VIDEO=> Illegal Aliens Protest Sheriff Joe Rally in Salem, OR


Sheriff Joe Arpaio was the special guest speaker at a rally in Salem, Oregon, presented by the Oregon Republican Party and Oregonians For Immigration Reform.

A large counter protest was organized by something called Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste and CAUSA.

Here are the sights and sounds!

Sheriff Joe meanders across the street from his rally to greet the illegal alien mob.

Other sights and sounds from the illegal aliens and their allies, which include communists, National Brown Berets, union organizers, and others.

Wackjob signs from the counter protesters.

UPDATE! Another video video has surfaced of the confrontation, this one is from the Pro Joe angle (h/t Salem-Keizer Sentinel).


  1. timmy says

    Deport them all including the anti-government cry baby conspiracy fools! Nothing but a bunch of losers!

    • Robert49 says

      What Government? Oh the government that keeps allowing the borders to stay wide open? The government that even pays for bus and plane tickets for the illegals to fly to or travel by bus anywhere they want in the USA? The government’s Supreme court that just disseminated the meaning of marriage?
      Yea I am 100% anti-government because the US government head quartered in DC is a full blown homosexual supporting marxist regime. If you support that kind of goverment then jackass you are anti-American and anti-US Constitution.

  2. daylight disinfectant says

    What exactly are they complaining about again in their designer moo moos with pockets full of Obama phones and food stamps? You don’t like it? YOU go home.

  3. richard says

    Welcome to the new America everyone. Isn’t this what Obama promised when he said he said he would fundamentally transform our country?

  4. Robert49 says

    Those latinos actually ever take a long look at the shit hole countries they came from? There is a reason the nations they came from are shit holes now. Them!

    • Mtmc1959 says

      I can’t see that Americans can’t see what’s coming , even an ax murderer cares about his children , third world shit hole here we come ,

  5. mg4us says

    Notice these “illegals” were paid & sponsored bused in candidates? How can you tell? By the table with the signs and coolers on it.

    The left is destroying our country with people who refuse to assimilate, work hard and contribute.

    Dark clouds coming.

    Beware. .be On Guard. . Be prepared

    • No Hillary says

      Sheriff Joe is my Sheriff and there is always a protest by La Raza and radical groups. Between La Raza, SEIU and Soros, they are well funded and have paid protesters with printed signs. All astro turf stuff.
      If the Federal Government would do their job, Sheriff Joe would not have to. Of course the Feds keep suing him.

  6. darrell_b8 says

    Ever wonder why there are no ‘demonstrations’ in Mexico, Honduran, Guatemala, and other third world hell hole countries??

  7. says

    Very few of these ‘people’ are ‘immigrants’ lol!! They are mostly bussed in useful idiots, and the Commie Soros organizers. The Anti-America ‘Brown Shirts’, ‘Che’ or other idiotic Commie propaganda shirts/posters are all over this ‘Protest’. Yes, deport these subversive Criminals IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. oi812 says

    I am so glad the SCOTUS looked for intent when they made their ruling on Obamacare this past week. Perhaps now we can have them outlaw anchor babies because that was never the intent of the 14th amendment. The problem of immigration goes away once we stop the flow. 80%+ come here for some type of benefit, like anchor babies, jobs, schooling,…. Take those away by passing new laws and the flow will basically stop. When you do that you need a system that will expose and keep exposing everyone that is here illegally. In order to enact both of these you need to know what you will do with all that you expose. Demanding all must be deported will never be an option. So focus on the right system to stop the flow but cut a deal on who stays with legal status. Remember, if the flow stops the problem is over-not who stays and who goes

  9. Rachel Pancake Corrie says

    these people are criminal thugs, why are they not tear gassing them and rounding them up?