Oregon Slavery Senator CAUGHT LYING About Bloomberg Connection

14454616-mmmainAfter making headlines over the weekend regarding his comments on the Supreme Court being right for approving slavery, Oregon state Senator Chuck Riley is in full retreat mode.

They’ve trotted out local media to run damage control, namely a puff piece in the Oregonian. Willamette Week also ran the story, but it was much less biased. Meanwhile, the Senate Republicans released an official statement calling for Senator Riley to be censured.

Now, Senator Riley has stepped up to do an interview with The Truth About Guns. One can at least appreciate Riley’s willingness to engage in dialogue with those opposed to him, unlike many others in the state Senate who haven’t held town halls in over a year and refuse to engage with anyone in the public.

Bloomberg's Moms Demand Action, meeting in Riley's campaign HQ

Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action, meeting in Riley’s campaign HQ

In the TTAG interview, Riley says “For the record, I am opposed to slavery,” and he goes to further explain his stance on the Supreme Court and their decisions. As the interview wore on, he claims he wasn’t familiar with Michael Bloomberg’s statements on keeping guns out of the hands of minorities. Furthermore, he says he didn’t know Everytown was one of Bloomberg’s operations. “I want to distance myself from Bloomberg. When Everytown came and contributed money I didn’t realize they were associated with him.”



Moms Demand Action's old event page, promoting their canvassing effort for Riley

Moms Demand Action’s old event page, promoting their canvassing effort for Riley

This is the first time he claimed he didn’t know this, and he has publicly spoken about it several times in the past, including at the town hall where the slavery video was filmed.

How on earth could he NOT know Everytown was funded and run by Michael Bloomberg? Either Riley is lying or he failed to do his due diligence and didn’t bother to learn anything about an organization giving $75,000 to his campaign.

Not only did Bloomberg donate a large sum of money to his campaign, but they also endorsed him on their page. To top it all off, Moms Demand Action canvassed for him at least 3 times as the election grew near, and used his campaign headquarters to organize.

In fact, Bloomberg’s top lobbyist, Margaret Rohlfing, reported an “independent expenditure” made out to the Riley campaign for $3,859.06.


Moms Demand Action held at least 3 canvass walks for Riley

Moms Demand Action held at least 3 canvass walks for Riley

On top of that, the Oregonian ran an article on September 30th and KOIN 6 ran a similar story on October 9th, after the first round of contributions were filed, and directly pointed out Bloomberg’s involvement with Everytown and the Riley campaign. Other news sources, such as GoLocalPDX, also reported similar things. Even national outlets Breitbart and Washington Times reported Michael Bloomberg’s to Chuck Riley.

So in addition to slavery, the question now begs is Chuck Riley lying to everyone, claiming he didn’t know these groups were associated with Bloomberg, or is he completely oblivious to reality, doesn’t vet his volunteers, doesn’t investigate special interest groups that donate to him and supply volunteers, and does he not bother to crack open a newspaper or watch any news?


  1. skeezix says

    Reminds me of the age old question ” How can you tell if a politician is lying?”……… We all know the answer.

  2. PTripp says

    He’s a Gruber Politician – low-information – and counts on his constituency to stop reading once they see the (D) after his name. Due diligence and vetting volunteers is too hard to spell, let alone do.

    I’ll give him the point that he was misunderstood on his slavery remarks and it was a bit out of context in some reports, yet he said what he said.

    Playing dumb on Bloomberg is just pushing it too far. I’d be shocked if someone from MDA and/or Everytown didn’t namedrop Bloomberg. His backing is a huge selling point to gun banners. The mention of his name alone gives them delirious dreams of bottomless PACs and armies of volunteers bused in if needed. I’d be surprised if Bloomberg didn’t at least call and vet him before signing checks….

    Censoring him is practically useless. A recall petition is real action.

  3. Jimmy Dean says

    Hey what is your source for the $75,000 number both your links only say $22,000?
    I emailed you guys about this and tweeted, can you let me know? I want to use this statistic but obviously I need to be confident that it’s true.

  4. Jimmy Dean says

  5. SWohio says

    Where in this article did it admit he was a (D)? I couldn’t find it – color me shocked and surprised!

  6. nicephotog says

    This cartoon is the essential Australian truth of gun control post 1996 !


    By technicality of creed, “all USA citizens” whom enter Britain or Britain’s Commonwealth are criminals !!! This is because they believe contrary to a law of British “federal offense” level being US citizens allow murder by shooting down thieves as a legal self decided action.
    In effect to be criminalised in Britain or its commonwealths does not require being charged and convicted only “known of” !!!!

    THIS IS THE WRONG ANGLE AT “MASSACRE CONTROL” FOLLOWING IS NOT A FIX: ….”The panel also offered some new recommendations, such as requiring serial numbers to be etched on shell casings for ammunition; requiring any person seeking a license to sell, purchase or carry a firearm to pass a suitability screening test; and to allow — at a judge’s discretion — the opportunity to temporarily remove firearms, ammunition and right-to-carry permits from a subject of a restraining order or civil protection order”….

    1. Murder Suicide ( *Public / Private)
    2. Victim Indiscriminate Public Attack


    Some standard Compound screening protection procedures…
    1.With a school such as Newtown Sandy Hook, there was no fence(smallest pupils can climb in or out with mild difficulty at worst) around the school allowing implied representation and signifying adherence to “approach” and “leave” “correct protocol”, and thus some screening fence, official entrances, and paths.



    The following link article, is “NOT THE TYPE OF FENCE TO HAVE for children”.

    To around the mid 1990’s there were “security systems of brick wall with “broken bottle pieces cemented in along the boundary wall tops” all through Britain and Britains’ commonwealth architecture from as far back as the 19th century and probably some remain to present! The following two links are a picture of an early 19th century steam mill compound and fence. Note the jagged appearance of the tops of the exterior boundary brick fence walls, that’s glass embedded in cement – concrete!
    Guns glass metal spikes take your pick!?!?!?
    Neither was there a buffer distance for parking cars from these official entrance exits and paths !
    2.Location was not good in Newtown, particularly it appears for the size of the school area, most of it bordered waste-land or farms without proper line of site clearance.
    (3. After hours lighting is another)
    Metaphorically the same method type of tactic as fire-exits!

    It appears too that security for large numbers of people present in the one location (the principles of troubles breaking out) does not have in a country with firearms the correct fast response of “unarmed handler hand to hand security”(school or movie theater) in FULL armor against “high powered rile”(quite a heavy lump) , aside whether there are trust-able personnel whom can carry concealed weapon as caution.
    Obama should stop citing Australian statistics, they are not a point!!!

    Crudely it can be expressed for 100 years as:
    Australia: 75 percent total homicides by “beating and non-firearm weapon” – max. population density (Sydney) 1/4 of USA environment (never more than 50 gun homicide ever p/year in 100 years (one exception of 80))

    USA: 75 percent total homicides by “firearm” – in past 10-15 years has decreased from 8 p/100,000 to 4 p/100,000 of population with same mapping trend as Australia because of GPS,Internet,High dpi camera,mobile phone (Australia had CAD introduced in police vehicles apart DVP scrambling , CAD is Computer Aided Dispatch to incidents or other instant information alike an internet).

    (Off side parity to contrast) Too , mass killing in Australia without a firearm has occurred since 1996 and 2000 many times!
    As far as Homicide and massacres “fire as homicide” is usually around 2 to
    4 per year but of late in the past decade it’s 20.4 !!!

    Just some of them….
    2014 http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-09-23/man-arrested-over-rozelle-blast/5762490
    2011 http://www.news-mail.com.au/news/attempted-murder-wife-lands-man-jail-16-years/1989888/
    2011 http://www.mandurahmail.com.au/story/1309040/last-minute-guilty-plea-for-fuel-attacker/
    1994 http://netk.net.au/Penney/Penney.asp
    2012 http://www.watoday.com.au/wa-news/this-was-done-by-a-maniac-fire-attack-victims-family-speak-out-20120223-1tqn3.html
    1996 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tjandamurra_O'Shane
    (this one may only be concealment) 1991 “one article entry” The Pearce family
    – 1991
    We all know how it got to 20.4 p/year for the decade….

    Australians don’t have ANY “right” to defend them-self or their family, there are no actual rights and also because they would be mute, because a set of rights requires having the right and forceful ability to uphold them(such as” right to bear arms against the government”), it is a process determined “after the fact in court after mandatory charge” for any incident involving use of force by an ordinary citizen in Britain and it’s commonwealths, and thus as mentioned in other comments, Britain and its Commonwealths are a “Monarchic Fascism” and “not a democracy(you vote for economic handlers)”!

    Australia , South Africa , and Uganda have all been under the same compulsory “Commonwealth law standards” and particularly, of “POLICE” you like to say , one of Britain’s Commonwealth policeman of Uganda “shot over a million people with his own hand!!!”

    This has been around as an idea since the early 1990’s

    Next link, is all dependent on what it’s used for by police not what they did.

    This next is about “micro-chipping humans and USA law” but written in Australia (PDF document) . In the late 90’s Australian government tested two systems on convicted criminals of bar-code(and a black light type) and micro-chip implant (the exact context of “test on convicted criminals” i do not know , this was more than a decade back and a program about modern technology made in Australia)
    Secondly Bullet proof vests(that passive thing you don’t mention alike housing front doors) have always been illegal too (semi automatic military style weapons have not always been illegal … hmmmm think about it!!!).
    It must be such a pity to John Howard he hasn’t lunched with Mugabe and Amin. (During the 1977–1979 period, Uganda was a member of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights.)
    Idi Amin did “half of” in less than a decade as head of Britain’s Commonwealth state what Stalin took 30 years to do on his own people!
    Never mind Queen Hoddle of Strathfield in Cairns 2014!

    Queen Elizabeth lunches with Idi Amin(Idi Amin Dada Oumee) of Uganda “July 1971”

    President Mugabe Banished JUNE 25, 2008 (Zimbabwe – Rwanda)

    Of British politics showing the way so to say, “John Howard and the heads of state of security Attorney Genral and Governor Genral banned the firearms and changed the law , NOT THE PEOPLE by any lobbying or referendum” It has more non democratic method to it than Gough Whitlams dismissal in 1975 when the Australian senate blocked supply of funds for the ALP that was voted into government. After blocking supply, the government was dissolved by the head of state of Australia the Governor Genral Sir John Kerr, causing the famous speech by Gough Whitlam on the steps of parliament house.
    …”Well May we say God save the queen , because nothing will save the Governor Genral, the proclamation you have just heard read by the Governor Genrals official secretary, was counter signed Malcolm Fraser, who will undoubtedly go down in Australian history from remembrance day 1975 as Kerr’s cur”
    There was no democracy about it, it used the public outcry and shock-wave more alike propaganda to grab the moment and use it to remove personal empowerment *rights(Human rights).

    In this following video at 6:21
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xd9V4fr97M8 John Howard makes the statement Australians do not have any rights!!!

    “Truth in sentencing laws introduced in 1989 in Australia”(modified again in the late 1st decade of the 2000’s) were because of the “prisoner early release scheme” (similar logic to early release scheme was the problem police said they had of needing glock semi auto pistols on principally unarmed people shifting from the old smith and Wesson six gun revolver .38) It was driven in part by the “prisoner early release scheme” and its scandals in the early 1980’s
    It’s not that it wasn’t corruption but it was purely how “hopelessly rotten” the corrupt were “that caught them”. Monarchic fascism gave the early release scheme the “requirement to be uncovered (caught)”, too if the corrupt had been the more efficient type they would have been almost impossible to catch making until the streets are full of the story for anyone to realize.

    This and more from a country that has a 18th – 19th century” Portable gallows Kit system” “with a SWL WLL specification plaque” that says something like “maximum load limit 8 Adults or 12 children”
    (note: the last child hanged without “doli incapax” examination was around year 1710 in Britain) , i don’t remember the spec plaque exactly but that’s almost exactly it. I kid you not on one point, it could compete against Fords patent or notational right to the production line system !!! Either Eveleigh railway workshop Sydney pre dates Ford, and many other rail factories, but the “portable gallows” sits between 18th century clothing workshop production line tables and Britains’ or Eveleigh’s/other 19th century rail construction assembly workshops.

    Not sure if the portable gallows with the loading plaque is mentioned in this book:
    “The Hanging Tree: Execution and the English People 1770-1868”
    ( British judiciary history site: quoted text …”There is little evidence of young children actually being hanged in the 19th century, although they were regularly sentenced to death up to 1836/7″….(not a pun))

    By fair contrast the USA hung children, but may have been a left over of law from the British “known way of doing things people were familiar with”.(my studies do not go far enough to answer that).

    By fair contrast again however, Either introduced “doli incapax” in some form, though somewhat muted at points in history and its early use(perhaps).

    How can you entertain, listen to or compare to a tyranny you fought in your war of independence to be the USA ?!

    More than this, how can you entertain the UN (United Nations) about firearms(why bother listening to that panel of fascists), only two other countries beside the USA are a democracy in the UN panel, those are France and Russia !!! There is the odd bod, Iran, an Islamic Religious state , but EVERYTHING ELSE IS EITHER FASCIST OR MONARCHY (…are roughly the same as either)!

    The UN only operates like the “RFC” specification for internet, just paper tigers, or ISO international standards body. it is not a force that rushes in for anyone the moment there is a political injustice or other such problem, neither is it independent of national influences !

    This being the biggest mistake the Australian people make about either “firearms” or “democracy” !

    Gough Whitlam’s Australian Labor Party government was dissolved in 1975 “by decree” because the senate “blocked supply” of funds by vote(more opposition senators than in government side) causing nothing being able to be done by the then voted into “Economic power” Labor Government.

    Consequence is, Senators now swear an oath to not never block supply before taking office! What Sir John Kerr the Governor Genral did was not democratic , and is the power level against the Australian government at present as any of the other Governor Genrals are. In 1996 that, the then Prime Minister of Australia John Howard did in 1998, “was not democratic of any form”, it was seize the moment and use the propaganda !

    The USA firearms problem is about democracy and it’s safety as much the implement and its use and availability itself.

    The Australian people have no idea of the illusion the Canadian system is, and how much it is regulated behind its back by the “Commonwealths of Britain constitution” in that being any of those countries can be brought down to Idi Amin’s or Mugabe’s political ways.

    More than this, some government security systems’ actions in Australia and other Commonwealth countries resemble Rohm’s third reich “bashers” , bashers are a pass time illicitly usually of people using them alike a hit man, but these rare incidence of government security having a word are like Rohm’s SA because the general threat with it is labeling entered into the government records against them.

    note: Australian Statistics, firearms down 12 percent , knives up 11 percent!

    One country has immensely restricted gun laws since 1996 the other somewhat has always unrestricted so to say…

    When power is removed from people over to the government, the needle of safe across to genocide of the people shifts from one side to the other alike a bush-fire(wild-fire) danger rating.
    Bushfire warning rating goes…
    Australia actually sits at the start of the “HIGH” level. It would not take much e.g. alike a Adolf Hitler or Idi Amin(Commonwealth head of state) to cause real problems(truthfully less)!
    It does have a “government bashing squad” specialist technique similar to Rohm’s SA of NAZI Germany for varied intricate purposes ! What’s more, the world has never stepped in to intervene in any such situations through history for anyone country until they are bothered by the same people, that’s why the Australians are fools !!!

    More than this, the “one punch” law is because around 6 homicides per year are a “one punch” incident whether a direct kill with the fists or the persons head striking the ground.

    Since 2000 there have been around 100 deaths, but they never count how much there is permanent brain damage to the level of uselessness in the statistics too because there are many other tools in use that are not a firearm. In short Australia presents a “dishonest” statistical data view to the world (misrepresentation) of homicide,manslaughter, attempted murder or brain damage.

    …”let me paint the picture in order to create the illusion…just let me paint”…. (to the said effect of annoying intricate logic)

    So we have anti gun lobbyists saying if we take away ordinary peoples fire-arms we stop massacres, but we do know when governments have total control at that level of gun control we start to find injustices that lead to conflict, massacre or Genocide!
    But somehow the “anti gun lobbyists ambiguate massacre and genocide” and in doing so are justifying its “usual” root cause, that of the government(administration and management system apparently for the peoples purpose and good) being too powerful for the people to control.

    Now if we look at the Rwanda genocide in the 1990’s of up to a million people, we can give them they did not practice any gun control , but “up to and at least three quarters or more of it was committed using machetes or pieces of wood” not fire-arms to kill them!?
    “What the” !!! How does this work to ban guns in Rwanda in that situation (Hypothetically) because that is the anti gun lobby claim !!!

    The anti gun lobby does have one minor point, they had not banned fire-arms in Rwanda !

    …”That, in its essence, is fascism–ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power.”… — Franklin D. Roosevelt —

    A few years(1993) before Martin Bryant committed “the Port Arthur Massacre in Tasmania Australia in 1996” , Because of three semi-automatic fire-arm massacres in previous in Australia ( Hoddle street 80’s , Queen street 80’s , Strathfield Mall 91 ), fire-arm licenses involved sitting a test of around 50 questions and going to license training lectures a couple of times a week before doing the test for a fire-arms license!!!
    Australia had also removed armalite and semi-automatic rifles and shotguns from ordinary licensing as much as banning to the general public.
    Up to 1993 a firearms license involved a background check before grant and payment for a year’s permit, without test, and allowed, any semi automatic fire-arm (center-fire, rim-fire, shotgun) with detached magazine including short rifles such as M1 carbine and Ruger mini 14 and 30 round capacity magazines rifle or shotgun, However, pistols and automatic weapons and heavy armor piercing calibers were not allowed, pistols and machine guns have never been allowed since around year 1900, these are an extremely rare grant with national security clearance for special purpose with immense restrictions on handling presence keeping and use from around 1900 !!!

    What Howard did(more than this – really or truthfully the Governor Genral and the Attorney Genral) was no more “democratic” or a proven point than when Gough Whitlam had his Australian ALP government dissolved by the Governor Genral of Australia in 1975.

    If someone does not agree with the 2nd Amendment in the USA constitution i suppose they are neither a “democracy supporter or (and thus) human rights supporter”, they need to understand fire-arms in a context of human rights, and there is no case to say people are any safer if only a “government force” e.g. Police and Soldiers” have semi auto weapons and not ordinary citizens, the result is often the following…

    Kampuchea, NAZI Germany, Japan , Uganda e.t.c. and as much because of non democracy process of government.

    This the best it gets in the US Constitution for most Americans aside to “concealed carry license”.

    .50 Is actually considered the start of Cannon caliber!
    Country Girl Shooting Gun (Barrett .50 Cal Sniper Rifle)

    This is what the USA army has and national guard e.t.c.
    (a UH-1 armed with these either side are a WOMD Weapon of Mass Destruction)
    This is what the USA Government has thousands of in the air.

    A-10 Warthog Gatling Gun Test (a WOMD Weapon of Mass Destruction)

    This is the RUSSIANS at it!
    Prototype Quadrotor with Machine Gun! (FPSRussia channel is a lot of fun with guns)

    politically updated hippy version

    a stone age looney party version

    Principley the Khmer genocide was neither machete or gun, both for cost of bullets and the possible need to fight neighboring countries !