THIRD Planned Parenthood Undercover Video Released – Photos of Procured Baby Tissue

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For 6 months, Holly O’Donnell’s job was to identify pregnant women at Planned Parenthood who met criteria for fetal tissue orders and to harvest the fetal body parts after their abortions.

As if the first two videos involving fetal organ harvesting and haggling over price weren’t vile enough, yet another video has gone public from the Center For Medical Progress. This one looks to be the first of a new angle on the series, entitled “Human Capital. Episode 1: Planned Parenthood’s Black Market In Baby Parts“, and it takes on more of a documentary type of feel.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 5.09.18 AMThis episode feature the story of Holly O’Donnell, a phlebotomist-turned-whistleblower who was looking for work drawing blood, “I thought I was going to be just drawing blood, not procuring tissue from aborted fetuses“, as she applied for a job with a company called Stem Express. O’Donnell says that Stem Express didn’t even tell her what job would entail during her interview. She later learned that they hire procurement techs to “draw blood and dissect dead fetuses, and sell the parts to researchers. They partner with Planned Parenthood and they get part of the money.”

Cate Dyer, founder of Stem Express

Cate Dyer, founder of Stem Express

We were asked to procure certain tissues, like brain, liver, sinus, pancreas, heart, lungs, and pretty much anything on the fetus. It’s basically a huge trafficking of fetal tissues” she reveals. “They weren’t looking for a compassionate individual, at all. They were just looking for someone who could get as much money, as many samples. I think that’s why they were interested in me, as a phlebotomist, cause I can draw quick… They wanted someone who could get the numbers up.

O’Donnell says that the owner of Stem Express, Cate Dyer, used to be a procurement tech, but started her own company. “Now she’s making, a lot of money, based off the poor girl who half the time don’t want to get abortions. It’s a pretty sick company.”

“Whatever we could procure, they’d get a certain percentage. The main nurse was always trying to make sure we got our specimens. She knew that Planned Parenthood was getting compensated, so she wanted to make sure that everything was going great for us” O’Donnell explains. “The harder and more valueable the tissue, the more money you get. So if you can somehow procure a brain or a heart, then you’re going to get more money… I guess that’s the incentive to get the hard stuff.”

O’Donnell goes on to explain her first day on the job, where her trainer and other people were digging into tissue, separating vaginal tissue. Using tweezers, the trainer explained “This is the head, this the arm…” and shortly after, O’Donnell blacked out when she began to dig through the parts. “I woke up in the recover room, and the nurse looked to me and said ‘You’re new, huh. Don’t worry, it still happens to a bunch of us. Some of us don’t ever get over it.”

Hidden video goes on to show what happens in the dissecting area, as they pick through the parts. A Dr. Savita Ginde comes in to discuss prices with a buyer “I think the per item thing works a little better, just because you can see how much you can get out of it.”

No word yet if the “less crunchy technique” was used during the abortion process of this particular specimen featured in the video.


    • kadepro says

      It’s edited, photoshopped, hacked, and reassembled for the pro-lifers benefit. So they’ll claim.

      • maybetoday777 says

        Yup, its a Democratic trick, accuse others of what you do! Old as Satan in the Garden of Eden, “Yea, Hath God Said!”

      • Robert Marino says

        Malarky ……
        Those are dead Baby’s , and you are defending their murder ……

        • kadepro says

          No, not defending it. Saying the pro-choice people will make excuses to cover their sorry asses saying the videos are edited, hacked, photoshopped and reassembled by ProLifers, to make pro-murder people look bad.

        • Sailor Scout for Righteousness says

          This is in response to your comment on Tnews where you boast about how you believe the bible! The very word believe has lie and eve written in it be-Lie-ve and Beli-Eve. If you had any wisdom you would ditch that Saturnalia book, repent of
          inviting a heartsnacher into your heart and believing in a trator who
          tried several times to usurp the position of the true Creator Goddess. What are you going to do when you find out you rejected the true Creator Goddess and you discover the jealous father you worship is satan and his son is the devil? What are you going to do then? The devil laughs at humanity because they think hes a god.

    • Darrell Griffin says

      I call it Planned Prolicide and Prolicide for Profit, because that’s what it truly is.

      These people shouldn’t just have their funding removed. They should be investigated, and some imprisoned.

      • King_Dingaling says

        Its funny not one single Republican can arrest these doctors. Why because the talking about reimbursment cost and that’s not illegal. Plus defunding planned parenthood won’t end abortion because none of the money is going towards abortion. The money is used for other medical services that they provide like STD testing and breast cancer testing etc. These people who made the video are playing you for a fool.

        • Darrell Griffin says

          You clearly didn’t watch them.

          I find it pathetic that you dismiss valid information, simply because you don’t like the source. That is the sign of a weak intellect.

          Nobody put those words in Planned Prolicide’s mouth, but go ahead and don’t believe your lying eyes and ears.

    • King_Dingaling says

      First you must ask yourself why is there so much video evidence yet no ones in jail for this illegal activity. Its because in the video their talking about reimbursement cost and that’s not illegal. The people who made the video have no solid evidence of people buying and selling baby parts so they edited the video to make it seem as if that’s what their talking about.

      • David Mills says

        So, a video of a PP staffer saying that they do sell baby parts, and a corporation whose sole purpose is to fence the baby body parts, in your opinion does not constitute evidence?
        The fact that no one has gone to jail means nothing anymore.

        • King_Dingaling says

          I don’t like abortion ether but no where in the video did they say their selling baby parts. What they were talking about is reimbursement cost for storing and shipping fees and that’s not illegal. Plus no tax payer money is being used for abortions so if researchers want the fetuses they have to pay that extra cost and in most cases PPH loses money. Republicans attempt of defunding PPH is pointless because none of that money is used for abortions. What their trying to defund is STD testing and breast cancer testing and other services they provide . Republicans are using this for propaganda purposes and their hurting the poor just to accomplish their goal of looking like they care about babies ,but in reality defunding PPH does absolutely nothing to stop abortion.

          • David Mills says

            “Republicans are using this for propaganda purposes…”
            That’s the sword you’re going to fall on?

          • King_Dingaling says

            Well first we need define propaganda . It means that the information given is bias and misleading in nature , used to promote and publicize a particular political cause or point of view. Everything in the video is misleading and not fact based. If it was fact based everyone one would be arrested. No lawyer would ever use these videos in a court room as evidence because their heavily edited with false statements .Anyone with an intelligent mind can see that. Instead of prosecuting PPH republicans use these videos as propaganda so their dimwitted voters can get excited about defunding PPh, but in reality their not even defunding abortion. What their defunding is everything else that’s not even related to abortion. God says seek truth in all things and thats what I do .

          • David Mills says

            First, don’t dare invoke God on me and defend abortions as contraception in the same paragraph. That’s as stupid as advertising a Christian Rave party. Second, if all the statements are out of context, then tell me under what context is the quote “We have to make sure we’re all saying the same thing, and that the
            CEO’s are all saying the same thing… We don’t want to get called, you
            know, on selling fetal parts across states.”
            I’d like to know under what context this makes sense if they’re not selling baby parts.
            The only propaganda is what you’re selling.

          • King_Dingaling says

            Of course they don’t want to get mistaken for selling baby parts because it’s illegal and that’s not what their doing. Those companies who want to research fetal tissue have to pay extra cost for storing, shipments and gathering the parts they requested , it’s not free.Dr Ben Carson used to pay those fees when he researched fetal tissue as a neuro surgeon. Now he condemns other researchers for doing the samething just because he wants to be the next Republican president. Here’s what you need to understand about me, I don’t like abortion ether but I know this is not the way to end abortion. Defunding PPH doesn’t do anything to stop abortion . No Money is Used on Abortion. Republicans are trying defund everything else that doesn’t even have to do with abortion for propaganda purposes. God says seek truth and don’t let the devil deceive you.

    • King_Dingaling says

      What’s evil is none of the tax payers money is spent on abortions . What Republicans want to take away is STD testing and all the other services that planned parenthood provides.

  1. CoffeeShopGhost says

    I have not yet heard an explanation as to why it’s illegal for Planned Parenthood to do this and yet it appears perfectly legal for StemExpress to do it. Is this the laundering of baby parts? Once they’ve been “donated” you can profit enormously from it?

    • PatriotGranny says

      It’s not legal for anyone to make a profit from the sale of the body parts of brutally slaughtered unborn children.

  2. Isabella Cruz says

    The Chinese do this to members of the Falun Gong. They remove eyes, hearts, livers, etc. from adult human beings while they are still alive. Most Americans I’ve talked with who know about this are appalled. Somebody please explain, when it comes to dismantling pre-born human beings and selling their body parts for profit is it an age thing or an expediency thing? Are people so afraid they might not be able to have sex with whomever they want whenever they want and then have no consequences attached that they are willing to countenance this diabolical activity? Don’t they get that we are known by our fruits and that people who don’t stand against this will be labeled as evil and deserve that label? Do they care? And if not, what the heck happened to them?

  3. Phillip Rose says

    So it appears Dr. Josef Mengele did have children and they now work for Planned Parenthood

    • maybetoday777 says

      Correct, oh yea, these people just happen to be Roman Catholic too like Mengele…

      • kc54 says

        C’mon, really? Who told you they are Catholic? Evil comes in every denomination, atheist and agnostic, with every race, and socio-economic group. Whatever they are- or claim to be- they are not Christians! They are satanic and the epitome of evil!

  4. prisonerno6 says

    Is it just me, but when I watched the video I felt my body go cold and had an unnerving since of dread as if I should not be watching the video.

    • happyg says

      I wonder how many liberals are organ donors, or want to donate their deceased children’s organs? There is no difference, except that the babies are murdered.

      • Bella says

        I thought the same thing at first, but these body parts are being sold, for money. The older the fetus, the more expensive the part. At least that’s what I understood from “the harder the tissue…”

        This is absolutely grievous.

    • kc54 says

      I could not finish watching- made me feel sick and anxious. These ghouls who work at Frankenstein corporation, aka, Un-planned parenthood, need to be in prison. A good thing would be for posters plastered on their jail walls depicting the remains of these little lost, murdered babies- they would have to
      Look at day in and day out. God help us!!

    • Tammy says

      God is going to get us all for this! What a horrible thing to do to the poor innocent unwanted babies!

  5. Long-Skirts says



    “A less
    crunchy technique”

    Oh, how

    Like the
    Germans who gassed

    So no one
    felt pain.



    A little
    blood spilled?

    Sew her up
    with some sutures

    And make
    sure you give her

    honeymoon stitch

    To fulfill a
    man’s dream

    As he uses
    her niche.

    Then we’ll
    take her back

    Clean her
    out before lunch

    Harvest her

    And our
    cow’s cache we won’t crunch.

  6. Iatemine says

    These ghouls in Planned Parenthood are right up there with the Nazi Doctors in the Concentration camps experimenting on prisoners. Absolutely disgusting . Will burn in the depths of hell.

    • King_Dingaling says

      Before you burn anyone in hell maybe you should watch the unedited videos first and make a just judgement.

      • Iatemine says

        I have seen the “whole”video. And I have seen PP lie again and again. As a Tax payer I do not want our money funding these ghouls. I believe in saving the life of a mother ….I also believe in self control and personal responsibility. PP enables and encourages the opposite.

        • King_Dingaling says

          I don’t like abortions either but I will not be made a fool of because of right wing propaganda. If Republicans defund PPH that will accomplish nothing because none of that funding goes to abortions. This whole situation is ridiculous and pointless everything they did in the video was legal.

          • Iatemine says

            This isn’t about “legality”…it is about right and wrong. It is about crossing the line into human decency and protecting the soul of our culture. I know…to progressives that means nothing. But to decent rightful thinking people it means everything.
            There are just certain things that cross the line and we do not do. This is one of them. And if we have to challenge legality to right a wrong…so be it.

          • King_Dingaling says

            Protect the soul of our culture. The culture where people can just walk into a church or school and kill innocent people or the culture of police officers killing unarmed citizens. The culture of corporations taking more than what they need and paying Americans as little as possible and if they ask for help republicans call them leeches and bums. How about the culture of only the wealthy can have good health care and everyone else has to drown in debt. Human decency you say, well tell that to all the U,S soldier’s and Iraq’s who died for a rich white mans greed. You have a very blind view on what our culture actually is.

          • Iatemine says

            You think you can lecture me on MY culture? You don’t even know me or a thing about me! I have lived long enough to know none of those things YOU are spouting have anything to do with “culture”. I think you should read a little more history. Every single one of those things you mention are not new…except abortion….and change over the years through minor and major revolutions , the near-future generation coming into power will make changes themselves. You sound like a Socialist. (a historically 100% failed ideology btw) I’m done with you, you just demonstrated a severe lack of real knowledge.

          • King_Dingaling says

            Your personal culture has nothing to do with what I was saying. I was talking about American culture as of right now . As for Americas culture of history is that what you want to protect , slavery, Jim crow, massacring millions of Indians and stealing their land. What is this soul of culture that you speak of and trying so hard to protect ?

          • Iatemine says

            You’re confusing “American” culture with “Progressive induced” culture. You know…between New York and Los Angeles there is a whole Country that does not live like the idiots we see on TV and on Yahoo News every day. That vast majority gets no air time….ever.
            As for Slavery…as I remember hundreds of thousands of white men died ridding the Country of that. Did you know that less than 1% of the South owned slaves? History is written by the winners not the losers. Much like the history revisionists do today.
            You obviously do not think much of the United States. Bedfore you continue to bash us…go learn a little history of other Country’s Pal. Every single one has blacvk marks on its history. Nowhere in history have the poor ever EVER lived as securely as in the United States. Stew on that a while, and try and open your mind a bit more. You are stuck in the rut of Liberalism.

  7. Troubleshooter says


  8. Philbert McNutt says

    Cecile Richards will do her best Slick Willy imitation, put on a serious face, wag her finger at the camera, and declare, “I did not make money off that baby.”

    The proglodyte sheeples will nod their collective heads (pun intended, thank you), then turn and snarl that pro-life people are dangerous criminals.

    Being a proglodytes saves so much time and energy. It really is nice to have someone to do your thinking for you.

  9. TheRealBillybob says

    The Progressives never squealed this loud about “edited video” when they used the Romney 47% edited video, did they?

  10. Dovette says

    I’m struggling to stay rational when I think of the type of punishment all those involved with this deserve, and it alarms me. I think you have to be so dark inside to be able to do this as a job. Cate Dyers eyes are dead, she has no soul. Judging by her haircut she probably leans on the left politically, and this type of thing that she is running requires a cold heart that would be abundant in Soviet Russia and National Socialist Germany.

  11. Dovette says

    I heard Ron Paul talking about what went on in abortion clinics in an interview once. He was explaining why he was against abortion. He said as a trainee Dr he spent time in these clinics and saw what this video is showing. He saw the foetuses effectively being murdered. Someone should get a comment from him.

  12. disqus_xIdL3YzMYs says

    As a pediatrician of over 30 years, I watched this with a heavy heart, knowing “11.6” could easily lived to be one of my patients in the newborn nursery. I am ashamed and embarrassed of my beloved medical progession, to see colleagues participate in “tissue procurement” so cavalierly without even a hint of uneasiness about what they are doing. The ultimate in corruption of the profession, similar to the Nazi Doctors and what they did!

  13. Bully Breed says

    Ya know what, as far as I’m concerned, they can abort all the babies they want, on their own dime, right up to before the moment the baby has a central nervous system and can feel pain. After that, it’s not only murder but in many cases, torture. Ask a Vegan how they feel about abortion, and I guarantee near 99% think it’s all white.

  14. dba_vagabond_trader says

    What would science savvy people want with clumps of worthless tissue?


  15. Nick says

    This would explain why they lobbied the alleged President for later trimester abortions so that they could procure complete specimens. He had to of known because of his devotional support of this evil organization.

  16. digigenocide2 says

    Who gives a shit. They’re just gonna throw it out anyway. Why not sell it for research.

    • says

      Lots of people give a shit. And since you are fairly callous, think of the mothers, or taxpayers, who had to pay for the procedure – they sure got no money from it.

    • Paula McCready says

      How callous can you get? These are BABIES!!!!! They are lives! What if you were one of them? How would you feel if someone said that about you, but of course these UNBORN lives can’t speak and you can… What an unfair thing to say… God help this country… this is so sickening!

      • digigenocide2 says

        Think about for a second. Do you honestly believe the children being aborted will actually benefit society? Most of these aborted children will grow up to be ghetto trash who will do nothing but sell drugs, Rob people, and leach off of the rest of us. Am I really supposed to feel sad that their lives are being snuffed out? If their lives can be used to save the lives of productive people, why not.

          • digigenocide2 says

            Probably not much. I gotta quit smoking. But their life is worth as much as mine? I’ve never been locked up and I’ve never not had a job. Those two facts alone make my life more valuable. I’ve never sold drugs, never robbed anybody, never participated in a riot.

          • digigenocide2 says

            In 14 to 20 years, most of them will. Black males represent 6% of the population, yet they account for over 50% of murder, 50% of robberies and 30% of burglary. 1 in 3 black males will serve time and 1 in 9 is currently serving time. Forgive me if I lack sympathy, but if black people don’t give a damn about the lives of black people, why the hell should anyone else.

          • digigenocide2 says

            What this says about our country? You mean the country that forces its way into every foreign conflict. The country that gives money welfare queens to give birth to more children they can’t support while we leave our veterans on the street. The country where getting injured without insurance means you’ll lose almost everything. Our country has way bigger problems than abortion. Furthermore if you think a few million more little niglets running around is gonna benefit us in any way, you’re nuts.

          • digigenocide2 says

            You can’t hide from reality sweetie. What’s a better use of tax payer dollars? A 400 dollar abortion or up to 30,000 a year to keep them in prison plus government assistance before and after prison.

  17. AmandaTrebiano says

    You don’t have to be pro-life to be sickened by this. I never thought I’d live to see this in America–and the media aren’t even reporting it. Worst of all, they have the BALLS to investigate the whistleblowers for this? Are you flippin’ kidding me????

  18. RedBaron77 says

    Only subhuman scum would support the above murder. Liberals are the scum of the Earth.

  19. Jack Daniels says

    That ” tissue ” you see in the photo had eyes fingers toes and a beating heart, and liberals condone this sort of barbaric bulllshit ??? The whole country should turn on these no good rotten murdering son of a bitches…

  20. says

    And the mothers of course did not get a cent for the fruit of their wombs, and had to pay for the procedure ,or the taxpayers paid. I hope all sue the hell out of PP.

  21. says

    They are HIGHLY EDITED HOAX VIDEOS, edited to meet an agenda:

    Latest Video Attacking Planned Parenthood Full Of More Deceptive Edits

    NY Times Editorial Board Calls Out “Campaign Of Deception Against Planned Parenthood”

    3 Deceptive Edits In The Video Claiming Planned Parenthood Is “Selling Aborted Baby Parts”

    How A Lie Becomes A Law: GOP Introduces Legislation To Defund Planned Parenthood Based On Deceptively Edited Videos

    ALSO…let’s stop PRETENDING we care about life in this country, because we DON’T.

  22. Martha Benton says

    They are selling BABY parts. Quit calling them “fetuses”. They are BABIES period. They claim they are not “human” until they are born, so why are they selling non-human parts for human use? I would love to hear them explain their actions when they stand before God on Judgment Day. “They weren’t human God. They were fetuses! We had to make a living somehow.” Think God will buy their story? I don’t. And all the mothers that allowed this to happen to their children because they considered them “in the way”. It was their carelessness that got them pregnant, so why should the baby pay for their carelessness with its life? The only “parenthood” this den of iniquity is planning is the death of a baby and how to make the most money off of its poor little body.

  23. nobleknight2 says

    I love how they call themselves “Progressives Today”…a “Liberal” is a progressive. This is not a liberal website and therefore, not progressive. Planned parenthood is progressive AND necessary and a very good thing. These videos are edited and people are going to believe what they want and use anything and everything to spin reality to support their beliefs anyway.