Ambassador: Governments Should Ban Import Of Old Cars To Fight Climate Change

clunker(Image Jalopnik)

President Obama attempted to fight Climate Change by creating the Cash 4 Clunkers program, where perfectly good cars were traded in and destroyed in an effort to get them off the streets.

But Peace FM reports that an Ambassador has decided to raise the ante and call for all governments on the African continent to stop importing old cars. All in an effort to fight Global Warming:

H.E Stephane Gompertz, Ambassador, Climate Change for Africa and Indian Ocean, has called on governments to stop the importation of old items into Africa.

Addressing a gathering at this year’s Climate Change Conference organized by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), he called on Africans to discourage the use of old imports from foreign countries because to him, “Africans have the right like any other, like French men, like Germans; to use modern up-to-date technology.”

…To Ambassador Gompertz, the ban opens up a new era for good-conditioned items to invade the African continent.

“Ghana now has prohibited importing old refrigerators. I think it’s very wise measure. Now, some people could argue yes but those old refrigerators are cheap; therefore you prevent people from having a fridge. I’m not a specialist in refrigerators but I think the technology has evolved and the cost of such equipment gone down anyway.

He further called on the government to ban the imports of old cars into the country.

“It’s better to make sure that only imports of good condition will be allowed…I think the Government of Ghana is doing the right when it bans the import of old refrigerators and that will apply to old cars as well because indeed we cannot accept this situation to go on forever.”

It has yet to be seen if the Obama administration will follow Ambassador Gompertz’s lead and call for a ban on importing old cars into the United States. But if the EPA’s recent move to regulate all water including mud puddles is any indication, it will only be a matter of time.


  1. Farron Cousins says

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  2. Jim says

    I’m glad to see that nut cases are not limited to the USofA. Even in the USofA, those in the lower income brackets need transportation and it’s not by choice that an older vehicle is the family chariot. Get real. Taking the family buffalo to work (flatulence pollution) may be quaint, but it’s the best they have.

    • BobTrent says

      Don’t you know? Poor guys don’t have driver licenses because they’re all behind on their child support.

  3. Left Hook says

    I’m sure Obummer will impose a huge tax now on classic and antique vehicles. What a loser.

  4. haypa2 says

    Refridgerator technology has advanced. I guess it has and so has the price of a striped down model. Regular folks are finding the price of a new fridge hard to afford. So how can the poor or not so poor afford the new models…I do not think they are being produced in Africa.

    • BobTrent says

      A major portion of the pollution associated with products is generated in manufacturing. From mining the materials to fueling the factories to transporting and retailing, generally each item should be used until worn out.
      It takes years just for the direct cost of a new, more efficient refrigerator to be offset by savings from energy conservation.
      Other products are similar.
      The costs, both monetary and environmental, of motor vehicles is not all of it. New, improved cars reduce losses from crash injuries and deaths just measured in money.

  5. Burgess Krell says

    Because leaving the cars to pollute the air where they are now helps fight the globull worming