Anti Gun U.S. Attorney Resigns Amid Scandal

102612_amandamarshallAfter taking an “indefinite leave of absence” in March, Oregon U.S. Attorney Amanda Marshall has announced that she will be resigning on May 15th, citing mental health issues after a scandal broke involving her bizarre behavior with a prosecutor.

Per The Oregonian:

Marshall fell under an internal review in March by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General for what has been described as erratic behavior involving a subordinate. Sources told The Oregonian/OregonLive that she had constantly texted and emailed Assistant U.S. Attorney Scott M. Kerin, at one point admonishing him for spending too much time with a woman who was not his wife.

Marshall, who declined to offer a comment about her decision to resign, had previously said through her attorney that she suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. She noted in an email to her entire staff that she had mixed emotions about leaving.

“There is no question that a job like this takes a mental and physical toll on all who serve,” she wrote. “Unfortunately I am no exception. Though I did seek and obtain treatment beginning last year, it was not sufficient. I take full responsibility for letting my health issues in any way impact my work as U.S. Attorney.

“For that I truly apologize to you, my colleagues.  While I cherish each one of you and the work we have done, I need to make my health and my family my priority.”

Marshall, appointed by President Barack Obama, took office on Oct. 7, 2011, and by all accounts relished the job, writing to her staff that she took pride in the work they had accomplished.

However, due to personal health concerns, it has become clear to me that I am no longer able to serve as U.S. Attorney in the manner that the office and the people of our great state deserve,” she wrote. “I sincerely regret my inability to finish out my term.”

Other news sources, such as Willamette Week, take the accusations of misconduct even further and report that Marshall was “stalking” Kerin.

You may remember Marshall from a previous article, where she participated in a Gabby Giffords sponsored PR fluff session, and openly called for more restrictive gun laws and said county sheriffs need to “dispossess” people of guns. She, and others, made fun of gun owners, called for registration, and conspired to overturn state police policies to make gun records available to the public and the feds.

File this one under another case of psychological projection, where they project their own mental inadequacies onto others, and assume that everyone else is just as mentally ill as they are.


  1. NotKennedy says

    There’s always title search, abstracts, real estate settlement and some gentle family law stuff she might be better suited for. Hell, she could be a Social Security disability hustler and work on commission.

  2. Fred Marsico says

    The is only one valid gun law in America and it’s called the Second Article of Amendment!

  3. Ladvized says

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  4. Sam Green says

    “Marshall, appointed by President Barack Obama”

    The way President Obama is defying the will of the people and instead put twisted anti gun nut jobs like this just shows how screwed up his administration is to begin with.

    With that said, I praise President Obama for trying to get those two hostages back last week, I give him credit for that but his anti gun and rubbing noses with the Ayatollah, cannot be good for America, much less the planet itself.

  5. alpha_protagonist says

    PTSD sounds like a bullsh*t excuse for some other mental problem(s). Anti-gun? I say drop her lame arse off on Baltimore streets without a gun and let her fend herself off with her craziness and see if that works…

  6. Carol Gulick Chandler says

    It is so ironic that, without any intervention, the Second Amendment prevailed in this situation.

  7. flyr says

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ?

    Living the soft safe life as an attorney living of the taxpayer.

    The very use of the term PTSD by a pampered and protected attorney is beyond outrageous in light of its comparison with those who have served our nation in combat around the world, living in the most primitive conditions, constantly under threat of attack, holding the shattered bodies of his companions while continuing to fight .

    The failure of the press to react to this outrage speaks to their isolation from reality.

    • obloodyhell says

      This is not the only source of PTSD — it can be from many sorts of trauma, including substantial physical abuse by parents or “significant others” — but as she declines to indicate the source, and the article journalist fails to bother to investigate the claim, I’m far, far more inclined to cough “B**Lsh**!!” repeatedly, as you appear to be doing.

      • flyr says

        It’s just a crazed , self centered angry bitch

        we seem to have quite a few of them in high places these days while the press disses women like Condi Rice whose achievements and talents are not soured by selfish crazed behavior and enemies lists.

  8. jharry3 says

    The author got it right: “…they project their own mental inadequacies onto others, and assume that everyone else is just as mentally ill as they are.” When I was active politically I used to run into these whacko’s all the time. Oh, from some of the comments I am reading some of you think the 2nd Amendment gives you the right to keep and bear arms. It does not. The premise of the Bill of Rights is we are endowed by our Creator with all those rights – we are born with them and the rights cannot be taken away by erasing a sentence on a piece of paper.

  9. Doc Swoop says

    this is the cover story for something that will be coming out later. she got caught and this will be her excuse.