Democrat Senator Says Slavery Was “Right For The Time”

vlcsnap-2015-04-26-13h39m39s65At a recent constituent coffee town hall, Oregon state Senator Chuck Riley took heat from pro gun folks who were upset with his vote for the “universal background check” bill. Riley attempted to defend this in numerous different ways, including referencing Supreme Court decisions. When one citizen asked him about the Supreme Court upholding slavery back in the 1800s, Riley said “They were right for the time”.

But that wasn’t the end of it. When asked how he or anyone would know if two people were breaking the new background check law by doing a transaction in their home, be it 2 legal citizens or 2 criminals, Riley said there would be no way to know that the law was being broken. One of his staffers, Melissa Walton Hendricks, chimes in and says that the seller would be responsible if the gun were used in a crime. But when asked how anyone know who the previous owner is, she had no answer. Another woman says we need registration and more gun control to stop things like the Clackamas shooting and Sandy Hook, but then says that registration and “universal background checks” wouldn’t have stopped those criminals from stealing guns and using them to kill people.

He continued to get hammered over and over, as fed up citizens let him have it, and he basically ignores all stats that show states with these laws have more homicide and violent crime than Oregon currently has. So why is Chuck Riley following the path of more dangerous states, such as California? Give him a call at (503) 986-1715 and ask him.

Senator Riley previously served 2 terms as a state representative, lost a race for state senate in 2010 to Bruce Starr, then won the rematch in 2014. Riley was the beneficiary of $85,000 from the civil rights prohibitionist lobby, which included $75,000 from Bloomberg’s Everytown For Gun Safety and $10,000 from the Brady Campaign.


  1. NotKennedy says

    Slavery has been around for quite a long time… some folks even know about Moses leading the Jews out of bondage, from Egypt… and several other occasions where races, cultures, and societies have been relegated to servile circumstances. Democracy should prevent that from happening in the US. But, if won’t. The libs want to become servants and dependents of a central government.

    • Laughing At Liberals says

      “Democracy” is exactly how people get enslaved. Good thing we don’t live in a “democracy”!

      • warpmine says

        At least we’re not supposed to but reality says otherwise. “Mob rules” mentality is here and it’s been institutionalized by the progtards in the nation’s schools.

  2. JaggedBite says

    Riley’s pants smell of decomposing organic matter. He can’t justify his vote directly so he deflects to a strawman argument on slavery to give himself some breathing room from detractors. Just another Progressive who’s logic says his election gives him unquestioned authority to sellout his fellow citizens rights because he is willing to give up his rights.

  3. obamagonian says

    He got some of the commie Bloomberg money to attack the 2nd amendment. see the new world order is not compatible with your constitutional rights so you are just going to have to give them up.

  4. BoobieTheRocketDog says

    Whoa! Got my attention with “Senator Says Slavery Was ‘Right For The Time,'” then changed the argument upon finding out that people agree with that? There are many who believe that Lincoln made a huge mistake, the latest evidence of which is in the recent headlines out of Baltimore.

  5. Ladvized says

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  6. Atlas Shrugged says

    The KKK was founded by the Democrats so no surprise that they support slavery.

  7. Anamah says

    There they come again! Look at that dishonest sober Killary moves. She wants the presidency!!! Non ethical or a shred of remorse… These are really pathological sociopaths, Saul Alinsky clones… to destroy and kill all our children future.
    These thugs giving us lessons of whatever they think could distract us from see what are they trying to achieve.
    We are at risk folks, better to recognize it…we are under assault .