U.N. Sec-Gen: “Obama To Sign International Agreement To End Global Poverty” (VIDEO)

70 AnniversarySan Francisco City Hall decorated for the 70th Anniversary of the United Nations.(Image Screenshot)

Last Friday, while most Americans were distracted debating the pros and cons of the Confederate Flag, or lamenting the latest SCOTUS rulings, Democrats and one world supporters gathered in San Francisco, California to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the United Nations.

The event, held in San Francisco City Hall, was a Progressive star-studded event featuring the likes of Governor Jerry Brown, Mayor Ed Lee, and Democratic Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. But the most compelling statement was made the the keynote speaker, the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon. Secretary Moon admitted that in September World Leaders, including President Obama,are set to sign a new international development agreement to eradicate poverty:

“Ladies and Gentlemen I’ll tell you why we have big works ahead. In September World Leaders, including President Obama, will come to the United Nations Special Summit Session and will adopt an inspiring new development agenda to end global poverty.”

Video below (comment begins at 50:50):

What could these new development goals be, you ask? And could they possibly involve wealth redistribution?

The “goals” are none other than Sustainable Development goals, which are an extension of the Millennium Goals, and they will be adopted at the Sustainable Development Summit in September in New York City. Oh and yes, they do involve wealth redistribution.

According to a United Nations report, Sustainable Development is all about wealth redistribution:

“The growing concentration of wealth and income, which may represent an inherent feature of capitalism (Piketty 2013), stands in sharp contrast with the increasingly cooperative nature of wealth creation in ever more interdependent and globalized, but segmented and dispersed production processes (Moulier-Boutang 2012). It further prevents eradicating poverty without breaching planetary boundaries (Rockström et al. 2009, Gerst et al. 2013). An approach for simultaneously addressing issues of resource allocation, wealth and income distribution as well as the quantity of natural resources nurturing economic activity is therefore required (Costanza et al. 2012, Farley et al. 2013). Redistributive policies are an essential component of strategies for reducing inequality and promoting sustainable development in its three dimensions: economic, social and environmental.”

So in a few months when the American people are once again distracted by the latest news of the day, President Obama will be in New York signing an international agreement to redistribute the wealth of Americans in an effort to eliminate poverty. Because just as every Progressive Communist knows, poverty disappears when everyone is equally poor.


  1. johnny says

    This Dumbsh!t can sign anything he wants, his signature has NO validation to Treaties, nor Laws that ignore ours or Cross ours. Unless something is ratified by the Senate, his autograph is just that, a useless name on a paper. Wish this idiot would just go play golf until it is time to leave office.

    • enoughalready says

      When the TPP is passed our Congress will have been neutered. The NWO and UN will be in control. We have lost America. I could cry. These dumb shits that voted for the Marxist and all his Communist cronies are to blame.

    • Radegunda says

      Why would Lord Obama care about “validation” when he can issue commands and no one seems to be able (or willing) to stop him or the agents who do his bidding?

  2. Finncrisp says

    Take from us and give to them. Isn’t that why we fought the American Revolution? Time is coming for the next revolution to stop all this crap.

    • LadyJ says

      That’s a good idea but getting today’s Americans off their butts to do anything is a dream of yesterday… they are too selfish and dumbed down to even care. The rest are clueless. If they would simply rise up now and take this country back by clearing out the politicians in office we wouldn’t have to have a war; a revolution yes, but without a war… Simply implement the rights given to us by the Constitution but most Americans have NO idea what the Constitution is even about. You can’t even get them to the poles unless they are being bought off with freebies. Those are selling the souls of America for a free cell phone, cigarettes, money, and political lies of securities.

  3. TJ says

    Our worthless POTUS should just focus on solving all the poverty he’s caused right here in the USA first.

  4. Trialdog says

    Don’t worry. President is a proud american who loves his country, its history, and its liberties. He’ll pull the General Secretary aside and enlighten him about capitalism being the engine of prosperity and freedom throughout the world. He’ll educate the General Secretary about the United States being a beacon of hope for the world, with a system all countries should emulate in order to eradicate poverty and injustice.

  5. NormB says

    Jesus told us “the poor will always be with you.” Matt 26:1, John 12:8 (Deut 15:11).

    Progressives, it appears, have some fundamental disagreement with the word and wisdom of God.

  6. rhbruning says

    The “War on Poverty” failed miserably here in the USA so now let’s try it on a global scale.