Obama’s Climate Change Campaign to Cost a Mere $45 BILLION PER YEAR

Obama cash

Saving the planet from global warming sure is expensive. Obama’s plan is starting at a hefty $45 billion per year. What do you think that number will be two or three years from now?

Matt Vespa writes at Townhall:

Good News: Obama’s Global Warming Campaign To Cost $45 Billion A Year In Regulatory Costs

When the United Nation’s conference on global warming begins in Paris come December, American Action Forum has a friendly reminder: we already regulate greenhouse gases and the Obama administration’s regulatory cost in fighting so-called climate change could cost us $45 billion annually:

…[R]egulators have already imposed $26 billion in annual costs to limit GHGs and have proposed an additional $1.7 billion. However, to meet President Obama’s climate goals the nation will have to spend up to $45 billion more each year by 2025.

What are the benefits of these investments? According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates, previous actions will avert a combined 0.0573 degrees Celsius of warming. Meeting the president’s 2025 goals could add reductions up to 0.125 degree Celsius. In other words, full achievement of the president’s climate goals will cost more than $73 billion in annual burdens to alleviate less than two-tenths of one degree of warming.

It’s almost like this is really about money and not the climate.



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  2. John Adams1 says

    Uh where is he going to money to invest in this socialistic scheme? Does he need to go through the house?