*Ugh* Catholic Cardinal Pushes “Sustainable Development”; Says Gov’s Role To Reduce Gap Between Privileged And Majority

File photo of Cardinal Wuerl at meeting of Synod of Bishops on new evangelization(Above) Cardinal Wuerl (Image Catholic Philly)

The current trend of combining religion, business, governments around the globe, and the radical Climate “church” should be concerning to anyone who values liberty. The dangers of Agenda 21’s push for worldwide Sustainable Development is well documented. Though the dangers of the radical green agenda have been trumpeted by many, including Glenn Beck, their warnings seem to have fallen on deaf ears even among those who surround his holiness, the Pope.

Catholic World reports that Catholic leaders recently held an international forum on economic growth and environmental sustainability in Rome. During the event Cardinal Wuerl made a disturbingly socialist argument for Sustainable Development stating that it was a “moral imperative and economic incentive”, and that it’s the role of government to “harness wisdom and creativity” for the “common good” so that it can “reduce the gap between the privileged minority and world’s great majority”:

“In his speech, Cardinal Wuerl said that the need for sustainable development is both “a moral imperative and an economic incentive as a business issue,” and that to commit to taking the task up is “pro-business.”

“Government has a role, and we clearly need strong international agreements. But in moving ahead, business and economic interests necessarily play a significant role,” he said.

“We need to harness that wisdom and creativity in the service of the common good. Such collaboration aligns private and public interests, and reduces the gap between the privileged minority and the world’s great majority.”

He referred to the issue of sustainable development as a “sign of the times…”

It would appear that under the watch of Pope Francis and Cardinal Wuerl not only will the Catholic church push the Marxist idea of Sustainable Development….but they’ll embrace it with a smile on their face.


  1. DeadMessenger says

    Has Cardinal Wuerl ever read the Bible, I wonder? He seems to have a shocking lack of eschatological knowledge, and the ability that discerning Christians have to know what time it is on God’s prophetic clock. He doesn’t seem aware of ehat is right on the horizon. He also doesn’t seem to understand the context of John 15:19, in the sense that it is a BAD thing to belong to the world.

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  3. Lippyone says

    Typical European liberal thinking. The church needs to stick to saving souls and stay out of politics.

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  4. billypaintbrush says

    The way to impact the difference between Aristocrats and peasants is the same way it happened in the Renaissance, Capitalism creates a strong vital middle class.

  5. Trialdog says

    Yeah, the bible is clear. Jesus believed the state should rule over man, forcibly seizing money from those the state deems wealthy to give money to those the state deems needy, depending on who supports the state. Jesus said such forced state action is for the “common good”.

  6. Sharon says

    Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. God/Jesus NEVER, EVER supported government. In fact, Jesus made quite clear that he abhorred government (which at the time was Caesar, Pilate and the rest of the Roman hierarchy. Both this Cardinal and Pope Francis are the devil’s disciple as both preach Marxism which is devoid of CHOICE. Choice was the cornerstone of what Jesus preached. Yes, he wanted everyone to “Love One Another”– in fact did he not say ” the greatest commandment was to love one another. However, he wanted it done thru the INDIVIDUAL, BY CHOICE NOT GOVERNMENT WHICH MANDATES!! So the next time any so called religious leader speaks about Any cure for what ails humanity, listen closely to HOW they believe it should be accomplished and if government is the cornerstone of that cure, THEY ARE INDEED FALSE PROPHETS!!

  7. Private_Eyescream says

    IF you want the know the TRUE SECRET of why the Catholic Church is floundering in chaos…
    ….ask yourselves one simple question — IS THIS POPE A JEW?
    Big nose, big eyebags, skin that goes ridiculously droopy at age 20, obvious psychopathic behavior (such as concealing the rapes of children), rubbery lips, a chin that “looks wrong”, and a litany of obvious subtler Jewish traits that have been known for over 1000 years.
    Pope Ratface = Obvious Jew
    Pope Francis = Fairly noticeable Jew
    Pope John Paul = Just research his lineage

    I, for one, would want my Popes to be 100% CHRISTIAN GENETIC LINEAGE and not some church-destroying pedophile Jews playing Christian.

  8. Sumner_Vengeance says

    Feed him to ISIS, this Pope and this Church are too stupid to see the real enemy.

  9. Keith Robertson says

    Cardinal, read your scripture: “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s”.

  10. RealityCheck says

    This is what is driving me away from the Catholic religion. This type of grossly uninformed thinking is driving poverty, not reducing it. You cannot make the poor rich by making the rich poor. The supposedly growing income inequality gap is a sign of economic success. Instead of having George Soros and his ilk attack the rich and spend literally billions on progressive political campaigns, how about spending all that money helping the lower half excel? Doesn’t that make a lot more sense? BTW, George Soros crushed an entire economy to garner his billions. How come no one ever really explores the hypocrisy in that?