Ex Con Assaults Gun Owner With Ball Bat… Guess How This Ends

89119_01_sig_sauer_p229_357_sig_holster_640“GET ON THE GROUND!” shouted the CCW holder, as he pointed his Sig Sauer .357 Sig pistol at his attacker. It all happened at a Yakima, WA Wal Mart, as a felon grabbed a baseball bat and began attacking the open carry victim.

From the Yakima Herald:

A video from the store’s security system shows the victim shopping with at least three children. According to the affidavit, the video shows some of the children move out of view as a man is seen coming over, picking up a metal tee-ball bat from a rack and striking the other man in the shoulder with it.

The victim, who police said has had a concealed pistol license since March 2013, then pulled a .357 Sig Sauer pistol from a holster and pointed it at the suspect, the affidavit said.

The suspect is a transient and is being held on suspicion of second-degree assault.

Trevor Zumwalt is being held on 2nd Degree Assault charges, with a $30,000 bond.

Fortunately, not shots had to be fired, which means the Bloomberg folks would not consider this a “defensive use of a gun.”

(H/T Bearing Arms)

Progressive Loons Interrupt USDA Secretary: “It’s Not Food, It’s Violence” (VIDEO)

Dxe P(Above) DxE protesters in front of a grocery store. (Image HeyEvent.com)

Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) is a progressives animal rights group who believes in the “liberation of all animals“. DxE made the news in October of last year as the blogosphere spent several days mocking one of their female members who entered an eating establishment and ranted about her “little girl”, a chicken.

But in an obvious example of “eating their own” (pun intended) DxE has decided to set their sights on the Obama administration; USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack in particular.

At Yale on Tuesday, after one of their members made a heartfelt speech about a hen named Paprika (You just can’t make this stuff up), and after Secretary Vilsack refused to accept the premise that all farmers abused their animals, members of DxE interrupted the Secretary’s speech with the chant: “It’s not food, it’s violence”.

Video below:

Veiled Marxism and Quotes of a Cop Killer At Student Climate Protest (VIDEO)

Climate Protest2(Image screenshot)

It has become all too apparent that the “green” movement has lost all semblance of legitimacy pertaining to anything involving the environment. Instead it has become a front for the Progressive left who uses it to paint their anti-capitalist, Marxist, and racial prejudices with a green brush in order to make it easier to push their agenda on the youth of America and the weak minded.

Case in point.

On Saturday April 10th, the Maine Students for Climate Justice held a protest at the State House in Augusta, Maine. While one might expect that such a group would be full of young tree huggers who enjoy sitting around singing hippie camp fire songs, instead, judging by several of the speakers, their ranks are teaming with hidden Marxists and those who worship cop killing radicals.

For instance one of the speakers, Attorney Sherri Mitchell Executive Director of the Land Peace Foundation, explained to the youthful crowd that the United States was founded upon “two pillars of conquest: genocide and slavery”. Ms. Mitchell then went on to state that their activism was in and of itself a form of “conquest” which was all about “crumbling this other system”. During her speech Ms. Mitchell repeated several times that they need to replace the current system with something “much more egalitarian”. She then goes on, in a manner Marx would be proud of, to rail against “one of the other wounds of the Western mindset”  known as “individualized success”:

“One of the other wounds of the Western mindset is this idea of individualized success. That the markers for success are that, you know, we’re successful at school. We’re successful at getting a job. We’re successful at getting our little house with the picket fence. We are successful at buying our own piece of the earth. Right? So this actually is also maladaptive to our survival on the earth because we’re not made to be living individualize lives.

“…Now this individualized idea of living is also a malignancy in our minds you know because it’s maladaptive to our survival on the planet. It wastes an incredible amount of resources. So we’re throwing out tons and tons of stuff because we’re being taught we need to stockpile stuff in order to be successful. Right? We need to buy all of this food. We need to have a refrigerator full of food all the time, that we can’t possibly eat, in our little individualized homes.

But if we shipped our way of living to a more communal way of living. If we go back to those types of practices that is in line with who we are naturally as human beings. If we look at the natural world it’s very cooperative. So we need to get back to that model.

It’s not enough for us to just have a green economy without changing the way that we’re living.

While Ms. Mitchell advocates for a peaceful transition to her “communal” living model, she does admit that it is going to take a “radical revolution” of people who are willing to change the way they live in order to save the planet.

As troubling as Ms. Mitchell’s words might be to those of us who cherish our individual Liberty and the American way of life, what was said by several members of Portland’s Racial Justice Congress is even more disturbing.

One of the members named Christina Perez continued with the Marxist theme by stating that “our current society’s efforts to accumulate wealth” was dependent upon “systematic oppression, like racism”.

But in an effort to up the Progressive ante, an unnamed, assumed member of the Congress went on to ask the crowd if they had heard of Assata Shakur. Several in attendance responded with a resounding “Yea!”. With enthusiasm, the unnamed member then went on to lead the crowd in a chant taken from an Assata Shakur quote.

Assata Shakur is a member of the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army. She was convicted of killing a New Jersey police officer in 1973. She is considered a domestic terrorist and was the first woman to ever be added to the FBI’s most wanted list. And to top it all off she currently lives in exile in Communist Cuba.

So once again the rule of thumb proves to be true: Environmental Green is indeed the new Communist Red…and it hangs out with those who idolize cop killers.


Video below:

“That’s Deplorable!” Grandfather To Anti Gun Cartoonist

150412_cartoon_bigAfter the shooting death of 2 year old Kaden Lum in Bremerton, WA, cartoonist Milt Priggee drew a cartoon depicting the toddler as an angel, alongside an Uncle Sam-ed out Devil creature, holding 2 pistols, labeled as “America’s Gun Culture.” The cartoon ran in the Kitsap Sun newspaper, out of Washington state.

Jason Trammell, grandfather of Kaden Lum, said “I feel that the cartoonist used my grandson as a 2-year-old in his cartoon to push their political agenda for the shock effect, and I think that’s deplorable”

From KOMO News:

Trammell sent editor David Nelson an email and then met with him twice face to face. Trammell said he wants Nelson and the cartoonist, Milt Priggee, to lose their jobs.

“(Nelson) is making the calls, he’s making the judgments on what gets printed and what doesn’t, and as he owns up to in this email I got from him. He did make that judgment call and crossed the line,” Trammell said.

You can reach Milt Priggee via his twitter, @MiltPriggee.

Enemies In, Friends Out: Secret U.S. Report Says America’s Special Relationship With Britain Is Over

church(Image Investors.com)

The realization that the Obama Administration was making it a priority to break old alliances with America’s friends came early on when the President returned a bust of Winston Churchill to Great Britain shortly after taking office.

What many failed to realize at the time was to the extent that President Obama would go to embrace the old enemies of the Stars and Stripes. With the President’s snubbing of Israel, and recent actions embracing Communist Cuba and the radical Islamic state of Iran, it has become all too clear who the Obama administration considers its ‘friends’.

But if the President’s actions fail to speak louder than words then a recent U.S. report should clear up any lingering doubt.

An article on the Daily Mail claims that a secret report written by the United States government says that the special relationship between the U.S. and Great Britain is over:

“Washington believes that the ‘special relationship’ between Britain and the US is over, according to a secret briefing document seen by The Mail on Sunday.

“The memo for members of Congress states damningly that ‘the UK may not be viewed as centrally relevant to the United States in all of the issues and relations considered a priority on the US agenda’.

“Dated April 2015 and drawn up to brief the Senate and House of Representatives on the impact of Britain’s General Election, the memo also warns that the UK faces turmoil if there is a hung parliament.

“The document – prepared by the Congressional Research Service, an in-house intelligence body that gives confidential analysis to legislators – states that while Britain and the US are likely to ‘remain key economic partners’, a ‘reassessment of the special relationship may be in order… because its geopolitical setting has been changing’.

“The memo, edited by Derek E Mix, the CRS’s chief European affairs analyst, says that the development of organisations such as the G20 group of major economies has led to a decline in the ‘influence and centrality of the relationship’.”

The ‘special relationship’ between the United States and Great Britain has existed since at least the 1940’s.

Virtual Red Menace: Chinese Mobilize 10 Million Students To Spread Communism Online

Cchina mouse 3(Image NBC News)

In the past, parents only had to worry about warning their kids against talking to, or going anywhere with strangers when they leave the house. But sadly, thanks to the Internet, the job of raising children has become much more hazardous. From sexual predators hiding on social networking sites, to bullies stalking their victims in online games, the dangers to modern day children no longer stop at the front door.

Unfortunately that danger is about to grow by the millions and will now include a new threat to the minds of children: The Virtual Red Menace of Communism.

The Independent reports that the Communist Chinese Government is looking to recruit 10 million students to help spread Communism by promoting the “Socialist core values” online:

China wants to recruit 10 million young people, mostly university students belonging to the Communist Party’s youth wing, to “spread positive energy” on the Internet — in other words, to use social media to praise and defend the government.

“Web users recently posted a document issued by the China Communist Youth League dated Feb. 13 that asks for no less than 20 percent of its members to be recruited as “cyber civilization volunteers”, who would be expected to become “good Chinese Netizens” and promote the “voice of good youth.”

“…This latest scheme would significantly expand their numbers with a volunteer force. The students would be expected to post content online “to promote socialist core values,” with each person asked to participate in a so-called “sunshine comments” campaign at least three times this year.

“…As part of the campaign, young people are asked to declare their “devotion” to join the positive force. Volunteers are also asked to boycott, refute and report on any negative contents online, including comments that are “against socialist core values” or “unhelpful for ethnic unity.”

In a totally unrelated coincidence, in 2008 the Obama Administration bragged it commanded an online army of 10 million supporters who would help push through his “sweeping (albeit Socialist) agenda”.

Progressives Spend Over $60 Million To Force Half Of U.S. Coal Plants To Close In 2 Years

plant-wide1 (Image Indiana Public Media)

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is President Obama’s weapon of choice for his continued War On Coal. While the EPA is the publicly funded branch of the attack, Progressive groups are not shy from adding millions of private money to the fray.

The Huffington reports that The Sierra Club and Michael Bloomberg are adding another $60 million in an effort to close half of all U.S. Coal plants by 2017:

The Sierra Club and Michael Bloomberg are upping the ante in their effort to close down coal-fired power plants, announcing on Wednesday another $60 million in funding for their anti-coal campaign.

“The Sierra Club is also raising its target for coal plant closures, setting a goal to close half of all coal plants in the U.S. by 2017. The group’s previous goal, set in 2011, was to close a third of coal plants by 2020. So far, the organizers have claimed victory on 187 plants, all of which have closed or are slated for closure in the near future.

If successful, the Sierra Club wants to see 166,000 megawatts of coal-fired power shut down or slated for closure in the U.S. in the next two years.”

Coal generates at least 44% of electricity in the United States.

If the Progressives are successful President Obama will finally be able to claim that he kept one of his promises; that his energy policy would cause electricity rates to sky rocket.

UN Climate Official: “We Should Make Every Effort” To Decrease World Population (VIDEO)

Population Control2(Image screenshot)

Climate One founder Greg Dalton and the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) Christiana Figueres, held a discussion in 2013 on the role of women in fighting Global Warming.

During the interview Secretary Figueres stated, We should should “make every effort,” to reduce the world’s population in an effort to fight Climate Change:

DALTON: A related issue is fertility rates in population. A lot of people in energy and environmental circles don’t wanna go near that because it’s politically charged. It’s not their issue. But isn’t it true that stopping the rise of the population would be one of the biggest levers and driving the rise of green house gases?

FIGUERES: I mean we all know that we expect nine billion, right, by 2050. So, yes, obviously less people would exert less pressure on the natural resources.

DALTON: So is nine billion a forgone conclusion? That’s like baked in, done, no way to change that?

FIGUERES: Well there again, there is pressure in the system to go toward that; we can definitely change those, right? We can definitely change those numbers and really should make every effort to change those numbers because we are already, today, already exceeding the planet’s planetary carrying capacity, today. To say nothing of adding more population that is really going to overextend our capacity. So yes we should do everything possible. But we cannot fall into the very simplistic opinion of saying just by curtailing population then we’ve solved the problem. It is not either/or, it is an and/also.

Video below (4:20-5:45):

Washington Flies Communist China Flag, Patriots Strike It! (UPDATED)

11081213_869205459819498_5380482729743143369_nIn “honor” of his meeting with China Ambassador Cui Tiankai, Washington Governor Jay Inslee has posted the Chinese flag between the American flag and the state flag at the capitol building in Olympia.

You can complain to the Governor’s office at (360) 902 4111.

(H/T State Rep. Elizabeth Scott)


A small group of people arrived at the capitol Saturday morning and removed the communist flag. They were assisted by an officer from the Washington State Police. Video, courtesy of activist Maria Bosworth.