Woman Sues University – Claims She Was Sexually Assaulted By College Democratic Club Member

BDC-logo(Image Berkeley Democratic Club)

The Republican’s War on Women is one of the Progressive left’s favorite political war cries. But if certain allegations prove to be true, a California University,and the College’s Democratic Club, may be one of women’s worst enemies.

The Berkeley Patch reports that three women are suing the University of California at Berkeley claiming they were sexually assaulted while they were students and the University failed to address their complaints properly.

But one in particular claims she was sexually assaulted by a member of the Berkeley Democratic Party while she was on a school sponsored trip to the Democratic Party Convention in San Diego:

According to the complaint, Karasek was assaulted while on a school-sponsored trip to the California Democratic Party Convention in San Diego as part of her work with the Cal Berkeley Democrats Club. She stayed in a hotel room sleeping in the same bed with three other students the night of Feb. 10, 2012, and awoke at about 3 a.m. to another student massaging her legs, back and buttocks, according to the complaint. She froze during the assault and it continued for the next 30 minutes. In April or May of that year, Karasek met with university officials along with three other students who said they were also assaulted by the same student. She filed a formal written complaint with Center for Student Conduct representative Hallie Hunt on May 15, according to the complaint. But communication from the university over the matter stalled for months while the student remained a member of the club.”

Instead of a quick response and a thorough investigation, the Progressive University allowed him to graduate early. Then told the alleged victim that the issue had been resolved:

“Karasek learned through club leadership that they were advised not to remove him but could pressure him into leaving of his own accord, according to the complaint. She then learned in November that the student was scheduled to graduate a semester early after meetings between him, the Cal Berkeley Democrats Club leadership and the administration. The administration advised her in an email in December that the issue had been resolved through an “early resolution process” but she was not informed of any disciplinary action taken.”

If the three women’s allegations indeed prove to be true, then it’s safe to say Progressive women may want to reassess who is their real enemy, and who may actually be their ally.


  1. Jim says

    Not Berkeley, bastion of (approved) free speech, home of the California Mangy Bears, location of an earthquake fault under the stadium, Not Berkeley. OK, I believe it.

  2. tommy mc donnell says

    this is one the feminists, now, and the democrat party-media complex will take a pass on.

    • Tyrannocankles rex says

      Democrat Party Card worked for Beelzebubba – should get any Obamanazi off the hook.

  3. Charlotta Jones says

    If I was any of those 3 women, I would have waylaid him in a dark alley and cut his goolies off

  4. FiaT__LuX says

    Black males are considered more important than white women on the progressive human value list. Therefore it would be a pretty good bet that it has to be a black male for the progressives to throw a woman under the bus.

    • Ass Ripper says

      It was probably A boogie ,but why didn’t this woman call the police when this happened ?

  5. americansforall says

    Nan Peloser will comment on this…IF there is time bet. Botox treatments, cocktails, advising Shilliary, and taking 60 min. showers..

  6. rastor the magnificient says

    I’m offended the the democrat / racist party of slavery is still stiring their racist hatred and hasn’t been outlawed. The rats use the ignorance of blacks and other public schooled minoritys and useful idiot whites to fuel their marxist goals. I call them rats for short as they deserve no better. DOWN WITH THE RATS and the Clinton cabal and the can kiss my ass