A Progressive Solution to Harvesting Aborted Baby Body Parts

Guest post by John Rapide


This week we found out that Planned Parenthood has been harvesting aborted baby body parts for years.

Here is a likely Progressive argument for harvesting baby parts:

Young babies, still in utero, are among the most medically miraculous of all God’s creations. Small, packed with new tissue, stem cells, and developing organs, the fetus is a cornucopia of remedies for many maladies and a treasure trove for researchers. Given the millions of unplanned pregnancies each year, and the deep need for such truly “human resources” to cure the sickest among us, a simple solution becomes obvious.

Paying for the bodies and cell tissue of these unwanted babies will solve many of the problems plaguing our society.

First -for poor mothers facing unplanned pregnancies it will have a doubly beneficial economic impact, providing the mother with income for supplying the raw materials and saving the mother money from having to give the child expensive child care, which as we all know is a burden on the poor in this country.

Second – for those waiting for medical breakthroughs and the tissues only such fetuses can provide, the increase in the supply of such materials will kick-start a revolution which will save thousands if not millions of lives.

Third – the aborted fetus will, when viewed holistically, be a beneficiary of the procedure, as he will have been spared growing up in such an unequal world, likely in poverty, and unwanted.

And Fourth, and perhaps most surprising beneficiary is the very the purse of the people! It’s not unreasonable to think that the existence of a market for fetal samples will encourage a whole new group of women to become professional (breeders), hoping for at least one child, but perhaps being blessed with twins, triplets or even quadruplets. These will be the new mass producers of the fetal material which will drive the industry. Their earnings will be taxable, and thus the country will benefit from a lowering of the deficit, as the treasury receives a new inflow and a reduction in unemployment.

Such a simple mechanism is plainly reasonable given the current state of affairs. I urge any thinking man to consider it, and beg and detractors to find fault. As a single man, I have no benefit to gain, except perhaps the admiration of my peers for proposing such a comprehensive solution to a problem in our community.


  1. SCSharon says

    When one doesn’t believe in God, every and anything is permissible. You put yourself in the place of God. If you don’t believe in the sanctity of human life, then why shouldn’t someone kill you for your organs, if they so desire? They’d be just as much justified. You’re single.

  2. jessie says

    Next thing we will see is women having babies so they can harvest the body parts to make money, the driving force behind all evil and corruption. The baby murders alone are disgusting and then for profits. If a woman wants to do this, then she should be aborted and sold for body parts as well.

    • Zaire67 says

      There has been stories of women being convinced to delay their abortion for that exact reason.

  3. vcpitts2 says

    Why not call this what it is: organized black market for baby parts. Disgusting. And no amount of rationalization or reasoning will ever change the fact that this is heinous, evil, and monstrous.

  4. Chris says

    Why stop at unborn fetuses? We need fully developed body parts for research and transplants as well, no?

    We need some progressives to donate their fully developed organs so that other people can be saved and we can make research advancements.

  5. C. D. Carney says

    Here’s my interpretation of the beneficial notion of harvesting fetuses taken to its final conclusion, as presented by a person like Hillary Clinton to the growing poor among us- “Just die! It’ll be better off for you, dead! You’ll be spared the inequality, the pain of living as a poor and unwanted member of our civilization! So do yourselves a favor! Die. Die so we might live happier lives without you and lay claim to your harvested corpses and social benefits that will not have to be doled out from future generations’ wallets.”