GoFundMe Cancels Bakery’s Funding Page

The Klein family

The Klein family

Sweet Cakes By Melissa, the bakery being sued by a lesbian couple who were denied a wedding a cake, has had their gofundme page shut down. The page was started to raise funds to cover the $135,000 that was awarded to the lesbians by an “administrative law judge”. Late Friday night, gofundme shut down the page after $109,000 was raised.

From GoLocalPDX:

Lisa Watson, of Cupcake Jones, started her own campaign to contact GoFundMe and report the campaign as being in violation of their terms of service. Watson’s own post on Facebook stated, “this business has been found GUILTY OF DISCRIMINATION and is being allowed to fundraise to pay their penalty. The gofundme terms of service address hate speech, bigotry, criminal activity, and sexism among other things in their campaign…The amount of money they have raised in a matter of a few hours by thousands of anonymous cowards is disgusting.”

Late on Friday GoFundMe stopped the Sweet Cakes campaign. Via GoFundMe: “After careful review by our team, we have found the “Support Sweet Cakes By Melissa” campaign to be in violation of our Terms and Conditions. The money raised thus far will still be made available for withdrawal. While a different campaign was recently permitted for a pizzeria in Indiana, no laws were violated and the campaign remained live. However, the subjects of the “Support Sweet Cakes By Melissa” campaign have been formally charged by local authorities and found to be in violation of Oregon state law concerning discriminatory acts. Accordingly, the campaign has been disabled.”

UPDATE: The family has set up a new crowd funding page, http://www.samaritanspurse.org/article/christian-couple-faces-135000-fine/.


  1. Bill Smith2 says

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    • BluesDude says

      From my own experience in this matter, I found it to be an easier transition to just become a little dinghy first. But I wish you the best, and welcome you into the Subhood.

  2. PTripp says

    The ‘Gaystapo’ is starting to get the ire of law abiding Christians and Patriots that believe in the original intent of the Constitution. Normally we wouldn’t care what the LGBT ‘community’ does behind closed doors. Shoving their lifestyle choices down out throats and demanding special privileges is wrong. One of the tenets of the Freedom we used to enjoy in the United States is that Citizens have the Freedom and Liberty to make their own choices in the ‘pursuit of happiness’ PROVIDED they do not infringe on anyone else’s Rights.

    Nuisance lawsuits like this are infringements on the Rights of the non-LGBT majority.

    Sooner or later this nonsense is going to backfire on the activists as more people who didn’t care what they do get fed up and start fighting back to protect their own Rights. Don’t wake the sleeping lions.

  3. Huge Angry Cracker says

    I’ze bees a negroe trappified in a honkey white man’s boddy. I’ze gonna puts me on a afrow wig, puts me sum brown shoo pollish on mah skinn, and den I cans use da word “N*gga” an gits on welfaire like muh brothuz.

    den I cans soo every honkey fo’ diss-crim-a-nayshun.

  4. Jeff UnnecessaryInfo says

    I find it interesting that Lisa Watson felt the need to report the funding campaign. She happens to be a direct competitor in the same market as Sweet Cakes by Melissa. I find Lisa’s objection to be just a tad disingenuous. Yes, she’s been active in the promotion of Gay marriage, but it doesn’t hurt to help destroy your competitor in business either. I hope that the local Christian community will show Cupcake Jones the same love they’ve shown to us.

  5. Benita Bylicki Marzion says

    Now gofundme is taking sides bowing down to the LGBTQ political pundits, while Christians are discriminated by the government paying unreasonable fines set on destroying them and their families and homes, bank accounts and assets. The fine is excessive and is not justice, civil rights or equality, it is revenge by the state and federal govt to let them bully good decent people with the immorality of the LGBTQ. The fine which is wrong to begin with, should be the price of the wedding cake, nothing more. The LGBTQ is nothing more than a public lobby for the financial raping of those who do not stand up and agree with their beliefs.

    • ohio granny says

      The whole point of the progressive movement is to destroy the Christian Church. Seems they have a good start what with the Episcopalian Church and to a lesser extent the Presbyterian Church have already caved to the gay movement.

      • obloodyhell says

        The whole point of the progressive movement is to destroy the Christian Church all of western civilization.

        You were sort of underestimating their target… Fixt it fer ya.

      • Benita Bylicki Marzion says

        Oh and by the way, to much is at stake for the SCOTUS to redefine marriage, and grant national marriage of the same sex, maybe in another 20 years or so when they have succeeded in brainwashing our youth and everyone else, but doubt it will happen. Have a great day!
        Like I said below, I don’t have to get used to it, I will not accept it, nor will I ever participate in it. I am retired, don’t own a business, and I know clergy and priests that will go to jail and prison before they will ever allow it in their churches. In our church you must be born into our faith, or converted to it. There is no clergy in our church who will baptize, convert, marry a person of the same sex.

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  7. 9eyedeel says

    I find it unattractive how gofundme and google et cetera know right from wrong AS IF THEY WERE ACTUAL POPES and don’t hesitate to talk down to their customers and save us from ourselves …perhaps they will be supplanted by less arrogant competitors with otherwise-similar business models

  8. says

    it seems that the lesbians are discriminating—why is ok for them to discriminate ? put on yer big gal panties Or boxers and go to another bakery–what kind of example are you guys to ANYONE? I hope that you never have children-they will be the ones who if they want someone elses toy-and they don’t get it–they will sue and throw a stomping fit. grow up gals–not everyone has to agree with the way YOU want to live, just as you don’t have to agree with the way others want to live. I guess you think that you are making a point–well, YES you are—you are making all gays look like angry fools. shame on you for that.

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  10. obloodyhell says

    Offhand, I would probably never have bothered to give anything to these people, but trying to shut down a voluntary funding operation offends me intensely. So I donated.

    I also sent a nastygram to GoFundMe, and strongly recommend everyone do that, at the least