NEW LIBERAL AGENDA ITEM: Pedophiles Have Rights Too

The Queen Names The New Cunard Ship "Queen Elizabeth"

Gay rights are, like, so yesterday. Next up on the Left’s agenda to transform culture is defending the rights of pedophiles around the country.

This week, Breibart’s Milo Yiannopoulos wrote about liberals’ new found victim that they are defending: The pedophile.

Today, Salon gave a platform to a self-confessed pedophile to explain his urges in sympathetic terms. “I’m a Pedophile, But Not A Monster” reads the headline. It’s a long, self-pitying screed that ends with a call to be “understanding and supportive” of adults who crave sexual intimacy with children.

Forgive me if I’m not first to start the standing ovation. In fact I’m pretty sure most people will find the existence on Salon’s website of this post both shocking and distasteful.

The timing of Nickerson’s post, barely a week after multiple high-profile progressives rallied around progressive activist Sarah Nyberg, couldn’t be more suspect. Over the past two weeks, an alarming number of left-leaning commentators have rallied around the self-confessed transsexual pedophile and progressive activist who defended white nationalism.

In other words, progressives who got fired up about whether green and purple was a “rapey” colour scheme were suddenly fine with discussion of incestuous pedophilia from a 22-year-old in a chat room full of teenagers. It has been a somewhat grotesque spectacle to watch.

And after the Left’s done with defending pedophile’s rights, they’ll move onto illegal immigrant rapists. Oh wait, they’re already doing that.

Image: (SatireWorld)

British Prime Minister Wants UN’s New Socialist Global Goals Taught To Children Around The World (VIDEO)


On Friday, all member states of the United Nations (U.N.), including the United States, officially adopted the new U.N. Sustainable Development goals. These new “Global Goals“, created under the guise of eradicating poverty and fighting Climate Change, are founded upon the Socialist principles of universal healthcare, universal employment, universal education, and wealth redistribution, all of which must be completed by 2030.

Last week, around the same time the U.N. released a T-shirt in an effort to brainwash children into supporting the new Socialist agenda, British Prime Minister David Cameron released a video supporting the new goals. The video was sent to teachers all around the United Kingdom as apart of the U.N.’s propaganda campaign aimed at children called, “The World’s Largest Lesson.”  The World’s Largest Lesson is an effort to have the new Socialist Global Goals taught to children in schools all over the world. And the Prime Minister believes so strongly in the goals, that not only should his children be taught them in school, but so should children around the world:

“The world has come together and set out some of the most ambitious goals in history: to end extreme poverty, to protect the planet, to tackle corruption and poor government, all by the year 2030. We’ve got the will. We’ve got the support, 192 countries signed up.

Now we need the commitment of the next generation. I hope children throughout the country, and throughout the world, will learn about these bold aims. I want my own children to come home from school and talk about the fight to end poverty.


Because the next generation is going to be the one to achieve it. And that all starts here with the World’s Largest Lesson.”

Video below:

David Cameron needs your help with the World’s Largest Lesson from World’s Largest Lesson on Vimeo.

Maine Mayor Suggests Publishing the Names of PEOPLE ON WELFARE (VIDEO)

Liberals are going nuts over this. People on both sides of the political aisle have problems with the concept due to privacy issues but for any leftists reading, here’s a simple question:

How is this any different than the time in 2012 that a New York newspaper published a map which showed the names and addresses of gun owners?

If America is really going to have a privacy debate, it should apply to both areas.

Time reports:

Maine Mayor Seeks Public List of Welfare Recipients

The mayor of a Maine city has proposed a statewide public database of people receiving state-funded public assistance, arguing that a list of people on welfare would inform taxpayers about what they’re paying for.

Lewiston Mayor Robert Macdonald, a Republican, wrote Thursday in his regular newspaper column that he would be submitting a bill to the state legislature that would create such an online database. He argued that residents receiving public assistance have been turned into a “victimized, protected class” and are more shielded than other recipients of state benefits, such as pensioners.

Here’s a local video report:


INCOME INEQUALITY: Michelle Obama Wore a $2,300 DRESS to Meet Pope Francis

michelle obama dress

Despite the Obama administration and Pope Francis largely agreeing that excessive capitalism is bad, First Lady Michelle Obama obviously did not get the memo.

Breitbart reports:

Politico reports that First Lady Michelle Obama, looking lovely and classy, greeted Pope Francis Tuesday while wearing a $2,290 dress. While the Obamas are not Catholics, this is still a finger-in-the-eye to a White House guest who frequently speaks out — to wild Democrat applause — about the evils of excessive capitalism.

Both President and Mrs. Obama are disciples of Jeremiah Wright, a racist Jew-hating Chicago-based preacher. Not long after Obama ascended to the presidency, Wright, Obama’s religious mentor for 20 years, retired to a $1 million, 10,400 square foot mansion located next to a country  club and golf course.

According to WorldVision, you can feed a child for just $35  a month. Michelle Obama’s dress would feed over 80 children for that month. This choice obviously is contrary to the values of Pope Francis. But the Obamas’ religious values come from elsewhere, a divisive and disturbing place, not a charitable or unifying one.

A pretty ugly thousand dollar dress all paid for by you, the taxpayer.


Bill Maher on Ahmed the Clock Maker: HE DIDN’T INVENT ANYTHING! (VIDEO)

Bill Maher is a far left guy and even he admits that Ahmed, the Muslim teen from Texas didn’t invent anything. He also conceded that Ahmed’s “invention” looked exactly like a bomb.

Maher said:

I’m not anti-this kid, I hope he has a wonderful life but liberals who have glommed onto him as a mascot are ninnies. He did not invent anything.

Maher then shows a 10 second clip of someone doing what Ahmed did.

He didn’t invent a clock. He took the guts out of a clock radio that he bought at the store and put it in a pencil box! This is like pouring Cheerios into a bowl and claiming you invented cereal!

Watch the video:

Little Ahmed is being held up as a hero by the left out of political correctness.


EXPOSED: Veterans Affairs Department Ignores THOUSANDS OF COMPLAINTS


The Veterans Affairs Department is in a total shambles. Reports about the abuse and mistreatment of our veterans have disturbed the entire country.

But, perhaps the most alarming report is this one:

WASHINGTON – The chief watchdog at the Department of Veterans Affairs investigates less than 10 percent of the nearly 40,000 complaints it receives annually about problems at the agency, even when they concern potential harm to veteran health, Deputy Inspector General Linda Halliday said Tuesday.

The Office of Inspector General, which is responsible under federal law for rooting out mismanagement and abuse at the agency, simply doesn’t have the resources, Halliday said at a hearing of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

“There is a serious discrepancy between the size of our workforce and the size of our workload,” Halliday said. She said her office has roughly 650 professional staff members while the agency they investigate has more than 350,000 employees and a budget greater than $160 billion. “The OIG is not right-sized to respond to all the complaints that we currently receive.”

But that explanation was not good enough for VA whistleblowers at the hearing, who said that even the investigations her office does conduct are cursory and often target the VA employees who report problems – rather than the problems they are reporting.

“VA OIG investigations have been half-assedand shoddy,” said Shea Wilkes, a social worker at the Shreveport, La., VA who was criminally investigated by the inspector general after he reported hidden wait lists for care at the facility. “The VA OIG has not been independent, but is working with the VA to do damage control, white wash and intimidate truth-tellers and potential whistleblowers.”

This is the kind of treatment Veterans receive when liberals and progressives are running the show in Washington.

Image: (TheBlaze)


The world has truly gone mad. The left wing United Nations now wants to interrupt the flow of free speech on the internet to avoid offending feminists.

Milo Yiannopoulos reports at Breitbart:

The UN Wants to Censor the Entire Internet to Save Feminists’ Feelings

In a report released yesterday, entitled “Cyber Violence Against Women And Girls: A Global Wake-up Call,” UN Women, the group behind last year’s risible “He for She” campaign, called on governments to use their “licensing prerogative” to ensure that “telecoms and search engines” are only “allowed to connect with the public” if they “supervise content and its dissemination.”

In other words, if search engines and ISPs don’t comply with a list of the UN’s censorship demands, the UN wants national governments to cut off their access to the public.

So, what sort of content does the UN want to censor? ISIS recruitment videos, perhaps, which lure women into lives of rape and servitude? Live-streamed executions from Syria? Revenge porn or snuff videos? There’s no shortage of dangerous and potentially traumatising content on the web, after all, much of it disproportionately affecting women.

Alas not. The UN is hung up on “cyber violence against women,” a Kafkaesque term that is apparently shorthand for “women being criticised on the internet.”

Read the rest here.

Isn’t it funny how the left frequently wants to criminalize criticism of the left?

LIAR: Hillary Signed Off on Aide’s Side Work She Claimed SHE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH

Well, well, well, if it isn’t Hillary Clinton being exposed yet again for another lie she has made on the 2016 campaign trail about her tenure at the US State Department.

This time around, as the Daily Caller notes, the lying scandal involves none other than Anthony Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin.

A newly uncovered document shows that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton personally signed off on a questionable employment decision she previously claimed she was not involved with.

Top Clinton aide Huma Abedin was able to work for the Clinton Foundation, Department of State and the private consulting firm Teneo Strategies as a Special Government Employee (SGE). When questioned about the arrangement, Clinton denied any involvement, but new documents obtained by Judicial Watch show that Clinton personally signed off on the position change.

Clinton signed the document March 23, 2012 to approve the change in title, according to the documents first reported by Politico.

The employment arrangement for Clinton’s deputy chief of staff raised questions about possible conflict of interest, particularly given allegations that Clinton used her position at the State Department to help the Clinton Foundation.

But don’t expect to hear about this scandal from the mainstream media.

Bernie Sanders Admits He’ll Raise Taxes And CAN’T BALANCE THE BUDGET (VIDEO)

Wow. A moment of truth from Bernie Sanders. He’s finally gone on record, admitting that under President Sanders, taxes would assuredly go up and that he will also be unable to balance the budget. Who could have guessed?

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Sanders’ plans would cost the United States Another $18 Trillion Dollars.

Sanders disputes that figure.

Eric Scheiner of CNS News reported:

Bernie Sanders: My Budget Won’t Be Balanced; ‘Taxes Will Go Up’

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders says, if elected his first budget would not be balanced and “taxes will go up.”

Sanders was describing himself as a “deficit hawk” on Bloomberg Politics’ With All Due Respect when he was asked if he was president if the first budget he would submit would be balanced.

“No, no. Arguably you could not do that,” Sanders responded.

Watch the video:

If you think Obama is a fiscal disaster, just wait until you meet President Sanders.


U.S. Ambassador To The UN Quotes COMMUNIST In Support Of New Socialist UN Sustainable Development Goals


It’s official. On Friday morning the United States, and 192 other nations, unanimously adopted the new United Nations Sustainable Development goals. These “goals“, designed to eradicate world poverty and fight Climate Change, include the Socialist ideals of universal healthcare, universal education, universal employment, and wealth redistribution, all of which must in place by 2030.

On Thursday night, the eve of the U.N. Summit, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Samantha Powers (pictured above), gave a speech in support of the new U.N. Sustainable Development goals where she quoted Communist influenced economist, Amartya Sen:

“I want to open my remarks with a quote from the master, “Development requires the removal of major sources of unfreedom: poverty as well as tyranny, poor economic opportunities as well as systematic social deprivation, neglect of public facilities as well as intolerance or over-activity of repressive states.” This goes to the essence of Goal 16 in the SDGs, which as you know world leaders will adopt within the next few hours. But it was written nearly two decades ago – by Amartya. And, I would only say, I wish the world had come around to his vision a little bit sooner – we could have probably spared a lot of people a lot of heartache.”

During an interview in 2005, Amartya Sen admitted that while growing up as a student in Calcutta, India the strongest influence on “left-wing” students such as himself was the Communist Party movement in China:

“When I was growing up in Calcutta, since the left wing student movement was very strong, the big figure, of course on those days was the inspiration of the communist movement in China which was probably the stronger influence on thinking of students in Calcutta than almost anything else I can think of.”

Critics of Amartya Sen are quick to point out how the Communist experiences of his youth helped him in shaping his Kerala economic model which “is simply an expression of the romanticised notion that Communist rule creates a utopia” and that Sen doesn’t stand for Freedom, but for wealth redistribution labeled as “economic equality“.

Considering President Obama’s own childhood experiences with radical Communists it’s not surprising that he would agree to adopt the new Socialist U.N. Sustainable Development goals, or that his ambassador to the U.N. would quote a Communist in a effort to show support for such a move.

What is surprising is the fact that many Americans still refuse to recognize the Marxist path the United States is now set upon, and how close to losing what’s left of their liberty, and the liberty of future generations, they really are…

(Image: The Telegraph)