UH OH: Another 150 CLASSIFIED EMAILS Discovered on Hillary’s Email Server

Hillary Clinton’s claim that there was nothing classified on her email server was clearly not true. This news is pretty serious trouble for the Democrat front-runner.

From the Daily Mail:

BREAKING: State Department says 150 more Hillary Clinton emails have been ‘upgraded’ to classified status in the release scheduled for tonight

The State Department said Monday afternoon that when it releases the latest tranche of Hillary Clinton’s emails tonight, ‘somewhere around 150’ of them will have been ‘upgraded to classified’ status.

Agency spokesman Mark Toner briefed reporters in advance of the periodic release, which was rescheduled twice during the day and is now expected at 9:00 p.m. EDT.

Under intense questioning, Toner conceded that the review of about 7,000 pages of emails in the latest batch has uncovered the 150 communications ‘that have been subsequently upgraded classified.’

He emphasized that ‘the information we’ve upgraded was not marked classified at the time the emails were sent.’ But Toner seemed to hedge his bets against future decision-making inside the U.S. Intelligence Community.

‘That’s our estimation right now,’ said Toner.

Ed Henry of FOX News tweeted it out earlier:

Could Hillary Clinton actually be prosecuted?

Hat tip to Weasel Zippers.

Taxpayer Funded National Public Radio Declares Black Shooting Targets Are RACIST

Everything is racist in the age of Obama. Even shooting targets which use a black silhouette on a white background.

This sounds like another lame attempt to suggest that all cops are racists.

From taxpayer funded NPR:

Shooters Quicker To Pull Trigger When Target Is Black, Study Finds

Are most people more likely to pull the trigger of a gun if the person they’re shooting at is black?

A new meta-analysis set out to answer that question. Yara Mekawi of the University of Illinois and her co-author, Konrad Bresin, drew together findings from 42 different studies on trigger bias to examine whether race affects how likely a target is to be shot.

“What we found is that it does,” Mekawi tells NPR’s Arun Rath. “In our study we found two main things: First, people were quicker to shoot black targets with a gun, relative to white targets with a gun. And … people were more trigger-happy when shooting black targets compared to shooting white targets.”

That is, shooters weren’t just faster to fire at black targets; they were also more likely to fire at a black target.

Couldn’t it be that a black silhouette on a white field is just easier to see?

No. That would make too much sense.

Hat tip to The Gun Feed.

NOTE: Some commenters have claimed that the image used in this post is dishonest but it’s the exact same target type that NPR used in their story.


EPA Fines Rancher $37K Per Day for Building a Pond ON HIS OWN LAND

Under Obama, the federal government has become a bunch of bullies who think they can get away with anything. Whatever happened to property rights?

Valerie Richardson reports at The Washington Times:

Wyoming farmer sues EPA after facing $16 million in fines for building stock pond

Farmer Andy Johnson hasn’t sent millions of gallons of gold-mine wastewater down any rivers, but he’s facing more than $16 million in fines from the Environmental Protection Agency for running afoul the Clean Water Act.

His violation? In 2012, Mr. Johnson built a stock pond for his horses and cattle on his 8-acre property in Fort Bridger, Wyoming.

Even though the Clean Water Act exempts stock ponds, and Mr. Johnson had obtained the necessary state permits, the EPA ordered him in January 2014 to restore the area to its original condition or accumulate fines of $37,500 a day. Instead, Mr. Johnson hired a lawyer.

“The EPA is out to expand its power, and I’m a test case,” said Mr. Johnson in a statement. “We’re going to fight them all the way.”

Last week, his attorneys — including the Pacific Legal Foundation and the Budd-Falen law firm in Cheyenne — filed a lawsuit against the agency to stop it from enforcing the compliance order.

“The EPA’s double standard is mind-blowing,” said PLF staff attorney Jonathan Wood in a statement after the motion was filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Wyoming.

Here’s a video report:

Reminder: This is the same EPA that recently destroyed a river in Colorado.


Illinois Lottery Winners Get an IOU Because State Has NO BUDGET to Pay Them

This is a fine example of life in a true blue state. Illinois is having such serious budget problems that lottery winners are being given IOUs.

CNBC reported:

Illinois Lottery winners receive IOU amid lack of budget: Report

Danny Chasteen and his girlfriend, Susan Rick, thought they had gotten their big break last month when Chasteen won $250,000 from the Illinois Lottery. Instead, they got an IOU.

The Chicago Tribune reported that disbursements of Illinois Lottery winnings of more than $25,000 have been halted because the state doesn’t have a budget.

“For the first time, we were finally gonna get a break,” Rick said. “And now the Illinois Lottery has kind of messed everything up.”
Under state law, checks for such winnings must be cut by the state comptroller’s office and, since lawmakers have yet to approve a budget, the office cannot release those funds, the newspaper said.

Would Illinois accept an IOU from a taxpayer who owed money to the state?

You might recall this classic scene from Dumnb and Dumber.


NY Times Writer: CONFISCATING GUNS Would Be Only Real Way to Reduce Violent Crimes (VIDEO)

Every single time there’s a high profile incident of gun violence, the first impulse of progressives is to interfere with the rights of the millions of law abiding, responsible gun owners who didn’t commit the crime.

Josh Barro of the New York Times is no different. He thinks America could prevent gun violence if we had stricter gun laws like Australia.

Of course, Australia has much stricter immigration laws than the United States.

Should we adopt those policies, too?

Mark Finkelstein of NewsBusters:

NYT’s Barro: ‘Massive’ Gun Grab Only Way To Impact Violent Crime

Give Josh Barro credit for candor. When it comes to guns, the New York Times correspondent makes no bones about the kind of draconian, Second Amendment-defying approach he thinks is necessary.

Forget about expanded background checks or other such measures. The only way to have a “big impact on violent crime,” according to Barro, is to emulate Australia and “really take away massive amounts of guns that people have, reduce the rate of gun ownership substantially.”

Barro made his comments on MSNBC’s Up With Steve Kornacki this morning [with Jonathan Capehart guest-hosting] during a discussion prompted by the on-air shootings of two TV station employees in Virginia.

Here’s the video:

Simply amazing.

Very few people in media seem to understand the Second Amendment.



Democrats love immigration because because they see poor immigrants as nothing more than new Democrat voters but they rarely admit it.

Lincoln Chafee is running for the Democratic Party nomination in 2016. He has no chance of winning it but he did recently admit what many people already know.

Chuck Ross of The Daily Caller:

Democratic Presidential Candidate: More Immigration Means More Democratic Votes

Democratic presidential candidate Lincoln Chafee said Friday that support for increased immigration will result in more votes for the Democratic Party.

“We’re right on immigration,” said the former Rhode Island governor and senator, during the Democratic National Committee’s summer meeting in Minneapolis.

“The fastest growing voting bloc in the country,” Chaffee added. “Of course we want that people to be treated with respect and to vote Democratic.”

Here’s the video:

Hat tip to Weasel Zippers.


FBI Now Investigating Whether Hillary Clinton Violated The ESPIONAGE ACT

The front-runner and assumed 2016 nominee for the Democrats is being investigated by the FBI and may have violated the Espionage Act. How can Hillary Clinton chart a path to the White House when she’s facing such charges?

FOX News reports:

Source: FBI ‘A-team’ leading ‘serious’ Clinton server probe, focusing on defense info

An FBI “A-team” is leading the “extremely serious” investigation into Hillary Clinton’s server and the focus includes a provision of the law pertaining to “gathering, transmitting or losing defense information,” an intelligence source told Fox News.

The section of the Espionage Act is known as 18 US Code 793.

A separate source, who also was not authorized to speak on the record, said the FBI will further determine whether Clinton should have known, based on the quality and detail of the material, that emails passing through her server contained classified information regardless of the markings. The campaign’s standard defense and that of Clinton is that she “never sent nor received any email that was marked classified” at the time.

It is not clear how the FBI team’s findings will impact the probe itself. But the details offer a window into what investigators are looking for — as the Clinton campaign itself downplays the controversy.

The FBI offered no comment.

A leading national security attorney, who recently defended former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling in a leak investigation, told Fox News that violating the Espionage Act provision in question is a felony and pointed to a particular sub-section.

“Under [sub-section] F, the documents relate to the national defense, meaning very closely held information,” attorney Edward MacMahon Jr. explained. “Somebody in the government, with a clearance and need to know, then delivered the information to someone not entitled to receive it, or otherwise moved it from where it was supposed to be lawfully held.”

Hillary may be in much bigger trouble than many people realize.


Obama FLYING to Alaska Next Week to Talk About CLIMATE CHANGE

Next week, Obama will burn thousands of gallons of jet fuel flying Air Force One to Alaska to talk about climate change.

The Washington Post reports:

Obama says Alaska trip next week will highlight climate change

President Obama said in his weekly radio address that he will travel to Alaska next week to highlight the effects of climate change, but he defended his decision to allow oil drilling to go ahead off the state’s Arctic coast.

The president said that Alaskans are already living with the effects of climate change, including rising sea levels, more frequent and extensive forest fires, melting glaciers, bigger storm surges and “some of the swiftest shoreline erosion in the world.” He said that without action temperatures in Alaska could rise six to 12 degrees by the end of the century.

Here he is, announcing his plan:


UNBELIEVABLE! News Site Posts Picture of Donald Trump in CROSSHAIRS

After the 2011 shooting of Gabby Giffords, liberals immediately blamed Sarah Palin for creating a political map with crosshairs marking political districts which she hoped Republicans would win.

The map had absolutely nothing to do with the shooting. The shooter turned out to be a left wing loon who needed psychiatric help. Liberals were just politicizing the incident, as they always do.

America was then subjected to weeks of finger wagging from liberals who insisted that we needed a new tone in American politics.

This week, the news site Business Insider posted this story:

The South Carolina GOP has Trump in its crosshairs

One Twitter user caught them promoting the story with a picture of Donald Trump in crosshairs:

Is this part of the NEW TONE?

Can you even imagine what would happen if someone posted a similar picture of Hillary Clinton?