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Ignore the fact that Muslims in Texas are trying to implement Sharia Law. Progressives think that it’s Christians who are plotting against the U.S. Constitution.

Here’s an excerpt from Salon:

Thanks to Kentucky’s open records law, the Associated Press has obtained the emails county clerk Kim Davis sent just before she went to jail late this summer. And yes, they are every bit as unhinged as you imagined they’d be. In case you forgot, Davis is the God-loving homophobe who courageously denied marriage licenses to same-sex couples in Kentucky two months ago.

The emails are interesting if only because they show just how crazy (and dangerous) fanatics like Davis are, particularly if they happen to work as public servants. Here’s Davis in her own words:

The battle has just begun…It has truly been a firestorm here and the days are pretty much a blur, but I am confident that God is in control of all of this!! I desire your prayers, I will need strength that only God can supply and I need a backbone like a saw log!!…They are going to try and make a whipping post out of me!! I know it, but God is still alive and on the throne!!! He IS in control and knows exactly where I am!!…September 1 will be the day to prepare for, if the Lord doesn’t return before then. I have weighted the cost, and will stay the course.

With progressives, it’s always the fault of Christians.

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Best 10 Days

It looks like everyone who works in liberal media got the exact same talking points about the Hillary Clinton campaign because they’re all repeating the line over and over.

Blake Seitz of the Washington Free Beacon:

Media: Hillary Clinton Just Had the Best. Ten. Days. Ever.

The media declared late last week that Hillary Clinton just had the best 10 days ever—10 days so momentous they will likely go down in history alongside Napoleon’s Hundred Days.

Clinton’s campaign was quick to announce her the winner of Thursday’s testimony before the House Select Committee on Benghazi, despite the revelation that she knew within hours that the September 11, 2012, attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi had been a terrorist attack carried out by an “al-Qaeda-like group.” Clinton had told the public that the attack was the result of a spontaneous protest of an anti-Islam video.

Notwithstanding the troubling possibility that Clinton misled the public about a terrorist attack two months before a presidential election, the media was quick to agree with Clinton’s communications team that her testimony was the cherry on top of an excellent, amazing, truly world-historical ten days.

Watch the video:

It’s almost like they’re rooting for Hillary to win. Almost.


Families Of Victims Killed by Illegal Immigrants DEMAND ANSWERS FROM GOVERNMENT

immigrant crime families

The families of those who have been killed by immigrants who were not even supposed to be in this country stormed the United States Capitol today.

Breitbart reports:

WASHINGTON — Families of Americans murdered by illegal aliens are in Washington, D.C. demanding the political class put a stop to the alien invasion that took the lives of their beloved family members.

Mary Ann Mendoza lost her son Sgt. Brandon Mendoza on May 12, 2014, when illegal alien Raul Silva Corona, high on meth and blackout drunk, struck him while driving on the wrong side of the highway, killing them both. Corona had lived in the U.S. illegally for decades with a serious criminal record.


“I didn’t know what a widespread problem this was. A lot of people ask me, ‘How can you do this?’ How can you get on TV and how can you talk about what happened to your son?’ I look at it this way: I was blessed because God chose me to have this incredible man and raise him into the man that he was. He had so much left to do in his life,” Mendoza said, recounting how her son “recreated” a neighborhood formerly plagued by drug dealers and the homeless, making it safe to open a park, allow kids to play together, and let American families have picnics.

What will it take for these families to get justice?

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Illinois Public School Teaches Students That 9/11 HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM

A public school in Illinois is rewriting history by teaching students that the attacks on 9/11 had nothing to do with Islam.

Frontpage Mag reported:

Islam and 9/11 Not Connected, 12 Year-Olds Taught in America

Parents in Illinois are outraged that a public school there is painting a positive picture of Islam and teaching impressionable young students that Islam bears no responsibility for the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States.

This is just the latest incident demonstrating a growing trend in American education to portray the intolerant, slavery-sanctioning, woman-oppressing, genocidal, and relentlessly expansionist Religion of Peace as a misunderstood force for good or as just another world religion, no better or worse than the others. The relativist, multiculturalist, pro-Sharia compliance perspective is that a few bad, weird people who just happened to be Muslims flew airplanes into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a Pennsylvania field on Sept. 11, 2001, and that these jihadist extremists in no way represent the core teachings of the Koran and the whole Islamic community, even though Muslims have been slaughtering, enslaving, and otherwise subjugating unbelievers for 1,400 years.

One of the education sector’s gatekeepers Mark Halwachs, superintendent of High Mount School in Swansea, Ill., is proud to be serving humanity by presenting Islam as a positive thing that had absolutely nothing to do with the horrors of 9/11. The Kindergarten-to-8th Grade school he oversees has no plans to abandon its Islamic misinformation efforts and the teaching of revisionist history.

Hmm… Was it Presbyterians who flew the planes into the World Trade Center?

STUDY: If Sweden And Germany Became U.S. States They’d Be Among POOREST In the Country

dem socialists

The next time a progressive tells you socialism works, just point to Germany, Sweden, Greece, the Netherlands and the rest of Europe which is failing in the global economy.

In this new study, it turns out that if European countries were to become states in America, they’d be among the poorest in the country, even surpassing Mississippi.

Since Sweden is held up as a sort of promised land by American socialists, let’s compare it first. We find that, if it were to join the US as a state, Sweden would be poorer than all but 12 states, with a median income of $27,167.

Median residents in states like Colorado ($35,830), Massachusetts ($37,626), Virginia ($39,291), Washington ($36,343), and Utah ($36,036) have considerably higher incomes than Sweden.

With the exception of Luxembourg ($38,502), Norway ($35,528), and Switzerland ($35,083), all countries shown would fail to rank as high-income states were they to become part of the United States. In fact, most would fare worse than Mississippi, the poorest state.

For example, Mississippi has a higher median income ($23,017) than 18 countries measured here. The Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, and the United Kingdom all have median income levels below $23,000 and are thus below every single US state. Not surprisingly, the poorest OECD members (Chile, Mexico, and Turkey) have median incomes far below Mississippi.

Please Bernie Sanders, tell us more about how great socialism is.

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New York City’s Homeless Problem Has Gotten WORSE Under Progressive Mayor de Blasio

De Blasio

If progressives are such caring humanitarians, why has the problem of homelessness gotten worse under a progressive mayor? Even the liberal New York Times has noticed.

They published this report today:

Despite Vow, Mayor de Blasio Struggles to Curb Homelessness

By one key measure after another, homelessness in New York City has worsened over the last two years.

The number of people entering city shelters has increased under Mayor Bill de Blasio, and when they enter the system, people are staying longer, striking markers of a crisis that has forced its way to the top of the mayor’s agenda.

As of Thursday, 57,448 people — more than 40 percent of them children — were sleeping in shelters overseen by the Department of Homeless Services, and organizations that aid homeless people are worried that in the coming months, as cold weather sets in, the numbers will return to the record high of December, when the peak was 59,068.

In the most recent annual accounting by the homeless services agency, the length of stay in shelters rose. Single adults stayed an average of about 11 months, or 24 days longer than in the previous fiscal year. Families without children stayed an average of nearly 18 months, up 19 days, and families with children stayed an average of just over 14 months, up by three days.

Can anyone on the left explain this?


SICK: Abortionist Relives The HAPPY Early Days of Planned Parenthood

pp supporters

The disturbing abortion lobby got a glossy little write up in New York Magazine, where a longtime abortionist actually described how “marvelous” the early days of legal abortion were.

CNS News reports:

“Although the Pill had been legal since the early ’60s, a lot of kids were getting pregnant,” Greenwood said, noting that in 1968 100,000 teens came to San Francisco.

“So, we started the first teen clinic at a Planned Parenthood where I worked,” Greenwood said. “It was decorated by the teens themselves, with Indian textiles on the ceiling and their photography on the walls.

“Anyone could come,” Greenwood said. “We didn’t have appointments, because appointments didn’t work.

“It was marvelous while it lasted and it lasted quite a while,” Greenwood said.

Greenwood said Planned Parenthood got the vacuum pumps that were being used in some California hospitals where recommendation by two psychiatrists and one gynecologist could allow a woman to get an abortion.

“When Roe passed, it was just fantastic,” Greenwood said. “The next day, we rolled one of the vacuum pumps [used in most first-trimester abortions] out of the UCSF hospital and took it over to Planned Parenthood so we could start doing abortions there.”

Dr. Suzanne Poppema, who performed her first abortion in 1974 and retired last year, worked at the University of Washington and called the early days of legal abortion a “happy time.”

Again, here’s the Left just nonchalantly discussing a procedure which kills an innocent life. Sick.

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Visitors to the Grave of Karl Marx Surprised to Learn THERE’S AN ADMISSION FEE

Karl Marx

In an ultimate twist of irony, the London graveyard which is home to the grave of Karl Marx charges an admission fee to see it.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Death to Capitalism? Visitors to Marx’s Grave Balk at Fee

HIGHGATE CEMETERY, LONDON—On a summer visit to the grave of Karl Marx, Ben Gliniecki found that he would have to pay £4, or about $6, to pay respects to the man who sounded the death knell for private property.

Mr. Gliniecki, a Marxist, said no.

“Personally, I think it is disgusting,” the 24-year-old political activist said. “There are no depths of irony, or bad taste, to which capitalists won’t sink if they think they can make money out of it.”

The charity that looks after this cemetery has long taken swipe at a different irony: Karl Marx’s decision to buy a burial plot in a private London graveyard over the then state-provided alternatives. They say their cover fee subsidizes the upkeep of a cemetery where 170,000 other people rest.

The two sides have squabbled since the early 1990s, when the Friends of Highgate Cemetery began charging to fund the conservation of a burial ground whose elaborate gothic tombs and winding paths had fallen into disrepair. Now, the charge is infuriating a new generation of Marxists. Interest in his legacy is gaining fresh legs in Britain following September’s election of Jeremy Corbyn, a self-described Marx admirer, as leader of the opposition Labour Party.

Now that’s funny.


THE NUMBERS: Thousands Of Illegal Immigrant Children Caught In Fiscal Year 2015

Immigration Overload

Illegal immigration is a fast growing problem in the U.S. yet the media avoids it like the plague.

Here are the real numbers on illegal immigration in Fiscal Year 2015:

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection data updated Wednesday, CBP apprehended a grand total of 39,970 unaccompanied alien minors crossing the Southwest U.S. border in FY2015. That’s a 42 percent decrease from the 68,541 UACs they caught at the border in FY2014.

CBP also reports it apprehended 39,838 family units in FY2015 – down 42 percent from 68,445 in FY2014.

The year-end numbers ended on a surge, as the number of illegal alien kids being caught at the border steadily increased as the months ticked by. August proved to be the month with the highest apprehension numbers at 4,632 UACs – or about 149 per day. September wasn’t too far behind at 4,476 UACs (also about 149 per day).

So basically, that’s 39,970 potential new votes for the Democrats.

Image: (MRCTV)

Seattle Gun Control Rally Disguised as Gun Safety Event is a TOTAL FAIL (VIDEO)

Left wing activists in Seattle held a gun control rally disguised as a gun safety event this weekend. Around 40 people showed up, including media and children who came with their parents.

It appears most people knew the agenda was anti-gun beforehand.

Dave Workman reported at The Examiner:

Seattle ‘gun safety’ rally is really about gun control, say activists

KIRO is reporting that this afternoon in downtown Seattle, a group of “gun safety advocates” is holding a rally starting at 3 p.m. at Westlake Park, with Trudi Inslee, wife of Gov. Jay Inslee, as a speaker, along with Alorie Gilbert with Moms Demand Action.

Second Amendment rights activists only learned of the event this morning and are calling this what it really is, a gun control event. One reader responding this morning to the KIRO story noted, “I think that to say this rally is not anti-gun is kind of disingenuous. And if this is really about gun safety then we should be hearing a proposal to have gun safety taught in schools. But we won’t.”…

If this were a safety event, there would be NRA-certified firearms instructors, hunter education instructors and people teaching the safe handling of firearms, not trying to ban them.

Here’s a video from the event:

Impressive, huh?