UPDATED: Pro Gun Sheriffs Hit With White Powder Envelopes

Grant County, Oregon Sheriff Glenn Palmer

Grant County, Oregon Sheriff Glenn Palmer

One Sheriff hospitalized, several more on high alert after suspicious envelopes with white powder were discovered in mail.

UPDATE! July 28th, 5:48 PM PST. Sources are now saying that this was not related to the gun issue, but rather, it had to do with Oregon’s marijuana reform, and the targeted Sheriffs are ones who opposed its legalization. There is a suspect, but they are not being named and they have not been apprehended. The white powder tested negative, but some are wondering why one Sheriff had an adverse reaction when he opened the letter.

Glenn Palmer, Sheriff of Grant County and outspoken gun rights supporter, has been hospitalized after rash developed on his skin after opening an envelope filled with white powder. Several other pro gun Sheriffs received similar envelopes in the mail, but so far none of them others developed strange symptoms. Coincidence?

The East Oregonian reports:

Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer was taken to the hospital a little after noon after opening an envelope addressed to him at the Canyon City sheriff’s office. The envelope contained a white substance and seconds later Palmer developed a physical reaction, including a rash on his arms, according to a county official at the scene.

Umatilla, Jackson, Sherman, Wasco and Baker [Counties] also reported suspicious envelopes arriving at their offices, but no other reactions have been reported.

Palmer and two other people were taken to Blue Mountain Hospital in John Day for treatment and/or observation, according to a report from the Oregon Emergency Response System.

In Umatilla County, Sheriff Terry Rowan said a civil deputy on routine duties retrieved a letter addressed for Rowan from the Umatilla County Courthouse in Pendleton. The legal-sized letter had similar markings as the one found in Grant County, so the mail remained sealed and in a civil deputy’s vehicle parked at the sheriff’s office. The letter showed up about the same time the Grant County letter made an appearance.

Sheriff Palmer was the most outspoken state Sheriff against the “universal background check” bill that ultimately passed the state legislature and is now law. He appeared on many radio talk shows stating that he would not enforce the bill. Several other Sheriffs across the state joined him in opposition to more gun control.


  1. InVinoVeritas says

    The Left are the most violent, malevolent, underhanded, psycho-sick operatives this country has ever seen. We have truly been invaded from the inside-out. And it’s our fault – our fault for letting them take over education, the legislative and justice systems, and an entire host of industries. We stood by stupidly and quietly, not wanting to be ‘rude’ while being convinced everybody with an imagined grievance is a victim of our society and we are unfair.

  2. Linda says

    The war on cops is getting more and more vile and despicable. Liberalism is a hate-filled mental disorder!

    • 4thHorseman of the Confederacy says

      as it should be..they investigate themselves and more often than not, find they did NOTHING wrong. Policing in this country is nothing but a joke. The thin blue line is crumbling from within

        • 4thHorseman of the Confederacy says

          to keep morons like you from ruining it. I’ve bled for this country in faraway lands, made other men die for their country and you, a**wipe, wana know why I stay?

  3. Holding My Nose says

    Surely just a coincidence. Pro-gun control people are all non-violent and respect the dissident opinions of others, right? Suppose these sheriffs were big proponents of the law – the media would report it as gun nuts seeking revenge.

    • Bill the eighth says

      Would you please either make a coherent post or refrain from posting such drivel?

  4. foramerica says

    The liberal response to this: We obviously need more gun control to stop this. If these sheriffs would just get on our side, this wouldn’t happen.

  5. Will S says

    Senseless acts of envelope violence need to stop… If every citizen in this country didn’t have access to envelopes this type of tragedy would never happen. #ArmedAmericansAgainstEnvelopeViolence

    • Bill the eighth says

      You are correct Will, I am starting the call right now for strict envelop and stamp control. Universal back ground checks to buy postage or envelops, no one under 21 will be allowed to purchase these dangerous items. We also need a cooling off period of two – three weeks after the envelops and/or stamps are purchased before you can pick up your postage. A strict limit of 5 envelops or stamps will be enforced. You will also be limited to purchasing 5 stamps or envelops or combination thereof, to once a month, after getting your E&SOID (Envelop and Stamp Owners Identification Card).

  6. leevitowt says

    Proving the gun owners argument for them – guns don’t kill… Way to go libtards!

  7. batcountry says

    There is a war, it has already started against Sheriffs. They are being attacked for being pro 2nd amendment, against unfettered illegal immigration and upholding the very underpinnings of the rule of law. If you want proof on how ugly the Left is all you have to do is go the their Facebook pages. One of the hate sights is,” Americans Against The Republican Party” look it up on Facebook. Haters pure and simple.

    • 4thHorseman of the Confederacy says

      We have a few good Sheriffs scattered across the country. Problem is, the rest of them are still the proverbial ‘boys in blue’ and are corrupt as the next LEO. They look out for one another which is good on the surface..but sweeping corruption under the rug is intolerable. Turning a blind eye to corruption only facilitates crimes making 100% of them accessories to crime