Utah Board of Education: 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Students Need To Learn About Climate Change and Evolution (VIDEO)

kids climate change(Image NOAA)

As parents around the country are locked in a battle against things like Common Core essentially wrestling for the soul of their children, the parents in Utah are now waging a similar fight.

Fox 13 in Salt Lake City, Utah reports that the Utah Board of Education is trying to change the Science curriculum for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders so that it includes teachings about Climate Change and evolution. In fact the Utah Board, according to Fox 13, says the kids need this education mainly because the subjects are taught in areas of higher learning:

“SALT LAKE CITY — For the first time in more than 20 years, the Utah Board of Education is updating their Science Standards.

The board is in the process of traveling across Utah, getting feedback from parents and teachers regarding some of the new areas of study being proposed. On Wednesday, the board was in Provo.

Two areas of study that many parents at the meeting had concern over are evolution and global warming.

The Utah Board of Education said issues like evolution and global warming may be controversial, but they are still part of science–and students need to learn about them.

“We want to prepare kids as much as possible for college and career readiness, right, and every college in our state and every college in the nation discusses it,” said Ricky Scott, State Science Specialist. “When it comes to science, we’ll be teaching evolution, we’ll be teaching climate change, and our kids need to have a foundation and an understanding of those things.”

But many parents are pushing back by saying that this isn’t about updating the science curriculum. It’s actually a fight between what families want to teach in their kids in their homes and what a centralized education system wants to push on them at school.

Video below:

Cuban Delegation Attended Communist Celebration Of America’s Defeat In Vietnam

Vietnam War Anniversary-1(Image Fox News)

There were over 58,000 American casualties in the Vietnam War. And while the Obama administration would like to forget the supporting role Fidel Castro played in the defeat of the United States in Vietnam, the Communists have not.

The Cuban radio station, Radio Cadena Agramonte reports that a Cuban delegation from the Communist party attended the recent celebration of America’s defeat held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. During the ceremony the Cuban’s were thanked for their part in the “victory”:

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, May 2.- Vietnam’s Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung held talks here with the member of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) Jose Ramon Balaguer on the deep bilateral relations, local media highlighted today.

Dung delivered the main speech at the celebration of 40th anniversary of the liberation of the south, and afterwards met with the heads of the three invited delegations from Cuba, Laos and Cambodia.

Together with the Cuban representative, there were the Laotian Vice President Bounnhang Volachit and the Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister Men San On.

The Vietnamese leader stressed that the victory of the spring of 1975 was also achieved due to the support of the socialist states such as the former Soviet Union, China, Laos, Cambodia and Cuba, as well as that of international friends.

Regarding the Largest of the Antilles, Dung recalled the historic words of the leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro that for Vietnam “we are willing to give our own blood”.

Cuban Communists are known to have tortured American POW’s during the Vietnam War under what was known as the “Cuban Program”.

Seattle May Day Protesters Force Small Businesses To Close


All about the working class, right? All about helping the common folks topple the 1%? Seattle’s annual May Day protests/marches/riots have caused small businesses to close up shop for the day and purchase terrorism riders for their insurance. This shut down costs the businesses hundreds, if not thousands each, and results in lost wages for employees.

Additionally, the bus services are being re routed and riders are told to expect delays.

Just who are the protesters trying to help?

Oregon Rep Cites “Economic Oppression” For Baltimore Rioters

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 9.02.30 PM
Oregon state Representative Lew Frederick took to the House floor this past Tuesday, April 28th, to address the riots in Baltimore.

Parts of his speech included the following lines:

“It would also be easy, as many commentators have, to say that the rioters are just thugs. I’m not gunna make excuses for violence, there are no excuses, there are however, explanations. probably the most important thing to remember about this kind of riot is that it is an eruption of built up pressure. When people have nothing or little to lose, and lots to be angry about, it’s a dangerous condition.

“These riots are not a response to one incident. They are are a response to sustained violence in the form of relentless oppression. Economic oppression and unfair targeting, including violence, are not separate issues, but part of a system that those targeted see as coordinated. When they lash out, it may seem indiscriminate, when it seems that the whole world is against you, everything looks like an appropriate focus of rage.

“There are provocateurs who see this as opportunity to make trouble, and others who intentionally provide the opportunities. The whole picture is much more complicated than you will see on the news. City leaders in Baltimore call for order as they obviously should and we all should. This disorder is an emergency, but what will they do about the disorder that some communities experience on a daily basis?”

Police Declare “RIOT” In Seattle May Day

May Day SeattleThe “International Worker’s Day” has turned into a full blown riot in Seattle, as police report black bloc anarchists hurled wrenches and rocks at police, injuring 3 officers. Police fired back with pepper spray, and arrested 15 people, as protesters ended the evening by starting a fire near Seattle Central Community College.

KING5 News reports Seattle Police Captain Chris Fowler tweeted “This is no longer demonstration management, this has turned into a riot.” 25 vehicles have been damaged thus far, a sculpture at the college was vandalized, and local police and state troopers had to block on ramps to the freeways.

Seattle Post Intelligencer also reports that garbage cans were set on fire, and windows were smashed out in Urban Outfitters.

mayday7_1 mayday28 mayday206 May Day Seattle

May The Anti Gunners Live In Infamy

Floyd_ProzanskiAs the Oregon anti gun bills make their way through the legislature, it’s important to review who supports these bills, and immortalize their #gunsense for the world to see.

Let’s start with state Senator Floyd Prozanski. He is the chief sponsor of this year’s SB941, the “universal background check” bill, and has sponsored several other anti gun bills in the past. He tips off special interest groups as to when committee hearings will be, so they have time to prepare and organize, while leaving the general public in the dark, and he rigs the panels during the hearing. He also attempts to marginalize gun rights supporters. As a prosecutor, he only sought a 45 day sentence for a drunk driver murderer. On top of all that, he accidentally had a “Floydian” slip, and admitted on TV that his gun control bills will be pointless by saying “If someone wants to get a gun, they’re gunna get it through some illegal means” and “We’re not going to stop anyone and everyone from getting a gun if they really want one”… “Someone wants to go out and steal a gun, that’s not gunna be addressed by this issue”

His partner in crime in all of this is a fellow state Senator Ginny Burdick. She was the one who canceled a town hall by saying there was a “scheduling conflict”, when in reality she was scared to face the public and opted to lounge around at home that evening instead. Before that, she was caught calling for full registration and saying “There’s a real Rambo complex” while making fun of gun owners. While she loves to claim “INTIMIDATION” from gun owners, she seems to forget her own past of intimidating an ODOT employee who attended a gun rally at the capitol building, threatening to get him fired. On top of all that, she can’t answer basic questions about the background check bill she supports. No wonder she hasn’t held a town hall in over a year, and when she does hold one, she only takes written questions that her staff filters.

Representative Jennifer Williamson is a chief sponsor of SB941 on the house side. She prefers to dilly dally on her phone while citizens testify in her hearing, rather than listen to what they have to say. Ironically, while claiming she wants Oregon to be safer by passing these anti gun bills, she supports bills that would let violent criminals out of jail early, putting them back out on the streets to prey upon their next victims.

And, oh yes, the Slavery Senator, Chuck Riley, is also a supporter of these gun control bills, and, like most of these politicians, can’t explain how the background check bill will work.

And who can forget about Senator Elizabeth Steiner-Hayward, who is outright about her own mental illnesses, and also claims to be a gun owner. Perhaps the Moms should Demand that Steiner-Hayward give up her guns, for the safety of the children, or something. She also sponsored a mandatory vaccine bill, but then made excuses for wanted her family exempt from it. Of course she’s one of the chief sponsors of the gun registration bill, while saying that the Oregon State Police are already underfunded and can’t handle the basic things they are already tasked with. While explaining the issue at a town hall, she said “For better or for worse, that’s what our Constitution, sort of, says” while appeasing a foreigner who is anti gun.

Rep. Shemia Fagan might take the cake for the most contradictory and hypocritical of them all. While giving a floor speech in favor of an auto voter registration bill, she said “Mandating government paperwork to register before we can exercise our most fundamental rights in any other context, sounds absurd,” yet she turned around and cosponsored a bill that would mandate government paperwork before people could exercise their 2nd Amendment right. This was after a town hall where she couldn’t explain the basic things about the “universal background check” bill and had no idea how it would be enforced or how anyone could keep track of who was breaking the law.

You seriously couldn’t make this stuff up. You could not script a more hypocritical, nonsensical group of people who have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about, contradicting themselves at every turn, and “accidentally” admitting how their own bills won’t work.

Then we have Rep. Lew Frederick, who says he doesn’t see a need for guns, so that means no one should have them. This was a couple months after he praised an anti capitalist student at a Michael Brown rally. Also, in 2011, he was caught on film pandering to illegal aliens. So, we have a guy who’s encouraging people to break laws, then says he will reward them for doing so, while at the same time wanting to punish gun owners who never broke a law.

Senator Michael Dembrow can’t explain basic things about the “universal background check” bill either.

And who can forget the Gabby Giffords PR fluff session, where state reps Barbara Smith Warner and Carla Pilso conspired with Multnomah County commissioner Judy Shiprack to overturn OSP privacy policies, while now-resigned-in-disgrace US District Attorney Amanda Marshall made fun of gun rights supporters.

You also have Rep. Jeff Reardon, who co sponsors gun control bills before reading them; Rep. Jessica Vega Pederson, who thinks everyone is guilty until proven otherwise. This took place after they shut down debate on the gun issue at a town hall. Senator Diane Rosenbaum would prefer to marginalize and single out constituents at her town halls, then lie about it, rather than actually engage in dialogue. And in the rare that she does engage in dialogue, she has to start making things up.

These moron politicians are cheered on by such groups as Ceasefire Oregon, who’s director, Penny Okamoto, advises people break new gun laws, admits felons will just go to the black market to get guns, and calls for a two round magazine capacity limit; Radio host Carl Wolfson, who was caught making fun of a pro gun democrat Senator’s disability; The Moms Demand Action loons who call and harass shooting victim’s families, lie about their turnout at events, try to kick people out of public areas; Lunatics who babble on at hearings without making a single point; Outright communist sympathizers; Activists such as T.a. Barnhart, who publish defamatory statements that have no merit, then dodge the issue when asked about it; Senile wackos like Lee Coleman, who would rather toss around insults and tell people to “go screw yourself” when asked about the details of gun policy; Mayors who haven’t read any of the bills, and a whole host of others.

Yes, these are the people making and influencing public policy.