Democrat: “The President Tried To Impune People’s Integrity” To Force Yes Vote (VIDEO)

oimge(Image Washington Post)

All through Obama’s Presidency he has lied,and bullied those who stood against him, in order to shove through his Progressive agenda. Those who have incurred the blunt end of the President’s draconian tactics have mainly been those who stood on the political right; Republicans and those who identify themselves as members of the Tea Party.

But with the latest push by the Obama Administration, and ironically many Republicans, to pass both the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) and the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) through Congress so that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) can go forward, Obama’s wrath has now flipped to the left and is aimed at those Democrats who stand in his way.

Democrat Congressman from Oregon Peter DeFazio said Friday that he was insulted by the President’s tactics as Obama tried to guilt members of Congress, and impune their integrity in an effort to force them to support the TAA and the TPA:

Basically the President tried to both guilt people and then impune their integrity. And I don’t think it was a very effective tactic. There were a number of us who were insulted by the approach.

He’s saying you’re not playing it straight if you use the only tool you have to stop TPA. They’ve got the votes for TPA, and I’ve been here before, I’ve seen this scene, once you get TPA the whole deal is a done deal. It’s gonna pass. This is our only opportunity to have a major impact. To maybe change it, to get enforceable standards in this and to change either at least the TPA, and maybe the TPP itself. Which is not totally concluded. This is the last opportunity. And the only tool we have is to defeat the Trade Adjustment Assistance.

So for the President to question our integrity, because he says well you believe in TAA. Why do we need TAA and why is it so urgent now? Because there will be hundreds of thousands to millions of jobs lost in this agreement. We’re bringing in Vietnam. We’re bringing in Malaysia. There’s nothing enforceable in the labor standards. There’s nothing that is going to change what is going on there, in the TPP.

This is our last chance.”

Video below:

U.N. Troops Caught In Rampant Sex Abuse Scandal

HONDURAS-HAITI-UN-HERNANDEZUnited Nations “peacekeepers” are at it again. This time a report by the UN Office of Internal Oversight Services has revealed hundreds of cases of sexual exploitation by the U.N. troops from 2008-2014.

The BBC reports:

The UN draft report says hundreds of women surveyed in Haiti and Liberia told they had been motivated by hunger, poverty and lifestyle improvement to sell sex to UN peacekeepers, according to Reuters news agency.

“Evidence from two peacekeeping mission countries demonstrates that transactional sex is quite common but underreported in peacekeeping missions,” the news agency is quoting the draft report.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press – which has also obtained the document – says that 231 people in Haiti interviewed last year told they had had “transactional sex” with peacekeepers.

“In cases of non-payment, some women withheld the badges of peacekeepers and threatened to reveal their infidelity via social media,” AP reports the document as saying.

This isn’t the first time U.N. troops have been caught up in sex scandals. In 2002 there were 43 cases of sexual exploitation in West African that involved these so called “peacekeepers.” Other internal reports reveal rampant sex abuse by U.N. officials and vendors in locations all over the world, and even include underage sex abuse where a 16 year old girl in the Congo was raped and impregnated.

Police Shut Down Another Unpermitted Lemonade Stand

8019713_GAndria and Zoey Green, 7 and 8 years old, were trying to raise money for their dad’s Father’s Day gift. So, like any youngster, they opened up a lemonade stand, along with kettle corn. After making $25 in their first hour open, Overton, Texas police arrived on scene and promptly told the young’uns they were being shut down.

KLTV reports:

“A code enforcement officer and the chief, she called me to the side and said we needed a permit,” Sandi (Green, the girls’ mother) recalls.

The City agreed to waive the $150 fee for a ‘Peddler’s Permit,” but the health department would prove a bigger problem.

Police Chief Clyde Carter explains, “It is a lemonade stand but they also have a permit that they are required to get.”

Texas House Bill 970, or the Texas Baker’s Bill, prohibits the sale of food which requires time or temperature control to prevent spoilage. Since lemonade technically must be refrigerated to prevent the growth of bacteria, by law, the girls can not sell it without an inspection and permit.

Sandi does not agree.

“I think that’s ridiculous. I think they’re 7 and 8 and they’re just trying to make money for their own cause,” she said.

Chief Carter can be reached at (903) 834-3145. It’s nice to know his boys are keeping these 2 hardened thugs from committing more crimes!

Andria and Zoey plan to be out peddling their illegal lemonade again on Saturday, only this time, technically, the lemonade can’t be for “sale”, they can only take “donations.”

Overton is located about 50 miles east of Dallas, and boasts some of the lowest crime rates in the state.

Portland Blows $8000 On Artsy Crosswalk Stripes

IMG_1636Yes, that’s the new crosswalk at the corner of NW 3rd and Davis.

Leah Treat, director of the Portland Bureau Of Transportation (PBOT) says that business in the Old Town-Chinatown neighborhood were looking for ways to spruce up the area to make it more lively and attractive, and this was one of the ideas they came up with. Somehow the new crosswalk is supposed to make everyone NOT notice the all crank dealers, addicts, and prostitutes that frequent that area.

“These are much more engaging (than regular stripes), they marry public art and public safety, so it not only brings a sense of place to the neighborhood and gives it a sense of identity and character, but it also enhances safety.” says Treat “Everyone who will be entering this intersection will notice this parked crosswalk, because it’s more visible, and people will slow down and will be more aware of their surroundings.”

On hand for the maiden walk across the umbrella stripes was Portland city commissioner Steve Novick. Commissioner Novick was in hot water earlier this year for plotting with Mayor Charlie Hales to introduce a head tax or city income tax to pay for street maintenance. Kind of ironic that these new crosswalks he’s championing cost $4000 per stripe, versus the old, regular stripes that cost $750.The Oregonian reports:

The cost of the creative crosswalks is substantially more than standard striping, according to PBOT. But city officials said they think the experiment will pay off as both a safety feature and a cultural enhancement.

“Portlanders have long recognized that a quality pedestrian atmosphere is the backbone for a vibrant downtown retail environment,” Novick said.

In recent years, Old Town has been the scene of some of the city’s most tragic pedestrian deaths, including a collision in which a TriMet bus driver hit five pedestrians in 2010, killing two.

The city paid about $8,000 for the materials and installation of the two reflective raindrop crosswalks at the intersection, which is illuminated by street lights at night.

“The cost estimate for each creative crosswalk is $4,000,” wrote PBOT spokeswoman Diane Dulken.

By comparison, the cost for one traditional “ladder bar” used at other crosswalks is $750.

It will be interesting to see how many vehicles recognize these as crosswalks, versus how many will just blow right on by not realizing what they are. Then there will be the rubberneckers, who will slow down to take a look at what is on the street, while taking their eyes off the rest of the road.

Keep Portland weird.

Insanity!! Soros Funded Group Claims Climate Change Is Causing Child Marriage

Climate Insanity

The extraordinarily, catastrophic claims of those who worship at the altar of Climate Change become more and more drastic everyday. From causing hurricanes, to the melting of the polar ice caps, even to the extent where the President of the United States claims that Climate Change is a threat to National Security, it is almost as if each person screaming the latest Climate Change doomsday prediction is trying to outdo the last. But just when you thought the insanity of the Climate Change church couldn’t become anymore outrages, suddenly, it does.

Heather Barr, The Senior Researcher for Human Rights Watch (a group funded by Progressive billionaire George Soros) claims that Climate Change is causing, of all things, child marriage:

“DHAKA—Sanjita had very little to say on the subject of how she felt about getting married. Maybe that’s because she’s 10 years old.  She had married 18 days earlier, to a boy who is 14 or 15 years old—he works in a garment factory in Dhaka and as a rickshaw driver.

Her mother Mariam (this and Sanjita’s name are pseudonyms) had quite a bit to say:

I don’t have any sons who look after my husband and I. We’re getting old and fall sick all the time. My husband says ‘I can die anytime—before I die I want to make sure I carry out my duty to my daughter.’

It’s illegal in Bangladesh for girls to marry before the age of 18, and parents and others who arrange such marriages can face criminal penalties, but Mariam told me, “We’re not very educated so we don’t understand those laws.”

…So how can parents be so cruel? The answer is that they are not, that often parents are faced with an impossible choice and doing what they think is best for their daughter. In too many families, there simply wasn’t enough to eat—or enough money to pay for children to go to school.

And there is another danger coming from an unexpected quarter. Bangladesh is one of the countries most affected by natural disasters, and it is also on the front line of climate change. Some families I interviewed were losing their homes and land to river erosion; others lose crops every year to flooding or had lost everything in a cyclone. These natural disasters encourage child marriage, especially for families watching their land erode, who rush to marry off their daughters before they are displaced.”

Ms. Barr’s claim that Climate Change causes child marriage is crazy enough to rank right up there with the claim that Climate Change will make redheads become extinct, or the claim that Climate Change will make Italian pasta disappear off the face of the earth.

And while we can rest assured that man-made Climate Change isn’t actually causing a type of child abuse disguised as marriage, or even cause a tasty Mediterranean dish to vanish, we can be sure that  as long as there are mindless followers of the Climate Change doctrine they will continue to demonstrate the definition of absolute….insanity.

Transgender MMA Fighter Puts Feminists, SJWs In Awkward Position


To allow Fallon Fox to fight naturally born females or not, that is the question.

Until age 30, Fox was known as Boyd Burton. Born male, Burton lived his life as such, though believing for a period he was gay. He was even married to a female at one point, and has a child. After serving in the Navy, Burton tried going to college but dropped out, and began driving trucks to earn money for gender reassignment surgery, which he had done in Bangkok, Thailand.

Now as Fallon Fox, “she” made her pro MMA debut in 2012, and made quick work of her first 2 opponents, who are natural females. After that, she came out and started to make headlines. Despite the natural body mass and muscular advantages, all of her opponents have been real females, and one of them, Ashlee Evans-Smith, actually managed to beat her.

As time has gone on, Fox has drawn attention from many big names in the MMA, and even a few words from Hulk Hogan. Many of the MMA fighters and personalities say that Fox should not be allowed to fight natural females. Those include Ronda Rousey, Meisha Tate, and Joe Rogan. On the opposite side, Chris Cyborg is willing to fight her.

This presents quite the paradox for the modern day radical feminist. Some will applaud Fox, and say

Others sympathetic to the LGBTQAUPM+ community state the obvious.


Before and after; Boyd Burton on the left, Fallon Fox on the right.

Before and after; Boyd Burton on the left, Fallon Fox on the right.

Dept of Education Partner & CEO Of “Games For Change” Retweets Ad For UN World “Goals” Comic Book

ungc(Image screenshot)

In 2011 President Obama called for “an investment in technology that will help create…educational software as compelling as the best video game.

Based upon that directive the Department of Education teamed up with a nonprofit organization called Games for Change to host The Games for Learning Summit on April 21st of this year. This first of its kind summit was meant to bring together commercial game developers, publishers, expert educators, students, government officials, and other stakeholders in order to identify strategies on how video games can be used as a learning tool in the classroom. The event even attracted a representative from the White House in the form of the Senior Advisor to the Deputy Director at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Kumar Garg.

Games for Change is based out of New York and was founded in 2004 with the goal of leveraging entertainment and engagement for the “social good”.

The CEO of Games for Change is Asi Burak. Aside from being a CEO, Asi Burak’s impressive resume lists things such as being a Board Member of the Producers Guild for America, a Faculty member at the School of Visual Arts in New York, a former independent Executive Producer for companies like Newsweek and USAID, and even a former Captain in the Israeli Defense Force (just to name a few). He has even been invited to speak at TED talks, Harvard Kennedy School, the Clinton Global Initiative, and the U.S. Army War College.

As grand as Mr. Burak’s career is, and considering his company’s partnership with the Department of Education, what he did on June 4th could be considered rather disturbing. Especially if you’re concerned about UN Agenda 21.

Agenda 21 is the United Nation’s effort to force the rather Marxist practice of Sustainable Development upon every country of the world. But in order to do so, it would require cooperation on a global  scale where nations willingly adopt, or accept, international regulations; basically creating a world governing body. For this effort to be successful, Agenda 21 requires a large public relations campaign; especially materials aimed at influencing children and the “uneducated”.

Enter Mr. Burak.

On June 4th Mr. Burak retweeted a link advertising and praising a video called Comics Uniting Nations. Retweet below:

Asi Burak Retweet

Comics Uniting Nations is an initiative started by several nonprofit organizations and their partners, working closely with the United Nations, in an effort to create an international comic book pushing the UN’s Global Sustainable Development Goals. The terminology used in the ad of the almost three minute long video screams “One World Government” all the way through:

“Poverty, disease, ignorance…Humanity has been struggling with such challenges since the dawn of time.

But now we come at last to the turn of the tide. In September the leaders of the world will convene at the United Nations to ratify the Sustainable Development Goals.

These Global Goals will serve as the ultimate “to-do-list” for the planet. A shared problem-solving framework for the entire human race.

Only this vote at the UN is just the beginning. It’s up to all of us, the citizen’s of the world, to actually see it through.

But how do we get the word out? How do we get past the language barriers, cultural differences, and limited literacy?

The answer lies in the universal visual language of comics. Through a union of words and pictures, we can get he whole world on the same page.

Then we’ll be ready to meet any challenge. Because alone, we can only do so much. But together, there is nothing we cannot accomplish!”

Video below:

Considering Common Core already pushes Agenda 21 on children in its curriculum, it shouldn’t be too surprising when the CEO of a company who partners with the Department of Education to create games in an effort to “educate” children retweets a video pushing the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Unfortunately it’s just another example of a disturbing trend where collectivist thinking is permeating the world’s elitists, leaders, and Progressives.

Progressive Journalist Calls For An “Overthrow” of the American System At Socialist Fundraiser

Fallen(Image filmint)

It has become all too apparent that the battle for America’s soul is being waged by basically two types of people. Those who wish to return the nation to its former glory as a beacon of liberty for the American people and the world; and those who wish to see the Constitution and all it stands for burn in the fires of collective tyranny.

An example of the latter was recently demonstrated during a New York fundraiser for Seattle Socialist Councilwoman Kshama Sawant.  FDL reports that during a speech given at the event Progressive author and journalist Chris Hedges called for the overthrow of the American system:

“Kshama Sawant, the first socialist to be elected to the Seattle City Council since 1877, attended a fundraiser for her re-election campaign at the All Souls Unitarian Church in New York City on May 31.

…Journalist Chris Hedges, activist and Socialist Alternative member Eljeer Hawkins and former Green Party Gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins attended the event to support Sawant.

…Hedges was introduced next and highlighted the successful “corporate coup d’etat” in the U.S. Although, Hedges said there was still an opportunity to change the country.

The only response, if we are going to recover a country that does not slip into a corporate, oligarchy tyranny…is if we overthrow the system,” Hedges said. “Let me repeat that word in case anyone from Homeland Security is here and that’s overthrow.

This isn’t the first time Chris Hedges has openly called for a revolution. During an interview in 2013 Mr. Hedges stated that, “I’m calling for the overthrow of this system”.

Video below:

Nancy Pelosi Blames Retired General Petraeus For ISIS Victories In Iraq (VIDEO)


On Wednesday retired General Petraeus stated that the United States is losing to ISIS in Iraq. On Thursday Democrat Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi said that the fact ISIS is winning is the General’s fault.

In response from a reporter’s question during the House Democrat Leadership Press Conference Nancy Pelosi said that it was General Petraeus’s job to train the Iraq military and obviously he didn’t train as many as he claimed:

Reporter: “General Petraeus said last night that we are losing the war in Iraq. How do you see it?”

Pelosi: “Well General Petraeus had the responsibility to train the troops in Iraq. I remember going over there on any number of occasions and hearing from him that he had trained 175,000 Iraqi troops and personnel so that they can take over their own effort. I would ask him about that. I think the number was far smaller than was represented to us.

Video below (comment begins at 9:32):

Driving Up Costs: EPA Sets Its Sights On Carbon Emissions From Semi-Trucks

st(Image FTDJ)

Less than a week after the EPA latest overreach in the form of a controversial water rule, the EPA has once again set its sights on yet another supposed “danger” to the environment: semi-trucks.

The New York Times reports that the EPA is set to propose new regulations on any truck “larger than a pickup” in an effort to cut carbon emissions and fight Climate Change:

This week, the E.P.A. is expected to propose regulations to cut greenhouse gas emissions from heavy-duty trucks, requiring that their fuel economy increase up to 40 percent by 2027, compared with levels in 2010, according to people briefed on the proposal. A tractor-trailer now averages five to six miles a gallon of diesel. The new regulations would seek to raise that average to as much as nine miles a gallon. A truck’s emissions can vary greatly, depending on how much it is carrying.

The hotly debated rules, which cover almost any truck larger than a standard pickup, are the latest in a stack of sweeping climate change policy measures on which President Obama hopes to build his environmental legacy. Already, his administration has proposed rules to cut emissions from power plants and has imposed significantly higher fuel efficiency standards on passenger vehicles.”

The New York Times notes that the new regulations will put a significant burden on the trucking industry by driving up the manufacturing cost of a tractor-trailer $12,000-$14,000. Because the majority of food and products are transported by the trucking industry in the United States the added cost of the EPA’s regulations are expected to be passed onto consumers.