Bill Nye Says Overpopulation Is Causing Climate Change (Video)

Bill Dork
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Bill Nye, the I was never really a scientist, Guy has been a known proponent of man-made Global Warming, aka Climate Change. But what he has never really expressed is how really man-made he believes it is; until now.

In a video released by The Watercooler, Bill Nye states that the over population of the planet is causing Climate Change:

“Hey, Hey! Bill Nye here for the Emoji Science Lab. This episode: Climate Change.

Climate Change is a real deal everybody and here’s why. If we had some extraordinary car on some extraordinary highway and we could drive, somehow, straight up. For an hour. At highway speed we would be in outer space. It’s right there. The atmosphere is really thin.

Now back in 1750 there were about one-and-a-half billion people in the world. Well today there is 7.2 going on 7.3 billion people. 

Well that’s the problem. There’s billions of people breathing and burning the same thin atmosphere…”

Video below:

Under normal circumstances Bill Nye’s statement would be laughable. But considering the story which broke here on Progressives Today exposing how a UN Climate Official stated that we should do everything possible to decrease the world’s population to fight Climate Change, Bill Nye’s admission is down right scary.


  1. [email protected] says

    Those born in America barely have babies at a rate to replace the population. Growth come from illegals and those who are on the dole or want a large family. Then there are nations like Japan with a negative growth rate, which Billy should be bragging about. What this clueless clown should be concern about, is certain areas in Africa and the Mideast with families that average around five births.

  2. lgeubank says

    Bill “Nigh-On-The-Biggest-Tool-Who-Ever-Posed-As-A-Scientist” tries to unite two trendy politically correct phony crises in one. A difficult parlay.

  3. anagdul says

    I vote that all the pseudo-scientists be the first ones loaded into the back of the big green truck.

  4. thohan says

    Honorable Professor Nye, I will consider your position only after you have remedied your own contribution of CO2 to the atmosphere.

  5. Tchhht!!! says

    Bill Nye the Science Lie – Hey Bilious, how many parts per million of
    toxic gasses were around during the Hadean Eon (about five billion
    years)? In spite of the fact that it was a ball of molten rock I’d say
    the Earth has taken care of itself quite well. How about the Jurassic
    Period (about 56 million years) when billions of dinosaurs roamed the
    earth breathing up all that thin atmosphere and passing toxic methane?
    how did the Earth ever survive? Now you expect us to believe that human
    activity has put the earth in peril in a mere 200 years? You know I
    could be wrong here but it certainly seems to me that you are a colossal

  6. Political Vel Craft says

    NWO Hack! All The people in the world can live inside Texas with their own garden and house. He’s a lying sack of Shi%.

  7. lowell says

    It’s INTERESTING that this COMMUNIST MINION doesn’t mention that CHINA is the biggest producer of chloro-flouro carbons , and that CHINA is 1/3 of the World population. Thank God, we have a Second Amendment.

  8. olddog says

    Cool..Let’s eliminate ALL (D)em-wits..Rids the planet of MUTANT (D)NA and their Carbon PAW-PRINT thingy..WIN..WIN..for mother EARTH!!!

  9. comawhite94 says

    He didn’t say that breathing caused climate change. He meant that while people are releasing CO2 into the atmosphere through modern advancements (ie driving a car) we are also breathing in said pollution. He didn’t say that breathing does anything. This entire article is not only misunderstanding his words, but it’s also dumb enough to post the video for me to fact check it. If you’re going to peddle BS, at least make it somewhat difficult for me to see it.