folks it’s got nothing to do with the color of their skin. If all they have to do to gain control over something as benign as a strawberry festival is say their “feelings” were hurt by a poster, then the game is over. Welcome to the age of nothing .

  19. alittleunwell says

    You might debate if it’s racist but at the very least it’s offensive. Very offensive.
    If I have to explain to you why then you might be a racist.