BLM Leader Shaun King Tried to Charge Reporter $7,500 FOR A SPEECH ON GENDER

Shaun King pic

Black Lives Matter leader Shaun King, who may not even really be black, apparently charges $7,500 for speeches. Who knew left wing activism could be so lucrative?

Milo Yiannopoulos reports at Breitbart:

Shaun King Tried to Charge Undercover Reporter $7,500 Plus Expenses for a Speech on Gender

Shaun King, the Black Lives Matter leader who accepted an Oprah Winfrey scholarship to historically black Morehouse College and who claimed to be biracial until a Breitbart report forced him to admit he does not know his own ethnicity, is asking via his speaking agent for $7,500, plus travel, hotel and expenses, for public appearances.

King, who is embroiled in multiple financial scandals, makes a show of speaking for free to universities and colleges. But an email to King from an undercover reporter posing as one of the organisers of “Thinking Gender 2016″ was forwarded by King to his speaking agents at The Lavin Agency, who quoted $7,500, plus travel and accommodation, for King to speak about social justice.

“Shaun’s basic fee for a standard keynote/QA is 7,500 plus travel, hotel and expenses,” the reporter was told by sales agent Holly Caracappa. The same agency quotes $50,000 for Atlantic journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates. The agency did not respond when Breitbart asked how much Deray Mckesson, also understood to be on its books, demands for his public appearances.

Black activists and members of Black Lives Matter penned an open letter to Shaun King earlier this month “taking him to task for suddenly shutting down the organization and for refusing to provide transparency for donations and spending.”

Why would anyone in their right mind pay to hear this man speak?



  1. hank says

    This hateful Bigot has a Job at the NY Daily News. His “columns” (if you can call hate-filled lies and Ridiculous accusations of racism & Police Brutality Column material) Appear 2 or 3 times a Week. It makes me sick. The NY Daily news has turned into one of the biggest Leftist Rags there is to read. I used to love the paper, especially for its real home-town Sports section. Now, I can barely look at it.

  2. WWJD says

    The left keeps spinning this stupid talk and then then media respins and they wonder why REAL Americans are sick and tired of them.

  3. WWJD says

    What another Rachel Dolezal? Could it be that these Dolezal characters have found out that black privilege in US pays off more than the white privilege?

  4. Pissed patriot says

    Shaun King is white according to his Mother who corrected a social worker in a letter that is part of a failed law suit after he was decked for pushing a girl while trying to collect money from her. His scamming started at least in high school. King is a fraud.