While Obama Panders In Miami, Castro Regime Arrests Anti-Communist Protester & 163 Others in Havana


While President Obama pandered to a group of Cuban-Americans in Miami who openly questioned his new policy towards Communist Cuba, the Castro Regime was taking a different approach towards those who openly disagree with their policies, arresting them.

The Miami New Times reports that anti-Communist protester and artist, Tania Bruguera, was arrested in Havana, Cuba while protesting by publicly reading a book on totalitarianism for 100 hours. The Castro Regime also arrested 163 other artists and activists the same day:

Artist Tania Bruguera was detained yet again at her home in Havana. The Cuban-born artist has just finished a 100-hour long public reading of the German philosopher Hannah Arendt seminal work, The Origins of Totalitarianism (1951). In the book, Arendt argues that totalitarianism’s sole purpose is to terrorize and repress an entire population.

…Though born in Cuba, Bruguera has been based in Chicago for most of her career. She is currently in Cuba as the result of her arrests in December 2014, shortly after the United States announced that it was normalize relations with the island nation. Bruguera was arrested three times in December, each time for performing an art piece that openly criticized the Communist government. She remains unable to leave Cuba, stuck in a kind of legal limbo.

It’s estimated that 163 activist and artist were arrested the same day as Bruguera.

Ironically a Democratic Senator recently criticized President Obama’s new Cuban policy by stating that there was no obvious move by the Castro Regime towards giving greater freedom for it’s citizenry.


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