Liberal British Comedian Mocks American Democracy and Donald Trump (VIDEO)

John Oliver

The left adores liberal British TV host John Oliver and this explains why. He thinks our political process is silly and he hates Donald Trump.

NewsBusters reports:

The journalists at CBS This Morning fawned over liberal comedian John Oliver, Friday. Co-host Gayle King enthused that “I love watching your take on politics.” Co-host Norah O’Donnell offered him a softball on American politics: “You’re a Brit. What do you think about this process we have?” The Last Week Tonight host sneered, “American democracy looks like a four-year-old’s birthday party.”

Asked if he would have Donald Trump on his HBO show, a repulsed Oliver mocked, “I haven’t really gotten anything to say to him….He has no internal monologue, that man. So, it’s not like you’re going to find the secret nugget he has been holding back.”

Watch the video:


Black Louisville Judge Dismisses An Entire Jury FOR BEING WHITE


Progressives call everything racist these days, but when it comes to reverse racism, they claim it’s perfectly okay. That’s exactly what this judge did.

Right Wing News reports:

Unhappy with the number of potential black jurors called to his court last week, Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Olu Stevens halted a drug trial and dismissed the entire jury panel, asking for a new group to be sent up.

“The concern is that the panel is not representative of the community,” said Stevens, who brought in a new group of jurors despite objections from both the defense and prosecutor.

And this wasn’t the first time Stevens, who is black, has dismissed a jury because he felt it was lacking enough minorities. Now the state Supreme Court is going to determine whether the judge is abusing his power.

On Nov. 18, after a 13-member jury chosen for a theft trial ended up with no black jurors, Stevens found it “troublesome” and dismissed the panel at the request of a defense attorney.

“There is not a single African-American on this jury and (the defendant) is an African-American man,” Stevens said, according to a video of the trial. “I cannot in good conscious go forward with this jury.”

A new jury panel was called up the next day.

Obama has really united America, huh?

Image: (Right Wing News)

Where Are All The Anti-War Protesters To Oppose OBAMA’S PLANS FOR SYRIA?

antiwar protest

Now that Obama has gone back on his word and announced plans for “boots on the ground” in Syria, you would think leftist anti-war protesters would come crawling out of the woodwork, right? Where are they?

Some clever Twitter users made the same point quite well:

It’s almost like the anti-war movement was really just an anti-Bush movement. Almost.


Obama’s Climate Change Campaign to Cost a Mere $45 BILLION PER YEAR

Obama cash

Saving the planet from global warming sure is expensive. Obama’s plan is starting at a hefty $45 billion per year. What do you think that number will be two or three years from now?

Matt Vespa writes at Townhall:

Good News: Obama’s Global Warming Campaign To Cost $45 Billion A Year In Regulatory Costs

When the United Nation’s conference on global warming begins in Paris come December, American Action Forum has a friendly reminder: we already regulate greenhouse gases and the Obama administration’s regulatory cost in fighting so-called climate change could cost us $45 billion annually:

…[R]egulators have already imposed $26 billion in annual costs to limit GHGs and have proposed an additional $1.7 billion. However, to meet President Obama’s climate goals the nation will have to spend up to $45 billion more each year by 2025.

What are the benefits of these investments? According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates, previous actions will avert a combined 0.0573 degrees Celsius of warming. Meeting the president’s 2025 goals could add reductions up to 0.125 degree Celsius. In other words, full achievement of the president’s climate goals will cost more than $73 billion in annual burdens to alleviate less than two-tenths of one degree of warming.

It’s almost like this is really about money and not the climate.


Hillary Clinton Claims Mississippi State Flag IS A SYMBOL Of HATE

Hillary Clinton Speaks At Event At Center For American Progress

After the University of Ole Miss removed the Mississippi state flag from campus, Hillary Clinton just had to chime in and make it known that she agrees with the NAACP and leftists on campus.

The Hayride reports:

Naturally the social justice warriors over the Ole Miss College Democrats were at the forefront of the fight to take down the flag from the university’s campus. Because, you know, Democrats are soooo tolerant and all, which is why they want to tell the rest of us that we’re hateful for believing that a symbol of the South simply represents pride.

And now, Hillary Clinton is jumping on the politically correct bandwagon with the College Democrats. Clinton tweeted this out this week on Twitter: “Well done, Ole Miss. Symbols of hate have no business flying over a place of learning.”

Clinton’s probably forgetting that her husband, former President Bill Clinton (you know, the one who had oral sex with that chubby brunette White House intern), actually designed the Arkansas state flag after the Confederate flag.

But, that doesn’t matter because now, being politically correct with the academia grey-ponytail crowd will score her some political points with all the young rich, white liberal kids who feel horrible about being white.

And the saddest part is that Hillary Clinton will never be called-out for her hypocrisy on this.

Image: (Gastastic)

Department of Energy Claims Halloween Pumpkins CAUSE GLOBAL WARMING


Progressives won’t be happy until they’ve sucked absolutely all the fun out of Halloween. The Department of Energy is now claiming Halloween pumpkins cause global warming.

Mediaite reported:

Department of Energy: Halloween Pumpkins Contribute to Global Warming

A Department on Energy blog post Tuesday warned consumers that the practice of buying pumpkins for Halloween could imperil the environment by contributing to global warming.

“With the passing of Halloween, millions of pounds of pumpkins have turned from seasonal decorations to trash destined for landfills, adding to more than 254 million tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) produced in the United States every year,” they write.

“At landfills, MSW decomposes and eventually turns into methane—a harmful greenhouse gas that plays a part in climate change, with more than 20 times the warming effect of carbon dioxide (CO2),” the DoE continues.

Aren’t progressives fun people?


POLL: Majority Of Democrats Want America To BECOME MORE LIKE SWEDEN OR DENMARK

dem socialists

When President Obama said he wanted to “fundamentally transform America,” he wasn’t kidding. In a new poll out today, it turns out the majority of Democrats want to change the country as well.

MRCTV reports:

YouGov polled 1,000 Americans from Oct. 20-21 about their views on America in comparison to other countries.

Asked, “Do you think that the United States should become more like Scandinavian countries like Denmark or Sweden?” 23 percent of Democrats said “definitely” and 30 percent responded “probably.” In total, 53 percent of Democrats responded they believe America should be more like Scandinavian countries while 27 percent were not sure.

The poll showed only 19 percent believed America should “probably not” (12 percent) or “definitely not” (7 percent) become like Scandinavia.

When the question was, “Do you think that the United States should become more like other English speaking countries like Canada, the UK or Australia?” 15 percent of Democrats responded “definitely” while 39 percent replied “probably.” A combined 54 percent of Democrats responded they feel America should be more like other English-speaking countries.

Leave it to Democrats to want America to become a different country.

Image: (MRCTV)

CNBC Debate Moderator Touts China’s FORCED ABORTION One Child Policy AS A SUCCESS

carl quintanilla

If you were wondering just how liberal those CNBC Republican Debate moderators were, you can now assume that they are very, very liberal.

So liberal, that one of them praised China’s ‘one child’ policy as a success:

cnbc moderator

Except for the forced abortions and the fact that the government controls how many children a family can have, yeah the ‘one child’ policy just splendid, Carl!

Image: (Newsbusters)