CEO: Layoffs Across 3 States Due To “Destruction Of Coal Industry By President Obama”

Coal(Image Fox News)

In 2008 then Senator Obama stated during an interview that he would bankrupt the coal industry. It would seem that is at least one promise he is keeping as President.

The South Florida Times reports that the CEO of Murray Energy blamed President Obama’s War On Coal as one of the reasons for having to layoff coal miners across three states. Including over 1,000 Union positions:

“On Friday, St. Clairsville, Ohio-based Murray Energy said it told 1,417 workers at five West Virginia mines their jobs must be eliminated. Another 249 jobs would be lost at two Ohio mines, while 162 employees would be out of work at two Illinois mines.

The hardest hit location will be the Monongalia County Mine, where 558 workers are expected to lose their jobs between July 24 and Aug. 7, according to a federally required notice of major layoff plans. Almost 430 are union jobs. The mine was already temporarily idled in late March.

CEO Robert Murray mentioned the layoffs at the North American Coalbed Methane Forum in Cecil, Pennsylvania on Thursday, according to media reports. In a news release Friday, his company said the layoffs were “due to the increased utilization of natural gas to generate electricity … and the ongoing destruction of the United States coal industry by President Barack Obama.” The company also blasted West Virginia’s severance tax to unearth coal.

United Mine Workers of America President Cecil Roberts lamented the layoffs. The Murray job cuts include 1,100 union positions.”

A new report issued by the U.S. Energy Information Administration states that the EPA’s new Carbon rule set to be finalized in August, will mean higher energy prices for consumers and even more closings of coal fired power plants.


    • Doug says

      Yeah, look at the destruction he has done to the economy. Wait it’s the strongest it’s been in 20 years.

      Grow up.

      • LibLoather says

        Strongest in 20 years? Are you a fool? The economy is propped up by our fiat currency, which is in the red to the tune of $18,000,000,000,000. The need to dilute that debt is precisely why our government has opened the flood gates of immigration.

        You sir, need to grow up.

        • Doug says

          All money is fiat money, Junior. Also, go ask Alabama how well getting tough on immigration is going. They’ve killed their farming industry so they completely gutted that shortsighted law.

          • tommy mc donnell says

            wait until the stock market money bubble bursts then you will find out how strong the economy really is. we have a booming economy with nobody working.

          • Doug says

            The difference between you and me is I deal in truths and you deal in poorly informed speculation.

      • Robert Gehl says

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      • Jim McCormack says

        93 Million out of the work force ? Most since the great depression ? Most all jobs are low paid ,part time because of Obama care. taxes up 25 % , net worth down 15 %.. Success my ass . I’ve been in business for 40 years and I’m selling because of regs and taxes. Laying off 676 people . GET REAL !

          • Doug says

            If you’re going to call someone names, at least use the correct spelling so you don’t look like a dumb-ass.

      • Eeltwn2 says

        That’s right America is a strong economy for Marxists, communists, socialists, tyrants, welfare, food stamp recipients, Islam, black racism, hatred, illegal immigrants and so on.

  1. Urbane_Gorilla says

    Why would anyone (aside from the aforementioned few 1000 miners) be upset that this dirty, destructive industry is dying off? Natural gas is cheaper, cleaner, abundant, easily transported, and the jobs created in the gas industry far outweigh those lost in mining. Industries come and go…that’s Darwinian capitalism for you. This is just another.

    In fact, solar job growth which can replace mining jobs, is pretty astounding:

    But before people get all fired up about Obama killing the coal miners and eating them for breakfast, this is the employment chart for coal during his term of office:

    • PaulPaterakis says

      Obama will be shutting down oil and natural gas as soon as he’s finished off coal. More jobs will be sacrificed on the alter of Global Warming.

      And only the Iranians will be able to run nuclear plants if Obama has his way.

      Worst President Ever!!!

      • Urbane_Gorilla says

        If he intends to shut down natural gas and oil, he better get on the ball..He has about a year and a half. 😉

        He’s not the worst president ever. He’s pretty average IMO. Bush Jr is definitely the worst in my life experience. But, he’s probably the best Republican there is in the Democratic field.

          • urbanegorilla says

            Seriously? Obama has caused the death of 6000 GIs, the maiming of 30,000, the death of 250,000 civilians in Iraq, the maiming of over 1 million, a Trillion dollars wasted that future generations will have to pay off, the Bush Great Recession? Millions of American jobs lost, families retirement wiped out, homes lost… Obama did worse than that. You’ll have to try harder.

          • Doug says

            That Trillion dollar debt is from the war that Bush started for no reason which also killed those GIs you mentioned. Try reality, it may be refreshing.

          • Urbane_Gorilla says

            The question mark at the end of each sentence indicated irony. My point exactly is that Bush Jr was the biggest human turd the White House has ever seen, and Obama is nothing close to him. In other words, you misread my post.

        • olddog says

          so’re liking (d)at “Hoax and Chains” UTOPIAN PIG PEN THANG????..Hell, a tree stump is better than the Choomer Chimp and now you want a BEACHED FKG WHALE???

          • Urbane_Gorilla says

            I have no idea what you’re trying to say. Try speaking English maybe?

          • olddog says

            Red Brigade pre-school Comprehension?? Try Bath House Barry Tech..poll (D)ancing would be a good fit…Most Obagger (D)rones get by..lotta Affirmative IN-ACTION available..Ya Knooooooooooow..(D)ude..

          • Urbane_Gorilla says

            I’m sorry, but you’re speaking gibberish…I’m guessing your word salad makes sense to you, but I don’t have a clue what you’re trying to say, except that you mention ‘Obagger’ which I’m guessing is a reference to Obama. Maybe you should just post to people like you that speak your personal form of pig Latin?

          • olddog says

            maybe you shouldn’t respond and provide evidence you’re a complete (D)erelict..Seems you (D)em-wit LIEberals would get (d)at splained to you HO..(D)amn you twits are (D)ense and extremely GULLIBLE…

          • Urbane_Gorilla says

            maybe I should start sentences without a capital letter 2…tuh show how ignerant I iz. You (C)onservaturds are all jist (R)etards ain’t ya? cuz maybe if youze cud rite comprehensibly (look it up) we allz cud unnerstan whut you iz tryin ta say an yu wudnt seam so STUPID….

          • olddog says

            (D) lay off that Choomers “purple (D)rank” THANG..Makes you (D)em-wits (D)elirious…Doncha Knoooow.

  2. ProtectAmerica says

    The United Mine Workers endorsed obama in 2008, they did not in 2012. However they had the chance to endorse Romney but did not. So they are getting what they paid for with demokRATs.


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  4. tommy mc donnell says

    I wonder how those union workers feel about their union leaders now.

    • Veracifier says

      Any one of them can get a job fracking shale oil. Coal is dead, killed by NatGas and cheap oil.

  5. marrabella says

    And you’re surprised? Don’t you listen. Obama, when he was running, said many times he would shut down the coal industry.

  6. Garrigan says

    They said…”ONE of the reasons…” is Obama.
    Hey! I know 2 other ones.
    One, and the biggest one is use of natural gas. We just had a pipeline put in last year from Ohio. Gas is CHEAPER than coal.
    Two, they already mined all the easy coal, now it’s harder. Harder really means more expensive!
    Obama saying that he will “bankrupt coal” is that like Mitgh McConnell saying “my goal is to make Obama a one term president” ?
    Do you know how many coal mining jobs are left in this country? And when, exactly they started disappearing?
    When the coal started running out, and it got too expensive to mine it. Then, when we started fracking all that natural gas!

  7. Veracifier says

    Who cares about coal? Next you Luddites will be bitching you have no whale oil, lmao.