CNN Just Happens to Choose Two Openly Gay Journalists to Moderate First Democrat Debate

The first Democrat presidential debate is scheduled for October 13th and will be steeped in identity politics. By sheer coincidence, CNN has chosen Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon, the network’s two openly gay journalists to moderate.

Joe Concha reports at Mediaite:

CNN Benches Tapper, Curiously Opts for Cooper, Lemon for Democratic Debate Instead

Anderson Cooper.

Don Lemon.

When you see those two names, what do you think of?

Cooper: Best served in the field during big breaking news. Great work during Katrina (which took his career to another level). Love his stuff on 60 Minutes (the swimming with crocodiles package was compelling bordering on insanity). His 8:00 PM show is pretty good, fairly generic in format and the interviews solid.

Lemon: Best served when doing cultural stories, primarily those involving race or celebrity indiscretions. In CNN’s world, has grown the most in terms of brand awareness and name recognition in the past few years. Can serve as anchor, host or pundit (triple-threat). Best bet to get his own network daytime talk-show. Stirs controversy with commentary but not simply for the sake of stirring controversy. Agree or disagree, he appears to be authentic, isn’t PC and is honest in his convictions.

All of that said, you know what doesn’t come to mind?


Cooper and Lemon will be joined by Dana Bash and Carlos Lopez of CNN en Espanol.

So, two gay men (one of them also a black man), a woman and a Hispanic.

No blatantly political choices there, nosiree.

Here’s the funny part: The moderators will be more diverse than the candidates.



  1. mikeman says

    Cooper is a complete puke. Don’t know much, and have zero interest in the other clown. And will not waste a second watching the rat’s pretend debate.

  2. Scott825 says


    All gay.

    All the time.

    I don’t know what it is that makes some people think that anyone wants to know their sex habits.

    The last thing in the world that I want to know about a guy is that he has sex with other men. Why would you “lead” with that, make it a defining part of your persona?

    It’s just repulsive.


    • rjm2238 says

      It would seem acceptance is not good enough, they want approval, so they flaunt their lifestyle like it was something to emulate. As far as I am concerned it is something to be avioded on health reasons alone. What is the life expectancy for homosexuals? It is not good, yet they demand approval of a lifestyle practiced by maybe one percent of the population and demonstrably dangerous and life shortening and our PC government is backing them up all the way, yet they keep telling us how unsafe drugs are! Go figure, I guess there is a lot of money in fighting, and continuing to lose, the fifty year war on drugs.
      Like you said, I don’t give a hoot what they do behind closed doors, besides that is kind of personal information wouldn’t you think? These folks can do what they wish just like any other adults just don’t get in my face about it.
      Rich in New Mexico.

    • FlamingLimousineLiberal says

      Generally the gays have nothing to offer other than “I’m gay!” They also have ADD and require lots of attention which mainstream media is more than happy to offer them.

  3. jm says

    media trying to celebrate degeneracy, just another cultural rot we need to change. just don’t watch the nazis

  4. rjm2238 says

    Maybe someone out there can tell me what is so great about diversity that it seems, at least to those on the left, to trump experience, education, decision making ability, fitness for the job and last but not least, the ability to do the job in question?
    Isn’t diversity, as it is packaged by the left, nothing more than identity politics? The way it is used by the left and the democrats is as a tool to manufacture greed, envy, jealousy and just plain hatred. These are emotions which the democrats not only produce in the electorate but manage very effectively. They care not a wit at the immense damage done when votes are at stake because with the left you know, it is all about power and money. Those are their two means to accomplish their end, their Holy Grail if you will and that is to be able to lord over all others. To tell everyone else how to live while themselves living as they please.
    A perfect example of this, Al Gore and his global warming scam. The man spends millions jetting from mansion to mansion, from grand ballrooms to vast meeting rooms only to tell us we must ride bicycles and live in tents!
    No more folks, no more of the left and their hate and lies.
    Rich in New Mexico.

  5. SanjS says

    Who cares? Its the Democratic debate. Other than Hillary self-imploding, there is nothing interesting in an argument between left and virulent left on who can pander to the next aggrieved micro-group.

  6. Harry Sherry says

    Do the democrats have any black, hispanic, gay or women (calling Hillary a woman is a joke) candidates? How diverse.

    • danybhoy says

      The Dems are always yelling “Too old, & too white” at the GOP. That is all I see running for the Dems.

  7. Carter_Burger67 says

    six old white married people moderated by two gay men, a woman, and a Hispanic. Someone please
    explain why Democrats get 90% of the black vote.

  8. Carolyn Sosbee says

    Its just CNN (Clinton News Network) doing what they do best…. Present their own opinionated broadcast. I watch it sometimes just to get a laugh. Anderson and Don are both well known for their gayness. They use CNN as their own platform to put down straight people. So watch it at your own risk.