SHOCKER: Newly Recovered Emails Show IRS Tried to Cover Up Targeting of Tea Party

Just last week, Obama went on the Daily Show and said the Tea Party was never targeted by the IRS. Newly recovered emails suggest otherwise.

Stephen Dinan of the Washington Times reported:

Newly recovered Lois Lerner email shows IRS tried to cover up tea party targeting

The IRS sent one of its intrusive scrutiny letters to a nonprofit group in order to throw up a smokescreen and prevent the group from complaining to Congress about poor treatment, according to one of Lois G. Lerner’s apparently lost emails, which were recovered by auditors and released by an interest group Tuesday.

Judicial Watch, which sued to force the production of the Lerner emails, said the emails confirm that Ms. Lerner, the central figure in the targeting probe, and her colleagues were aware of the sensitive nature of the cases but appeared to hide details of the massive backlog they were amassing as they held up hundreds of tea party and conservative group applications for nonprofit status…

“This material shows that the IRS‘ cover-up began years ago,” said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch. “We now have smoking-gun proof that top officials in the Obama IRS unlawfully harassed taxpayers just to keep them from complaining to Congress about IRS‘ targeting and abuse. No wonder the Obama IRS has had such little interest in preserving or finding Lois Lerner’s emails.”

Read more at Judicial Watch.

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  1. No Hillary says

    OK, when will there be some criminal charges on Lois Lerner and others at the IRS??????

    • Howdidwegetinthishandbasket says

      Sadly we just have to wait it out.
      The RINOs wont grow a pair and Obos DOJ wont prosecute and if they did he would just waive his pen and phone then pardon them like so many of these ‘low level drug dealers’ just released from jail.

    • Mendel says

      have to wait for new regime or she just gets pardoned so another year and a half maybe