Homicides in Baltimore Now Highest Since 1972

Since the riots of this spring, the homicide rate in Baltimore has skyrocketed to levels unseen in almost 50 years. Not since 1972 have so many murders occurred in the city.

This is what happens when cops are demonized by liberal media as racist authoritarians and the progressive mob is given rule of a city.

The Baltimore Sun reported:

City ties deadliest month with 45th homicide

Baltimore Detective Roderick Mitter was at his desk at the police station when he got a call from his mother telling him a family member had been shot.

Within minutes, the 10-year veteran was at Johns Hopkins Hospital, where his 18-year-old nephew, Jermaine Mitter, was pronounced dead Thursday.

“I was telling somebody yesterday, ‘You get numb to it. It’s just work,'” the detective said Friday of the violence he regularly sees on the job. But with family, he said, “It’s totally different. I wasn’t just Roderick the police officer. I was someone who lost someone.”

Jermaine Mitter was among 45 people killed in July, the deadliest month in the city in at least 45 years. July’s total surpassed the 42 homicides in May and tied the previous record monthly homicide count in August 1972, when the city had about 275,000 more residents.

Here’s a video report:

This breakdown of law and order is sad and totally unnecessary.

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  1. MarcusWoodson says

    Baltimore is a microcosm of Black Run America. And it’s coming to you wherever you live.
    This is what happens when the government caters to one class, gender, or race of it’s citizenry under the guise of “equality” or “social justice”. Obama voters have pretty much ruined this country. If not ruined, it will take a generation to repair it.

    lo and behold, it will be coming very soon to your neighborhood, in the
    form of a fair housing rule promulgated by Obama. This rule, known as
    the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule (AFFH), has been shrouded
    in secrecy.


  2. Not-a-RINO says

    It looks as if Baltimore is headed down the very same road with corrupt, incompetent Democrat rule which brought America’s fastest growing city with the highest per capita income to ruin and bankruptcy: Detroit. I live in Michigan and refuse to ever go to Detroit as it simply isn’t safe anymore. I came to Maryland to help my son and family get settled in a house after the USAF brought them home. I wanted to visit my Grandmother’s home in Baltimore, but after watching the mayhem on TV in May, there would be no way I will ever go there again. Even if this Democratic Peoples Republic honored my Michigan CPL, I still wouldn’t go to Baltimore – the thugs and losers can have it. It’s a dirty shame.

  3. TAK1 says

    Another city I wil never visit. I hope the activists who hate the police are the ones who are robb