Stanford University Official: Climate Change Must Be Taught In Schools Or Kids “May Lose Their Faith In All Science”

CostaNew York City Council Member Costa Constantinides (center) announcing his support for Res. 375 on Earth Day 2015. (Image Facebook)

Regardless of what President Obama and his Climate minions say, the “science” of Climate Change is anything but settled. When one takes into account the fact that the “97% of all scientists believe in Climate Change” claim was fabricated and combine it with the fact that the IPCC has been manufacturing “evidence” of Climate Change for years, it is only logical for reasonable people to believe that man-made Global Warming/Climate Change is a hoax.

But if you’re a Director at Stanford University Climate Change is not only real, it’s something which should be taught in schools before kids begin to ignore science in general.

According to an article on the New York City Lens, New York City Council Member Costa Constantinides came out on Earth Day to support Resolution 375 which would force Climate Change indoctrination into New York City schools.

The New York Lens then interviewed Jennifer Saltzman, Director of outreach education at Stanford University’s school of earth, energy, and environmental sciences. to get her opinion on Council Member Constantinides move to force Climate Change into the classroom. Director Saltzman stated that it’s not only important, but if it’s not done students may lose their faith in all science.

“Kindergarten through twelfth-grade students across the state could be learning about climate change in classrooms in coming years if an upcoming resolution passes a hearing and a vote.

“City Council Member Costa Constantinides is leading a resolution to make it mandatory for climate change to be included in K-12 education in New York. He and supporters from Global Kids met on the front steps of Manhattan’s city hall April 22 to raise awareness of their effort.

…”A government official pushing for a topic to be included in school curriculum is fairly unusual, said Jennifer Saltzman, director of outreach education at Stanford University’s school of earth, energy, and environmental sciences. Usually school boards are the proponents of curriculum changes.

Climate change, she points out, is highly politicized. Still, she believes integrating climate change into the curriculum is necessary.

“We know are students are not blank slates when they walk into the classroom,” Saltzman said. “They come from homes and communities and have heard of this thing called climate change. For some that means they want to learn more, and for others it means they don’t believe anything and may lose their faith in all science.”

Top scientists are now investigating the altered data claiming Climate Change is real.

One can only hope the real truth finally comes out.

Before the word “science” is so abused by the Progressive greenies that we will be forced to invent a new word the kids won’t lose faith in….


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  2. NotKennedy says

    Parents must be taught to protect their children from government “teachers” and the indoctrination programs of government operated “public” schools.

    Given an opportunity, with vouchers, or other choice, almost no one would expose their children to the liberal agenda that is the pabulum put forth, across America. Jimmy Carter did this to America when he created the Department of Education (misinformation and indoctrination). Get the federal government OUT of children’s lives.

  3. arnaux says

    The global-warming zealots are everywhere in academia spouting their beliefs, The only choice is to teach your kids yourself . Join a homeschooling network. There are groups sprouting up everywhere as parents don’t want their kids taught by the propaganda mills that schools have become.
    Many countries have tried to suppress your ability to think and act freely and all have failed because EACH child born comes into life with the urge to be free and make their own choice on the way to live. Governments always end up trying to put everyone in the same box and it always fails eventually. Who was more oppressive than Russia in the 20th century and China and now the US in the 21st century? They all pass laws to coerce behavior. It is unlikely we can vote them out as they perfect their ability to control elections like a 3rd world county. Drop off the grid and live life as free as possible.

  4. john35649 says

    I hope every should be like this education and this help us to keep safe of the world. so it should be well for the children, they find more faith on science and technology also.