Obama FLYING to Alaska Next Week to Talk About CLIMATE CHANGE

Next week, Obama will burn thousands of gallons of jet fuel flying Air Force One to Alaska to talk about climate change.

The Washington Post reports:

Obama says Alaska trip next week will highlight climate change

President Obama said in his weekly radio address that he will travel to Alaska next week to highlight the effects of climate change, but he defended his decision to allow oil drilling to go ahead off the state’s Arctic coast.

The president said that Alaskans are already living with the effects of climate change, including rising sea levels, more frequent and extensive forest fires, melting glaciers, bigger storm surges and “some of the swiftest shoreline erosion in the world.” He said that without action temperatures in Alaska could rise six to 12 degrees by the end of the century.

Here he is, announcing his plan:



  1. Ivar says

    The President will be coming here to Kotzebue, a village of about 3300 people and the largest in the Northwest Arctic Borough located about 35 miles above the Arctic Circle. There is snow on the mountains across the bay already which is normal for this time of year. He will be discussing climate change and will be using the beach erosion in Kivalina which is a small village in the same borough as his example. For those who don’t know this area, most if not all villages are built on gravel spits which used to be trading posts in the past. There is not a lot of flat land here and no infrastructure to connect the villages hence the construction on areas that are subject to floods or erosion. Should one look at photos of Kivalina, it sticks out in the water much the same way as Cape Hatteras does in North Carolina.

  2. Jim says

    I must have missed the important part – will Obama change the name before or after he moves the mountain?

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  3. Meekrob says

    This is why I’ll start worrying about the sky falling when the people who insist the sky is falling start acting like they actually believe that it is.