Oregon Slavery Senator CAUGHT LYING About Bloomberg Connection

14454616-mmmainAfter making headlines over the weekend regarding his comments on the Supreme Court being right for approving slavery, Oregon state Senator Chuck Riley is in full retreat mode.

They’ve trotted out local media to run damage control, namely a puff piece in the Oregonian. Willamette Week also ran the story, but it was much less biased. Meanwhile, the Senate Republicans released an official statement calling for Senator Riley to be censured.

Now, Senator Riley has stepped up to do an interview with The Truth About Guns. One can at least appreciate Riley’s willingness to engage in dialogue with those opposed to him, unlike many others in the state Senate who haven’t held town halls in over a year and refuse to engage with anyone in the public.

Bloomberg's Moms Demand Action, meeting in Riley's campaign HQ

Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action, meeting in Riley’s campaign HQ

In the TTAG interview, Riley says “For the record, I am opposed to slavery,” and he goes to further explain his stance on the Supreme Court and their decisions. As the interview wore on, he claims he wasn’t familiar with Michael Bloomberg’s statements on keeping guns out of the hands of minorities. Furthermore, he says he didn’t know Everytown was one of Bloomberg’s operations. “I want to distance myself from Bloomberg. When Everytown came and contributed money I didn’t realize they were associated with him.”



Moms Demand Action's old event page, promoting their canvassing effort for Riley

Moms Demand Action’s old event page, promoting their canvassing effort for Riley

This is the first time he claimed he didn’t know this, and he has publicly spoken about it several times in the past, including at the town hall where the slavery video was filmed.

How on earth could he NOT know Everytown was funded and run by Michael Bloomberg? Either Riley is lying or he failed to do his due diligence and didn’t bother to learn anything about an organization giving $75,000 to his campaign.

Not only did Bloomberg donate a large sum of money to his campaign, but they also endorsed him on their page. To top it all off, Moms Demand Action canvassed for him at least 3 times as the election grew near, and used his campaign headquarters to organize.

In fact, Bloomberg’s top lobbyist, Margaret Rohlfing, reported an “independent expenditure” made out to the Riley campaign for $3,859.06.


Moms Demand Action held at least 3 canvass walks for Riley

Moms Demand Action held at least 3 canvass walks for Riley

On top of that, the Oregonian ran an article on September 30th and KOIN 6 ran a similar story on October 9th, after the first round of contributions were filed, and directly pointed out Bloomberg’s involvement with Everytown and the Riley campaign. Other news sources, such as GoLocalPDX, also reported similar things. Even national outlets Breitbart and Washington Times reported Michael Bloomberg’s to Chuck Riley.

So in addition to slavery, the question now begs is Chuck Riley lying to everyone, claiming he didn’t know these groups were associated with Bloomberg, or is he completely oblivious to reality, doesn’t vet his volunteers, doesn’t investigate special interest groups that donate to him and supply volunteers, and does he not bother to crack open a newspaper or watch any news?

Artwork Critical Of Obama Displayed On Nation’s Most Liberal Campus

While it can easily be said that Libertarians and Conservatives have the thinkers, there is no doubt that Liberals have the artists. In fact, it has long been conceded by people on both sides of the aisle that the left owns art, especially the world of political protest art.

If you need proof of this, think back to the early 2000’s when you couldn’t turn on the television or go online without encountering some vapid painting or slam poem made with the intention of criticizing the Bush Administration. Think of all the artists and activists that tried to crucify Bush over his foreign policy that have fallen mysteriously silent now that their candidate is in charge.

It was this hypocrisy on the part of leftist artists that inspired Boulder based photographer Patrick Waters to create a series of images that attempts to break Liberal’s stranglehold on political art.


Mainstream Media

Mainstream Media

By combining surrealist imagery with the bite of H.L. Mencken style political satire, Waters is able to strip away the pomp and circumstance of American politics in order to reveal the sordid underbelly of D.C. and its leaders.



What is most shocking about Waters’ photos is not their subject matter, but the fact that they were displayed at one of the country’s most liberal campuses. Last March, Waters’ images were prominently displayed at a gallery in the middle of The University of Colorado at Boulder, a school infamous for having only one Conservative academic.



In an interview with The Gateway Pundit, Waters said that he was worried that his photos would be vandalized or that he might be academically persecuted for his views. Thankfully, this was not the case.

While Waters’ images are strange and sometimes abrasive, it is nonetheless important to seek out and foster creative political voices outside of the left. It is high time that Conservatives and Libertarians reject the notion that only those on the left are able to make artistic criticisms about politics and reclaim culture.

Water’s full series can be viewed online here. You can also support Waters’ by following him on Faecbook here and can order prints by contacting [email protected].



Are You A Good Citizen?: China To Issue Its People A “Social Rating” Based On Collection Of Big Data

Commie Chinese(Image asianculture.com)

The collection of big data by governments is one of the largest threats to liberty the people of the world have ever faced (Even if they don’t realize it). But thanks to the Chinese Communists, the citizens of China are about to experience why.

The International Business Times reports that the Communist Chinese are about to embark on a giant social engineering program in the hopes of shaping the perfect Chinese citizen. The Chinese government is set to issue its citizens “Social Ratings” based upon all of the data they collect via their credit rating, criminal record, and social media behavior:

“How good a citizen are you? China hopes to answer that question for every one of its citizens with a numerical rating system based on their financial standing, criminal record and social media behavior. A new translation of the government’s plans for a so-called social credit system sheds light on how China aims to utilize “Big Data” to hold all citizens accountable for financial decisions as well as moral choices.

“China’s plans to roll out a citizen rating system has been in the works for years. Rogier Creemers, a China expert at Oxford University, recently published a translation of a document circulated through various levels of government detailing the six-year rollout of the program. According to a State Council notice, the central government hopes to have every adult in China assigned a credit code in addition to a government-issued identity card by 2020.

“Accelerating the construction of a social credit system is an important basis for comprehensively implementing the scientific development view and building a harmonious Socialist society,” the memo reads, adding that it has “important significance for strengthening the sincerity consciousness of the members of society.” The “guiding ideology,” the name of a subsection in the memo, states that a key principle of the system is “government promotion.”

While using financial, Internet and other data to evaluate individuals is not a new phenomenon, China will likely be the first nation to do it publicly and have the systematization and rationalization for doing so down to a numerical index. In an interview with Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant, Creemers draws similarities to the former East German system but says the Chinese are taking it even further.

“The German aim was limited to avoiding a revolt against the regime. The Chinese aim is far more ambitious: It is clearly an attempt to create a new citizen,” Creemers said in the interview, explaining that the program will incentivize specific behavior. “This is a deliberate effort by the Chinese government to promote among citizens ‘socialist core values’ such as patriotism, respecting the elderly, working hard and avoiding extravagant consumption.”

According to the same article, a similar secret program in the United States was exposed by CIA whistle blower Edward Snowden.

Anti Gun U.S. Attorney Resigns Amid Scandal

102612_amandamarshallAfter taking an “indefinite leave of absence” in March, Oregon U.S. Attorney Amanda Marshall has announced that she will be resigning on May 15th, citing mental health issues after a scandal broke involving her bizarre behavior with a prosecutor.

Per The Oregonian:

Marshall fell under an internal review in March by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General for what has been described as erratic behavior involving a subordinate. Sources told The Oregonian/OregonLive that she had constantly texted and emailed Assistant U.S. Attorney Scott M. Kerin, at one point admonishing him for spending too much time with a woman who was not his wife.

Marshall, who declined to offer a comment about her decision to resign, had previously said through her attorney that she suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. She noted in an email to her entire staff that she had mixed emotions about leaving.

“There is no question that a job like this takes a mental and physical toll on all who serve,” she wrote. “Unfortunately I am no exception. Though I did seek and obtain treatment beginning last year, it was not sufficient. I take full responsibility for letting my health issues in any way impact my work as U.S. Attorney.

“For that I truly apologize to you, my colleagues.  While I cherish each one of you and the work we have done, I need to make my health and my family my priority.”

Marshall, appointed by President Barack Obama, took office on Oct. 7, 2011, and by all accounts relished the job, writing to her staff that she took pride in the work they had accomplished.

However, due to personal health concerns, it has become clear to me that I am no longer able to serve as U.S. Attorney in the manner that the office and the people of our great state deserve,” she wrote. “I sincerely regret my inability to finish out my term.”

Other news sources, such as Willamette Week, take the accusations of misconduct even further and report that Marshall was “stalking” Kerin.

You may remember Marshall from a previous article, where she participated in a Gabby Giffords sponsored PR fluff session, and openly called for more restrictive gun laws and said county sheriffs need to “dispossess” people of guns. She, and others, made fun of gun owners, called for registration, and conspired to overturn state police policies to make gun records available to the public and the feds.

File this one under another case of psychological projection, where they project their own mental inadequacies onto others, and assume that everyone else is just as mentally ill as they are.

Ceasefire Oregon Is Getting Lambasted On YouTube

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 5.35.07 PMPenny Okamoto is the director of Ceasefire Oregon, the gun control organization that has been lobbying for years for more restrictive gun laws in Oregon. Mrs. Okamoto loves to gives presentations to other groups throughout the state. Unfortunately, a lot of folks buy into her hysteria. Fortunately, several videos have recently been uncovered of her delusional blatherings, which have made for excellent YouTube fodder.


In this first video, she says the U.S.A.’s high rate of gun ownership is like living “in a country with mosquitoes, you gotta worry about malaria.”

As the “universal background check” bill works its way through the state legislature, one gentleman in the crowd asks her about an example of him wanting to sell a gun to a friend. She advises him to break the law, should the bill pass, and to sell the gun without going through the background check.

She also says that criminals just go to the black market to get guns, thus negating the background check law that her organization has spent years pushing for.

Those are just some of the videos. I’ll spare you a slew of embedded videos, and just post the links with titling (Yes, each one seems more and more ridiculous than the previous):

“If You’re Hunting Humans, Unlimited Bullets” Ceasfire Oregon Contradictions
Penny Okamoto Fumbles Through Background Check Process Explanation
Penny Okamoto Laments Lack Of Gun Registration, Licenses, Permits
Penny Okamoto Calls Oregon Firearms Federation Disrespectful & Misogynistic
Penny Okamoto Wants Mandatory Gun Owner Insurance
Penny Okamoto Says Ceasefire Oregon Is “In The Middle” On Gun Debate
Penny Okamoto Wants TWO Round Magazine Capacity Limit
Ceasefire Oregon Admits Gun Controls, Gun Free Zones Don’t Work
Penny Okamoto On “Vigilante Justice”
“Can We Please Just Be Shot At With 10 Bullets At Once?” Penny Okamoto’s Deranged Rantings
“What Worries The NRA” By Penny Okamoto
Penny Okamoto Makes Fun Of Constitution, Churches
Penny Okamoto: “30 Round Weapons” & “Large Capacity Ammunition”, Blames NRA For Tucson Shooting
Penny Okamoto Admits “Child Access Prevention” Law Would NOT Have Stopped Reynolds H.S. Shooting
Penny Okamoto Says Troops Modify Their Weapons & Bring Them Back Home
Penny Okamoto Would Run 1000 Guns Illegally
Penny Okamoto Says Big Guns Are Scary

2nd Update: New Crowd Funding Page For Bakery

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 1.29.20 PM
The saga and drama surrounding Sweet Cakes By Melissa has taken yet another turn. They have set up another crowd funding page at http://www.samaritanspurse.org/article/christian-couple-faces-135000-fine/, after GoFundMe canceled their previous page.
The new page reads:

Aaron and Melissa Klein ran a small bakery called “Sweet Cakes by Melissa” for seven years in Gresham, Oregon, but had to shut down their store in 2013 after Rachel Cryer and Laurel Bowman filed a civil rights complaint against them. Administrative judge Alan McCullough ruled Friday that the funds will go to Cryer and Bowman for “emotional, mental, and physical suffering.”

Samaritan’s Purse is raising funds to help the Kleins pay their fine and meet other expenses. “They have taken a stand for the Word of God, and they should not have to stand alone,” Samaritan’s Purse President Franklin Graham said. “I believe that Christians across our nation will rally around Aaron and Melissa and their five children.

You can keep up with the latest by liking their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sweet-Cakes-by-Melissa/

Democrat Senator Says Slavery Was “Right For The Time”

vlcsnap-2015-04-26-13h39m39s65At a recent constituent coffee town hall, Oregon state Senator Chuck Riley took heat from pro gun folks who were upset with his vote for the “universal background check” bill. Riley attempted to defend this in numerous different ways, including referencing Supreme Court decisions. When one citizen asked him about the Supreme Court upholding slavery back in the 1800s, Riley said “They were right for the time”.

But that wasn’t the end of it. When asked how he or anyone would know if two people were breaking the new background check law by doing a transaction in their home, be it 2 legal citizens or 2 criminals, Riley said there would be no way to know that the law was being broken. One of his staffers, Melissa Walton Hendricks, chimes in and says that the seller would be responsible if the gun were used in a crime. But when asked how anyone know who the previous owner is, she had no answer. Another woman says we need registration and more gun control to stop things like the Clackamas shooting and Sandy Hook, but then says that registration and “universal background checks” wouldn’t have stopped those criminals from stealing guns and using them to kill people.

He continued to get hammered over and over, as fed up citizens let him have it, and he basically ignores all stats that show states with these laws have more homicide and violent crime than Oregon currently has. So why is Chuck Riley following the path of more dangerous states, such as California? Give him a call at (503) 986-1715 and ask him.

Senator Riley previously served 2 terms as a state representative, lost a race for state senate in 2010 to Bruce Starr, then won the rematch in 2014. Riley was the beneficiary of $85,000 from the civil rights prohibitionist lobby, which included $75,000 from Bloomberg’s Everytown For Gun Safety and $10,000 from the Brady Campaign.

Stanford University Official: Climate Change Must Be Taught In Schools Or Kids “May Lose Their Faith In All Science”

CostaNew York City Council Member Costa Constantinides (center) announcing his support for Res. 375 on Earth Day 2015. (Image Facebook)

Regardless of what President Obama and his Climate minions say, the “science” of Climate Change is anything but settled. When one takes into account the fact that the “97% of all scientists believe in Climate Change” claim was fabricated and combine it with the fact that the IPCC has been manufacturing “evidence” of Climate Change for years, it is only logical for reasonable people to believe that man-made Global Warming/Climate Change is a hoax.

But if you’re a Director at Stanford University Climate Change is not only real, it’s something which should be taught in schools before kids begin to ignore science in general.

According to an article on the New York City Lens, New York City Council Member Costa Constantinides came out on Earth Day to support Resolution 375 which would force Climate Change indoctrination into New York City schools.

The New York Lens then interviewed Jennifer Saltzman, Director of outreach education at Stanford University’s school of earth, energy, and environmental sciences. to get her opinion on Council Member Constantinides move to force Climate Change into the classroom. Director Saltzman stated that it’s not only important, but if it’s not done students may lose their faith in all science.

“Kindergarten through twelfth-grade students across the state could be learning about climate change in classrooms in coming years if an upcoming resolution passes a hearing and a vote.

“City Council Member Costa Constantinides is leading a resolution to make it mandatory for climate change to be included in K-12 education in New York. He and supporters from Global Kids met on the front steps of Manhattan’s city hall April 22 to raise awareness of their effort.

…”A government official pushing for a topic to be included in school curriculum is fairly unusual, said Jennifer Saltzman, director of outreach education at Stanford University’s school of earth, energy, and environmental sciences. Usually school boards are the proponents of curriculum changes.

Climate change, she points out, is highly politicized. Still, she believes integrating climate change into the curriculum is necessary.

“We know are students are not blank slates when they walk into the classroom,” Saltzman said. “They come from homes and communities and have heard of this thing called climate change. For some that means they want to learn more, and for others it means they don’t believe anything and may lose their faith in all science.”

Top scientists are now investigating the altered data claiming Climate Change is real.

One can only hope the real truth finally comes out.

Before the word “science” is so abused by the Progressive greenies that we will be forced to invent a new word the kids won’t lose faith in….

GoFundMe Cancels Bakery’s Funding Page

The Klein family

The Klein family

Sweet Cakes By Melissa, the bakery being sued by a lesbian couple who were denied a wedding a cake, has had their gofundme page shut down. The page was started to raise funds to cover the $135,000 that was awarded to the lesbians by an “administrative law judge”. Late Friday night, gofundme shut down the page after $109,000 was raised.

From GoLocalPDX:

Lisa Watson, of Cupcake Jones, started her own campaign to contact GoFundMe and report the campaign as being in violation of their terms of service. Watson’s own post on Facebook stated, “this business has been found GUILTY OF DISCRIMINATION and is being allowed to fundraise to pay their penalty. The gofundme terms of service address hate speech, bigotry, criminal activity, and sexism among other things in their campaign…The amount of money they have raised in a matter of a few hours by thousands of anonymous cowards is disgusting.”

Late on Friday GoFundMe stopped the Sweet Cakes campaign. Via GoFundMe: “After careful review by our team, we have found the “Support Sweet Cakes By Melissa” campaign to be in violation of our Terms and Conditions. The money raised thus far will still be made available for withdrawal. While a different campaign was recently permitted for a pizzeria in Indiana, no laws were violated and the campaign remained live. However, the subjects of the “Support Sweet Cakes By Melissa” campaign have been formally charged by local authorities and found to be in violation of Oregon state law concerning discriminatory acts. Accordingly, the campaign has been disabled.”

UPDATE: The family has set up a new crowd funding page, http://www.samaritanspurse.org/article/christian-couple-faces-135000-fine/.

Bakery Ordered To Pay $135,000 To Lesbian Couple


The trials and tribulations for Sweet Cakes By Melissa continue. You may recall that this is the Oregon bakery that refused to bake a cake for a lesbian couple’s wedding. Since then, they’ve been on the receiving end of protests, hit piece articles, and a lawsuit.

The Klein family

The Klein family

The Oregonian reports:

The lesbian couple turned away by a Gresham bakery that refused to make them a wedding cake for religious reasons should receive $135,000 in damages for their emotional suffering, a state hearings officer says.

Rachel Bowman-Cryer should collect $75,000 and her wife, Laurel Bowman-Cryer, $60,000 from the owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, an administrative law judge for the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries said in a proposed order released Friday, April 24.

“This is a proposed order and we view this matter as continuing to be active litigation,” Paul Thompson, a lawyer for the Bowman-Cryers, said.

Anna Harmon, one of three attorneys representing Aaron and Melissa Klein, said, “It’s a shocking result and it shows the state’s relentless campaign to punish Oregonians who live and work according to their faith.”

“The important thing to realize is this,” she added, “This is real money that Aaron and Melissa are going to have to pay that otherwise would be used to pay their mortgage and feed their kids.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the Klein family at http://www.gofundme.com/su4cxqe6 .

You can reach “Administrative Law Judge” Alan McCullough at (541) 686-7510.