New Twitter Bot Corrects You if You Say ‘Illegal Immigrant’

The language police have introduced a new bot to keep you from saying something that’s correct but not politically correct.

The liberal Huffington Post reported:

This Twitter Bot Will Correct You If You Use ‘Illegal Immigrant’

People aren’t illegal. And now, there’s a bot to remind the world of that.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump, who recently labeled undocumented immigrants “rapists,” is a prime example of the disrespectful discourse that surfaces around the issue of immigration, especially on social media. That’s why two reporters with Fusion developed a Twitter bot to call out people using the term “illegal immigrant.”

Patrick Hogan and Jorge Rivas created an automated Twitter account, @DroptheIBot, that detects tweets using the term and responds to users directly.

Here’s an example:

Not everyone is thrilled with the concept:

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  1. Goose says

    okay… how ’bout Criminal Invader?
    once upon a time, an Invasion! would ignite a War- how ’bout ‘dat?

  2. Howdidwegetinthishandbasket says

    Twitter may be right….its actually Illegal Alien not immigrant…

  3. Ganesh says

    They are called ‘illegal,’ because they have committed a crime. I don’t know why this is so hard for people to understand.

    Committing crimes is illegal. Crossing borders without permission of the host nation is a crime. Why is this so hard to understand???

  4. BGills says

    Immigrants they are not, invaders… That’s a much more appropriate description.

    If a home invader were successful in gaining access to your home, would their entire family be entitled to stay?
    Would you now be required to feed, cloth, and educate all of them in perpetuity?

    If someone were to sneak their entire family into the cinema, would Law enforcement only remove the adults, and allow the children to remain as long as they like? Would the theater owner now be required to allow them free entry, and free food, for life?
    The motivation behind taking what doesn’t belong to you, (better known as theft, to those who do not buy into this ‘P.C’ garbage) is intended to enrich one’s own life, and the lives of their family members… Is this to hence-forth be “considered an act of love?” An act unpublishable by Law?

    Do we now allow the money a bank-robber steals to become the property of their family, if they’re able to get away with it, at least for a short time?

    Real immigrants, ‘Legal’ immigrants, don’t defile the American Flag, or pull it down, and replace it with the flag of their ‘former’ country. They certainly don’t approve of ‘line-jumpers’ who cheapen their efforts to become a U.S. Citizen, and would compete with them for employment. No, Real immigrants are proud to have become legitimate U.S. Citizens, and eagerly have sworn an oath to obey all Laws of their new country.
    They are not the invaders who mark their newly conquered territory, by raising the flag of other countries, and demanding amnesty for their illegal acts. That is clearly the act of an invading force, one bent on conquest, and not assimilation.