Wacked Out Environmentalists Protest Shell’s New Deep Water Drill

CFKHg1BUgAAd066.jpg_largeUsing the #sHellNo hashtag, a weekend-long series of protests in the Seattle area have culminated into a large kayak flotilla taking to Elliot Bay to surround Shell company’s new deep water drilling contraption.

Hundreds of wacked out hippies took to the water in kayaks to protest Obama’s signing off on Shell’s application to drill in the arctic. This is similar to a protest that took place in Vancouver, WA, along the Columbia river a couple of summers ago, to protest fossil fuels, where the hippies lined their kayaks across the river and dropped a sign from the I 5 bridge that read “Coal, Oil, Gas. None Shall Pass”.

Apparently there have been no arrests and no injuries.

shellFormer Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn was among the so-called “kayaktavists”.

CFJxXYxUkAA5ziO.jpg_largeAs well as current Seattle councilwoman and socialist party flag bearer Kshama Sawant

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 8.53.32 PMThese are the same people who also protest land oil extraction, such as fracking, the tar sands, and the Keystone XL. Perhaps they believe the world can run on the hot air coming of their… well, you get the point.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 8.07.57 PM

Jay Z Posting Bail For #BlackLivesMatter Protesters

gty_jay_z_grammys_thg_130403_wmainHip Hop mogul Jay Z has reportedly been sending thousands of dollars to bail out the SJW protesters in Baltimore and other cities who have been arrested.

Screen capture of dream hampton's tweet, claiming that Jay Z wired him thousands of dollars to bail out protesters in Baltimore.

Screen capture of dream hampton’s tweet, claiming that Jay Z wired him thousands of dollars to bail out protesters in Baltimore.

Complex magazine discovered and screen capped a series of tweets from someone named “dream hampton” (intentional lower case), who has worked with Jay Z in the past and has been a social just organizer and documentarian. hampton stated “When we needed money for bail for Baltimore protesters, I asked hit Jay Z up, as I had for Ferguson, wired tens of thousands in mins.”

Mr. Z has a net worth of approximately $520 Million, and has been involved with such mega corporations as Budweiser and multi national bank Barclays. He is a part owner of the Brooklyn Nets, owns a record label and a clothing company, Rocawear, which imports clothing made is southeast Asia countries. He also owns a Bombardier private jet.

Jay Z is definitely down with the struggle, and has so much in common with the ordinary, everyday protesters. No 1% activity going on here.

Back To The Stone Age: NOAA Scientist Says Carbon Emissions Must Be ZERO

Stone Age

Disney’s stone age themed movie The Croods. (Image Empireonline)

Clothes made from animal hides, tools of stone, and homes built of twigs. This bleak description demonstrates what life may have been like for early man during the stone age. But if a scientist of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has his way Americans may once again regress to the lifestyle of their early ancestors.

During an interview with National Public Radio (NPR) NOAA scientist, Pieter Tans, says that in order to really fight Climate Change carbon emission need to be lowered to ZERO:

BLOCK: How troubling is this new record number of carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere – 400 parts per million?

TANS: What troubles me is that we’re still headed at full speed in a direction that we should not be going. We are at the beginning of bringing about huge changes in the Earth’s climate and ecosystems. The potential is there for us to make life hard, really, for future generations.

BLOCK: And what would it take to reverse the carbon dioxide concentration levels that you’re seeing now?

TANS: See, that is really at the core of why we have made so little progress. The problem with CO2 in particular is that climate – forcing of climate change by CO2 depends not so much on the rate at which we are emitting it. It depends primarily on the total amount of CO2 that we’ve emitted since pre-industrial times.

The implication is that if we want to stop this, we have to bring the emissions back down to zero. That is a very tall order. I mean, I can understand why there is reluctance to take this on seriously. Of course, it’s still in our power to make it much worse. So if we can’t stop emitting at a very aggressive pace, the risks for future generations are much larger.

Unfortunately NPR failed to ask Mr. Tans who exactly will be asked to hold their breath, or what modern conveniences Americans will have to do without, in order to achieve his desired result of zero CO2 output.

H/T PJ Media

Communist Cuba Temporarily Lifts Ban On Bible; Missouri Group Distributes Over 250k

bible(Image Important News)

While the Progressive movement, and the Obama administration in particular, seems hell bent on destroying Christianity, ironically our Communist neighbors to the south seem to want their populace to “try it out”. At least for the moment.

The Joplin Globe reports that Communist Cuba has begun a temporary trial by lifting it’s 40 year ban on the Bible. In response an organization in southern Missouri has taken advantage of the reprieve to ship in over 250,000 of the Holy Book with a goal of distributing over a million of them:

“Take Cuba, for instance. This Communist nation has barred Bible distribution openly since 1969, until recently.

The country is conducting an experimental program that can be halted at any time if the distribution creates too many problems or too much negative feedback, said David Isais, who works with the Bible Commission of Cuba and is the contact person for the Revival Fires Ministry in Branson West and formerly in Joplin. Revival Fires has completed four deliveries of more than 265,000 Bibles to Cuba and continues to seek donations to meet the request for 1 million.

Cecil Todd, founder and president of Revival Fires, is no stranger to providing Bibles to the far reaches of the world. Todd, an Ozark Christian College graduate, oversaw the distribution of over 2 million Bibles to the former Soviet Union and more than 250,000 to American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

…Todd said the Cuban willingness to allow such Bible circulation boggles his mind. He said that prior to the change in policy, his youngest son, Cecil Wayne, was almost arrested on all 10 of his mission trips to Cuba, during which Bibles had to be smuggled to the longtime Communist nation.

Todd said he has learned that more than 1,200 Cuban churches are urgently seeking Bibles. Some churches have only one or two Bibles for their entire congregations, and many Cuban preachers have had to borrow a Bible to study and preach.”

Communists traditionally believe that religion and Marxism are incompatible.

Actress: If We Don’t Fight Climate Change Earth’s Landscape Will Look Like “Mad Max”


A desolate desert wasteland filled with desperate individuals clad in the leftover waste of a world long gone all fighting to survive. This is the future we are headed for if we don’t fight man-made Global Warming.

Actually it’s not.

But that fact hasn’t prevented an actress from recently putting her Progressive foot in her mouth by claiming it’s true. The Guardian reports that actress Charlize Theron, who starred in the upcoming “new”  Mad Max movie, claims that if we don’t tackle man-made Climate Change the landscape of the world is going to resemble the silver screen and take on the look of, ironically, the Mad Max movie:

The actor Charlize Theron, who takes a leading role in the new Mad Max movie as a one-armed warrior driving five sex slaves to safety, has expressed her fears that a bleak future awaits the planet unless global warming is addressed.

The film is set 45 years in the future, in a post-apocalyptic world desperately short of water and fuel and ruled by a barbaric dictator who enslaves men and imprisons women for breeding and breast-milk.

“It felt very grounded in real events,” said Theron at a press conference for the film, which opens worldwide this week, following its gala premiere at Cannes on Thursday. “The idea of globalisation and global warming and drought and the value of water, and leadership becoming completely out of hand.”

Theron said that when she first watched a scene in the film depicting a terrifying thunder-and-sandstorm she wondered if it was a little far-fetched. “But there are images on Google right now of Sahara desert sand being blown, in that state, all through Africa. And that’s frightening. The hair lifted up on the back of my neck. What makes [the film] even scarier is that it is something that is not far off if we don’t pull it together.

It’s nice to see that those who play pretend for a living, and can become so caught up in the fantasy world in which they spend most of their lives,  can still find time to take up a second trade, like in this case, fortune telling. Granted they may not be very good at either. But it’s nice to see them expand their horizons.

Here is a preview of the “new” Mad Max movie below. Climate Deniers look into your future!

Oh brother… (Facepalm)

Democrat Party Official: We Need To Include The Socialist Party “Because They Are On Our Side”

SDemSelf avowed Socialist Seattle Councilwoman Kshama Sawant (front) and 3rd Vice Chair of the 37th Democrat District Jeanne Legault (right rear). (Image KUOW)

Even though it’s obvious to anyone who cares to notice the Democratic Party, and Socialists, have been following the same Progressive track for years. But to hear a Democrat Party official actually admit it is still somewhat unnerving.

Socialist Ksama Sawant, the first openly Socialist person elected to the Seattle City Council, is once again running for office. But it seems that support from several local well known Democrats are causing a rift in the Party of the “Donkey”. KUWO reports that the divide among local Democrats has heated up to  the point that even a local Democrat Party Vice Chair, Jeanne Legault, is coming to Sawants defense.  Legault says that the Democrat Party needs a bigger “tent” in order to include people like Sawants because the Socialist Party is on the same side as the Democrat Party:

“I felt outraged,” said Jeanne Legault, a Democratic Party activist who supports Sawant. She helped draft a petition to have Sawant included in the forum. It was signed by 76 members.

Legault said it shouldn’t matter what party Sawant aligns herself with, as long as she agrees with Democrats on key issues.

I think we need to open our tent a little bit, and include other minor party organizations, like the Green Party or the Socialist Party or whatever, because we are all on the same side and we are stronger working together,” Legault said.

According to the  website Legault holds the title of 3rd Vice Chair in the Democrat District in Seattle, Washington.


Here is the latest Bill Whittle commentary on Progressive Lies.
As usual, Bill hits it out of the park.

Progressivism: Empire of Lies

From the video: Sarah Silvermanman getting paid less than a male stand-up comedian. The Rape Culture at the University of Virginia. Memories Pizza refusing service to Gay People. Treyvon Martin and Michael Brown assassinated in cold blood for the crime of being black. Racism pervading the Tea Party. All of it shocking, disgraceful and repugnant… if only any of it were… you know… true.

DNC Chair: “Ted Cruz Is The Embodiment Of Everything That Is Wrong With The GOP”

DWS(Above) Democratic National Committee Chair (DNC) Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (Image Hayride)

The next presidential election may very well determine if the United States survives as the world’s protector of individual Liberty or not. Nothing demonstrates it better than the beliefs of one Republican Presidential hopeful and a recent comment made by the Chairman of the Democratic Party.

Ted Cruz says the Constitution is “Our Standard“. The DNC Chair says that Ted Cruz represents everything that is wrong with the GOP.

The Detroit News reports that during a speech to Michigan Democrats at their annual dinner the DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, stated that GOP Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz embodies everything that is wrong with the Republican Party:

“Detroit — The chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee took aim at the top 2016 Republican presidential contenders in a speech Saturday night to Michigan Democrats, zeroing in on Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

“It’s fitting that Ted Cruz was the first Republican to jump into the presidential race, because he’s been their de facto leader in Congress for the past two years,” Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz said at the Michigan Democratic Party’s annual Jefferson Jackson Dinner at Cobo Center. “And he’s the embodiment of everything that is wrong with the Republican Party.”

Recently the DNC Chair made news by stating that there should be no restrictions on abortion. None.

U.S. Energy Secretary: Policy Makers Should Ignore Climate Deniers (VIDEO)

Energy Sec(Above) Dr. Ernest Moniz, Department of Energy Secretary (Image screenshot)

The Obama administration’s war on Climate Deniers has escalated during the President’s last term in office.And it would appear that Obama’s new Energy Secretary is an eager, albeit more diplomatic, soldier in that fight.

During a recent interview with Charlie Rose Department of Energy Secretary Dr. Ernest Moniz carefully stated that the questions from Climate Deniers about the flaws in the Climate Science do not rise to a level of importance which should obviate, or prevent, public policy makers from taking steps to prevent Climate Change.

Translation: policy makers should ignore Climate Deniers:

“I’m going to combined here science and policy. A little bit, Because in the end it’s what do we do about it that really matters.

So if you’re a scientist you can certainly focus on lots of questions that are not fully resolved in the Climate science. Which in my view does not take away at all from the bigger conclusion about we are seeing the drive to more warming. The more warming is creating a number of the phenomena we discussed earlier.

The issue is do the, in science, in research there always open questions as you go farther and farther into the issues, do those questions rise to level to obviate the need for public policy makers to take prudent steps now to address these issues? I think the answer is clearly, no. We need to take those issues.

The idea that we would not respond… I mean if you were a corporate CEO and your Risk Manager told you that there is only a 98% probability of something bad happening, and you said, oh well I don’t think we need to react to that. You wouldn’t be in that job very long.”


Democrat Pushes For EPA To Regulate Noise

air-force-one-nyc-12Air Force One flying over New York City. (Image Department of Defense)

Under the Obama administration the powers of the EPA have expanded to include the regulation of carbon-dioxide. But if a Democrat in New York has her way, the EPA’s power will expand to include the regulation of noise.

The Queen’s Chronicle reports that Democratic Congresswoman from New York Grace Meng has written a letter to the EPA asking the agency to begin regulating aircraft noise in Queens:

In a letter to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Rep. Grace Meng (D-Flushing) asks the agency to increase its responsibilities to reduce aircraft noise in Queens.

Janet McEneaney, president of Queens Quiet Skies, said Tuesday she applauds Meng’s efforts and says it’s time the Federal Aviation Administration gave up some of its duties to the EPA.

In her April 30 letter to the EPA, Meng said that the FAA has failed to address “intolerable” plane noise over the borough, adding “I have witnessed an inconceivable lack of coordination between airport operators and the FAA regarding noise control.”

She pointed out that the FAA is responsible for flight paths and regulating the airline industry. “The FAA neither has the resources or mission priorities to adequately address intolerable levels of noise in the best interest of my constituents,” Meng wrote.

She suggests the EPA consider reopening its Office of Noise Abatement and Control, which oversaw noise control until it was eliminated by President Reagan in 1981.”

Representative Meng is now serving her 2nd term in Congress.