NYC Firefighter Who Repeatedly Flunked Training Goes On Disability 10 DAYS INTO JOB

female firefighter

The city of New York put political correctness ahead of its commitment to save lives by hiring a woman who clearly couldn’t pass the training program. Now she’s on disability, just 10 days into her new position.

The New York Post reported:

Firefighter who flunked physical injured 10 days into job

A firefighter who was allowed to graduate the Fire Academy despite failing physical tests has already gone out on medical leave — just 10 days into the job, The Post has learned.

Probationary firefighter Choeurlyne Doirin-Holder injured herself Monday while conducting a routine check of equipment at Queens’ Engine 308 in South Richmond Hill. Getting off the truck, Doirin-Holder missed a step and landed on her left foot, suffering a fracture, sources said.

It was her second shift after a transfer from Engine 301. In training for a hazmat assignment, officers found her struggling to perform the required tasks.

Firefighters called the tripping incident embarrassing — and alarming.

“If you’re going to get hurt in the firehouse checking a rig, what would happen at a fire?” an insider asked.

Doirin-Holder, who turns 40 this month, is one of 282 “priority hires” passed over in 1999 and 2000. Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis ordered they must get preference as victims of past discrimination against minorities.

It was Doirin-Holder’s third attempt to pass the academy. She failed midway through an academy class in 2013 and returned to her former job as an EMT. Two other female priority hires in that class did well.

Doirin-Holder started another class in early 2014 but dropped out because of an injury. The FDNY then gave her a desk job and kept her on the payroll at top firefighter salary, $76,488. She made $81,376 with overtime in 2014 and entered her third class this summer.

Since she was injured on duty, she is eligible for a disability pension that would pay three-quarters of her annual salary, tax-free, if deemed unfit to return.

So now this firefighter is just another expense for the city.

How sad.



  1. Sheik Yerbouti says

    Weird how all the leftist “programs” seem to be caving in on themselves all over the nation and indeed the world! They need more of that evil capitalist cash to bail out or it could all collapse and people would have to go back to actually earning their livelihood.

  2. why says

    Fire in an equal opportunity foe…….doesn’t care what color, what sex, or what culture……doesn’t even care what a judge orders……it just burns…..

  3. MicahStone says

    “NYC Firefighter Who Repeatedly Flunked Training Goes On Disability 10 DAYS INTO JOB”
    –another atrocity of OBOZOland’s lunatic-left thinking….

    • tommy mc donnell says

      the dept of justice and leftist judges have been doing this to fire depts. since the great great jimmy carter was president. the exams have zero validity.

  4. starviego says

    Her tax-free $60K/year lifetime disability pension for 10
    days work will make her an inspiration to civil servants
    everywhere. This is a glorious day for pogue-dom.

  5. SAR2012 says

    The previous feather-bedding champions, transportation & government unions, have been overthrown officially now! All hail the Entitlement Class!

  6. RockfordJohn says

    Only a black (and a women) could get this treatment. Can’t do the job? LEAVE NY doesn’t seem to have any requirements for applicants. AND she gets 81K/yr (BEFORE she took the class for the third time) for sitting on her black ass so they wouldn’t offend this POS that didn’t have the basics to get hired legitimately.