After Comparing Republicans to ISIS, Hillary Clinton Gets Blasted by…MSNBC?

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton compared Republicans to ISIS and other terrorist groups over birth control and treatment of women in general.

Ace of Spades claims that she’s making outrageous statements like this so that people will focus on that instead of the fact that she’s being investigated by the FBI over her email scandal.

She would much rather have people talking about her comments on Republicans.

The panel on MSNBC’s Morning Joe seems to agree. It’s amazing to see the most liberal network on TV defending Republicans and pointing out Hillary’s hypocrisy.

Watch this segment via The Blaze:


Obama Quietly Supports GUN CONTROL Through the UNITED NATIONS

Here’s something the mainstream media isn’t reporting. Obama is supporting a veto-proof gun control body at the UN.

Awr Hawkins of Breitbart reported:

UN Gun Control Body Supported by Obama Sets up Veto-Proof Framework

Representatives attending the UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) in Mexico this week have set up a structure for future conferences on gun control that include a veto-proof decision making process.

According to Reuters, representatives from 130 countries gathered in Mexico, although only 72 countries have fully ratified the treaty. They determined that Geneva will be “the seat of the permanent secretariat for the ATT” and they unanimously decided that unanimous agreements would not have to be reached on gun control decisions going forward.

This gives the body a veto-proof process for making gun control decisions going forward.

Anna McDonald, director of the international gun control group Control Arms, praised the agreed-to decision making process and the role representatives at the conference see for “civic groups.”

On August 23, Breitbart News reported Gun Owners of America’s warning that officials from the Obama administration would be attending the conference, even though the U.S. Senate had not ratified the ATT.

Read the rest here.

Many progressives would love nothing more than to have the United States ruled by the far left United Nations.

They despise the U.S. Constitution and their assault on the Second Amendment will never stop.

You Won’t BELIEVE Some of the Negative Words People Associate With HILLARY CLINTON

A new Quinnipiac poll asked people what words they think of when asked about Hillary Clinton. The results were devastating for the former secretary of state.

You can read the entire poll but here are the top three words:

1. Liar
2. Dishonest
3. Untrustworthy

Andrew Stiles, who reports for the Washington Free Beacon, tweeted out a screen cap from the list which highlights one particularly damning word:

In case you can’t read it, the word is murder. Nine people who were asked associate Hillary Clinton with the word murder.

Reports of Hillary Clinton’s inevitability may have been greatly exaggerated.

Crazy==>Planned Parenthood Tells Congress Unedited Versions Of Baby Selling Videos Were “Heavily Edited”


Having served as a videographer for several years with the St. Louis Tea Party I’ve come to understand the art of video editing. Considering that most of the American public have a very short attention span, it’s important to edit down your footage to grab the viewers attention, and share the important information, in as short a time as possible. But it’s doubly important to also post the complete, unedited footage to dispel any lingering doubts about your video’s honesty and authenticity.

But in the case of the disturbing videos depicting the murder and sale of dead babies, even posting the full, unedited footage isn’t enough to prove it’s genuine. At least, not if you’re as crazy and desperate as Planned Parenthood.

The Washington Examiner reports that on Thursday, Planned Parenthood submitted a report to Congressional leaders claiming that an independent review (paid for by PP) claims the unedited, full versions of the undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress were “heavily edited”:

Planned Parenthood is stepping up its defense that a series of undercover videos detailing the sale and procurement of aborted fetal parts were heavily edited.

The advocacy arm of the women’s health organization funded and submitted a report to congressional leadership Thursday, just as both the House and the Senate are investigating the organization.

A thorough review of these videos in consultation with qualified experts found that they do not present a complete or accurate record of the events they purport to depict,” according to the report conducted by the research firm Fusion GPS.

The report argues that the five videos of Planned Parenthood representatives have “at least 42 splices where content is cut and edited together to create the appearance of seamless conversations.”

For example, a Planned Parenthood staff member’s remarks in one video about lab protocols were edited to make it sound like she was talking about changing abortion procedures, the organization said in a press release.

The center (for Medical Progress) responded that the report “is a complete failure.” The absence of bathroom breaks and waiting periods between meetings “does not change the hours of dialogue with top-level Planned Parenthood executives,” a statement from the group said.

The center added that the report found no evidence of audio manipulation.”

Considering that Planned Parenthood officials are doing their best to avoid possible jail time for the illegal sale of dead babies, it’s not surprising to see them try to defend their actions. Even if it’s as crazy as saying that an unedited video…was “heavily edited”.

I believe that’s known as the desperate “Oxymoron” defense. Emphasis on the desperate, and heavy on the moron.


(Image: Conservatives4Palin)

RACHEL MADDOW EXPOSED: Loves to Bash FOX News But Once Applied to WORK THERE

Rachel Maddow uses her MSNBC show to bash FOX News all the time but if it’s so bad, why did she want to work there?

Let’s begin with a recent report from NewsBusters:

MSNBC’s Maddow Smears Fox News as Just ‘Republican Party Television’

On her self-titled MSNBC show Tuesday night, Rachel Maddow used the current feud between Fox News and Donald Trump to attack the news network as nothing more than an arm of the Republican Party.

Maddow admitted that Fox was a “competitor of ours at MSNBC” but dismissed them as a news outlet and merely “Republican Party television. So we not only compete with them but we also cover them as a political entity, you have to if you want to cover Republican politics. So, in that context I have been covering FOX News as a Republican political entity for years now.”

Watch the video below but keep reading for much more…

A few thoughts…

MSNBC is a competitor with FOX News like an ant is a competitor with an aircraft carrier. There’s no comparison for the ratings or audience size between the two networks. FOX News annihilates MSNBC in ratings Every. Single. Day.

Second, if FOX News is Republican television, what does that make MSNBC? And all the other networks?

Lastly, if FOX News is so horrible why did Rachel Maddow want to work there?

Back in 2009, Brian Maloney of the Radio Equalizer blog reported that before Maddow was signed to MSNBC, she shopped herself to FOX News:


With a rapid rise accompanied by a generous helping of mainstream media fawning, it was only a matter of time before broadcast rookie Rachel Maddow began to trip over her own words. Isn’t that how this kind of story always plays out?

Thanks to an unfortunate series of blunders and career mishaps, that’s precisely what has occurred in a big way, all in the course of just a day or two.

At a dinner Thursday evening, for example, Maddow reportedly told hacks and flaks at a Television Critics Association gathering she’s “never seen a show on Fox at any time, ever.”

Isn’t that a funny thing: just six months ago, before her debut as full-time MSNBC host, Maddow was pitching her services to the FOX News Channel, the very network she’s now busy attacking in public. Looks like Rachel has just Fox-ed herself into a corner.

In another post, Maloney wrote:

Though it was just a minor point (and exclusive scoop) made in our piece on Rachel Maddow’s move to a full-time position at Keith Olbermann’s MSNBC, word that she lobbied for a similar position at the Fox News Channel has raised eyebrows in cyberspace.

That proved especially true as another inside source independently confirmed our report, which then appeared in Jossip and TVNewser.

Confused yet? There’s more…

In February of this year Maddow praised FOX News as a “good place for journalists to work.”

Let’s hope Roger Ailes offers Maddow a job at FOX News someday.

It’d be worth it just to see the reaction of her fans when she accepts.


REPORT: Virginia Shooter Was Reprimanded For Wearing an OBAMA STICKER On The Air

Virginia shooter Vester Lee Flanagan was once reprimanded by his employer for wearing an Obama badge while reporting on politics.

The Daily Mail reports:

Warped TV reporter Vester Lee Flanagan exasperated bosses with his ‘stiff and nervous’ delivery, his inability to use a teleprompter – and by wearing a President Obama badge during an election report, Daily Mail Online can reveal.

Management at WDBJ dubbed the failed newsman the ‘human tape recorder’ because he frequently parroted what interviewees had told him rather than doing his own journalism.

Flanagan, 41, clashed repeatedly with photojournalists, belittling them in public and intimidating them with his violent temper, according to internal reports.

He was also censured for wearing an Obama sticker while recording a segment at a polling booth during the 2012 US Presidential Election – a clear breach of journalistic impartiality.

Will the liberal media report this fact? If Flanagan had ever stood within ten feet of a Tea Party it’d be front page news on the New York Times for a week.

Read more at The Gateway Pundit.


Progressive Wingnut: Electing Bernie Sanders Will Prevent a BLOODY REVOLUTION

Bernie Sanders

A recent op-ed from the Wisconsin based Cap Times reveals a window into the mind of progressives. Apparently, all the horrible changes provided by Obama over the last seven years haven’t been good enough.

Also, a bloody revolution might happen if we don’t elect Bernie Sanders.

This is rich:

Bernie Sanders can help avert a bloody revolution by creating a nonviolent one

I think our nation is broken. If you think so too, let’s fight back!

Our nation is comprised of our people, plus political, economic, religious and social systems. I don’t think our people are broken — suppressed and depressed yes, but not broken.

It is a different matter for our “systems.” Politics is a cesspool of corruption. Our economic system is full of hardworking workers and greed-driven, self-centered leaders like the Koch brothers. Our religious system appears to have developed the ability to segregate out of its collective mind war, the poor, suppressed black- and brown- skinned peoples. Our social systems accept that it is impolite to talk about war, politics, economics and the “u” word — unions. The phrase “sold a batch of bad goods” is pertinent here if you just exchange “goods” for “ideas.”

For those of us trying to fight back on issue after issue, we find it is like weeding a 100-acre garden: Each day we get up there are more weeds to pull.

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and their boys popped us into a grand “war on terror” that has nearly broken our soldiers and brought death, starvation, wounds, sickness, homelessness and broken economies/social systems to nations like Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria across the world. The more we fight, the more we lose.

You can read the rest here.

What would happen if a Tea Party member wrote an op-ed threatening a “bloody revolution” would occur if America didn’t elect a conservative candidate for president?

Leftists Instantly Blame the NRA for Media on Media Shooting in Virginia

The left never lets a crisis go to waste. In the case of the horrific shooting in Virginia today, leftists have rushed to blame the NRA even though the shooter was a disgruntled member of the media who shot other members of the media.

Here are some samples from Twitter:

Again, this is just a sample. There are tons more just like them.


Obama: “We Can’t Pay Attention” To “Folks Whose Ideologies Run Counter To Where We Need To Go”

2014 late July

At least one positive thing can be said about President Obama. He positively isn’t interested in bringing the American people together. As a matter of fact, he has proven time and again that if you don’t believe in his vision for America, then he doesn’t care what you think.

This “screw you” attitude was once again demonstrated on Tuesday as President Obama gave a speech at the National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. After making a joke about the Free Market (the joke was pretty hypocritical considering Obama has done his best to stack the “free market” against fossil fuel while propping up “clean” energy) he went on to say that “We” (meaning Clean Energy lovers) must ignore folks with different interests and ideologies while “he” (the President and his followers) shove their clean energy vision down the throats of Americans. Ok, he didn’t say it exactly like that, but that’s what he meant. Here are his exact words:

“There is something big happening in America right now. For the first time, we can actually see what our clean energy future looks like. And, yes, the closer we get to this future, the opposition will fight even harder to keep things the way they’ve been. Folks will get louder in some of the backlash, and they’ll put out press releases suggesting that somehow this is bad for America. We can’t pay attention to that. Folks whose interests or ideologies run counter to where we need to go, we’ve got to be able to politely, but firmly say, sorry, we’re moving forward.”

Mr.President, I see all too clearly where your Socialist green energy vision is set to take us. And all I can say in response is…politely, screw you too.

(Image: Nicolasblog)