#BlackLivesMatter Activist: “This Is Black Memorial Day; Disarm The Police” (VIDEO)


(Image screenshot)

Monday about 30 members of the Long Beach, California #BlackLivesMatter #LBC Progressive movement shut down a street in L.A. to protest police violence. While the majority of Americans were celebrating Memorial Day, a member of the #BlackLivesMatter movement took to the microphone to say that it was actually “Black Memorial Day” and that it was time to “disarm the police” in order to “re-imagine public safety”:

So today is Memorial Day, we’re claiming this as Black Memorial Day. We’re also recognizing this as African Liberation Day. We have the power to take our own liberation. We have the power to take our own freedom.

“…Some police with guns and they don’t know how to use them, right? So we say right now disarm the police and re-imagine public safety.”

Video below (comment at 00:18-00:47):

#BlackLivesMatter #LBC claims to be apart of, and share the common goals of, the national Black Lives Matter movement.


  1. ProtectAmerica says


    This is so pathetic for this group to even attempt to steal Memorial Day. Those who did so are anti American and do not deserve to breathe the air we have.

    • Farron Cousins says

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  2. Jeremy Ron says

    this country has a jigga booze / progressive ( communist ) problem. wat u gonna do bout it Americans? That is ur real enemy and from within.

    • LeisureForeigner says

      Some protesters should travel to France to find how France has successfully dealt with the no-go zones. I believe France flooded the zones with immigrants who brought with them their own unique culture and laws. Something like that anyway. Anyway, the protesters are eventually going to get the France solution or military robots if they keep asking for it. I hope they do more thinking and then talking to those in government who set the laws.

  3. Robert Gehl says

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  4. Joey B. says

    YEAH, we can imagine how great public safety would be IF WE DISARM THE PO PO. What a bunch of ignorants.

  5. Logan says

    And these people are, in effect, setting our Federal law enforcement agenda.
    God help us.

  6. Lori says

    BLOODY BALTIMORE: Murders Up 100% Since Last Year – Arrests Down 50% There you go you stupid ass people! You disarm the police, what are you going to do when a thug breaks into you home? Real bright! Act right and there won’t be a problem! ^^^ See what is happening in Baltimore! That’s okay, it’s easier to shoot a thug (and I don’t give a damn what color the thug is), then it is to call the police! Only one number to call, the morgue! Govt. been trying to get our guns, not going to happen, because if they come to get mine, they better bring theres! Thanks in a very large part, of your so called black president!

    • fcabanski says

      The same people who rioted are now complaining that the police won’t protect the neighborhoods.

      • honkeelipz says

        the scary part is, it’s probably going to result in a bumper crop of ghettoberries in 9 months as scared people at home run out of things to do

    • lowell says

      The people that want your guns are the DAVOS Bilderberg SOROS Bill Gates
      Harvey Weinstein brigade that want to make you slaves once they disarm you.

      • Lori says

        Correct, and I do not trust Jade Helm, UN trucks have been seen on rail cars, and we know what that means, they want our guns and are going to help Obamie get them, just my opinion, but I don’t know about the rest of the states in this, but it’s going to be a bloody battle if they try that here! NWO, I hate to tell them, I’ve been a free person way to long to give it up!

  7. egnima says

    Apparently Black Lives DIDN’T Matter for the over 21 Black Americans killed & 73 wounded over the Memorial Day weekend in Baltimore and Chicago.

    • chuck_2012 says

      they very conveniently forget about that fact. but let a white cop shoot one of the poor “dears” then all hell breaks loose. I am surprised this “march” did not turn into a full scale riot. poor impulse control overall.

      • honkeelipz says

        ” poor impulse control overall”, it really shows in their breeding choices…

        • JamalJenkum says

          It may come sooner than you think. It’s already started in Baltimore. They have become emboldened by getting away with crimes through the pardons of the black run government there.

          As soon as it begins to spread to other cities, as it did from Ferguson to Baltimore, it will give the rest of us no choice.

          • Guest says

            logistical the first people who are going to feel the murderous intent of the black mob will be those who reside in or close to city centers. Once the black mobs attempts to move out of these very tiny they will be chewed up real quick like.

            I good thing about that is that the very liberal, hip and “progressives” and unarmed twits will take the hits first. That is called “Divine Justice”

    • Guest says

      just 10 were shot a a BIRTHDAY party in Detroit and how about all the whites killed. raped etc by blacks?????

    • ProtectAmerica says

      Those who keep voting for the inept and corrupt DemokRATs in Ball-to-mo can only blame themselves.
      I had several work friends who lived near Baltimore and all moved to Northern Virginia to escape the crime, taxes and decline of the quality of life.

      • j hahn says

        BUT look what they elected [Virginia]…..Terry McCulife , a former Clinton party animal P. R. man from Syracuse NY w/ NO experience running ANYTHING !.

  8. Robert says

    I see we have a representation of fat ugly honkeys. Always good to see sewage seek it’s own level.

    • Guest says

      Go F yourself you dooshy spade… The only sewage I see is you leaking out from in between your crack mommies legs 😀

    • honkeelipz says

      “Few things in life are more confusing than Father’s Day in Baltimore”
      – Honkeelipz

  9. widower9 says

    How about “ALL Black lives matter”, like even those that are in their mommy’s womb, but mommy goes to Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood instead of allowing that little Black baby to live.

  10. CSATexas says

    Why don’t these people help patrol the streets of Baltimore?

    Plenty of blacks bing killed there.

  11. man_wolf says

    Lets set aside a day to memorialize the racist domestic terrorists Obama relies on to make up his rank & file Useful Idiot militia. Why not?
    I mean it’s not any more ass backwards than everything else has become in our country thanks to America’s 1st mulatto president.
    What worthless pieces of crap.

  12. 1NonPermissive says

    Disarm the police so everyone is in danger of being overrun by criminals? You can’t make these things up, these legends in their own lunchtime are insane.

  13. j hahn says

    Morons…..they DO NOT have a license to riot & loot ! Police lives MATTER TOO !!!

  14. Guest says

    Look at those dumb white people walking with that stupid group, they must think that they will get in good with the blacks there who could give a rats behind about this so-called black lives matter stupidity. Those blacks want to disarm the police so that they can go and loot, kill, rob and rape freely….. 😀

  15. lowell says

    Are you people INSANE? The criminal gangs would still be armed. As a black man I would most likely be murdered by another black man, before the police. The police are all that stand between us and anarchy, you fools……

  16. dave says

    Its only “Black Lives Matter” when these creatures are shot by cops. Where are the black lives matter when they’re killed by other blacks in Chicago,Newark,NY,Missouri, Detroit,etc. These sub-humans are not fit to live in a civilized society. They proved that time and time again.

  17. Krejoe says

    Lesbians, communists, god help us all. We need the police now more than
    ever. In your neighborhood greet a cop with a pleasant Good Morning. He is
    The only one between us and these special people.

  18. Heyoka says

    Give um more guns and ammo and cordon off the area, make a no white people area. They want to be left alone let um be.
    But the cops have been given free rein and they have killed more than just black people. they have made this by taking advantage of their leash being released by the courts and the lawmakers. No one should die for resisting a power mad blue uniform. At the Common Law we could resist an unlawful arrest. Now the cops don’t even know what the damned law is and we are treated with ignorance is no excuse, how absurd….
    We need to look at the bigger picture and wonder why the administration is taking advantage of this issue. A national police force equipped and trained as well as our military. That was Obama’s campaign speech. He is doing it. SO now we will have a national army subordinate only to the most lawless ass in the history of these United States, Obama.
    Well, that is certainly what I want. His Cloward and Pliven and Alinsky training is going very well you see.

    • honkeelipz says

      they should change Barry’s entrance music from “Hail To The Chief” to “Dancing Queen”. That sissified extra from The Crying Game has no business being in this country, let alone our President. How the hell did this happen?

  19. Katie K. says

    Ha ha, love the typical fat slob white Democrat in that pic that is pandering to absolve herself of ‘white guilt’. What a bunch of idiots.

  20. TheSouthernNationalist says

    It is quite comical to watch those stupid white liberal idiots marching with the negros and then watching them try to do those African style dances is just hilarious!

  21. Alex says

    Selfish blacks, they only riot for money, no principles, nothing. Let them go to russia and russkiy will show them riots. Russkiy will stretch their a$$ holes, russkiy show them where their mother….Go back to hell hole where you came from with obozo.

  22. soflo49 says

    Black lives don’t matter. They’ve proven that with record black on black murders in Baltimore. Maybe now, they can all shut the f*ck up.

  23. Rockslider1 says

    thugs killing thugs, win win. no more thugs no court no jail = no taxpayer expense. fkit let em kill each other off till they tire of it. then maybe they will settle down and people in the neighborhood will welcome police with open arms.

  24. Ranbo Lee says

    Just think what a war zone there would be in the ‘hood without police – keep asking for it and you’re get what you wish for

  25. Mike says

    Yuch. I’m so glad I don’t live in the cesspool of black racism that has grown under Obama’s reign.

  26. Seamus says

    Black lives only matter to the rabble-rousers, black racists and race-baiters when there is a white face on the end of the offending weapon. When that face is black, hey, it’s just life in the hood.