Progressive Gossip Site Gawker Mocks Fred Thompson in Announcement of His Death

Fred Thompson

News broke last night that Republican politician and actor Fred Thompson passed away at the age of 73. The liberal gossip site Gawker used the occasion to bash Thompson. Such classy people.

This is the tweet they sent out:

Gawker has a reputation for being mean and hateful. So much so, that the site’s owner Nick Denton said in a July interview that they would try to be nicer.

From The Wrap:

Nick Denton to Staffers: New Gawker Will Be ’20 Percent Nicer’

Gawker founder Nick Denton told staffers that the site will be “20 percent nicer” when it relaunches Monday. At a Brooklyn bar meeting Thursday, Denton told staff the site needed to soften some its takedown reputation slightly, first suggesting the 20 percent number, which he later downgraded to “10 to 15 percent” nicer than the old one, according to Capital New York.

It doesn’t look like that plan worked out.


SICK=> Christian Reporter Threatened With RAPE For Opposing Men In Women’s Restrooms

Those who claim to be the most tolerant are always the most intolerant.

No where is that more evident than the case of Prop 1 in Houston to allow men free access to women’s restrooms and locker rooms.

Supporters of this ordinance have dubbed it the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance or HERO.

Angela Zatopek, a Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) reporter, concerned about women’s safety and privacy posted this video opposing Prop 1.

Soon after the video’s release Zatopek was threatened with RAPE by a radical HERO/Prop 1 supporter on social media.


Zatopek details the incident in the video below.

There has been no condemnation of this hideous threat by those pushing Prop 1. The silence is deafening.

Clinton Campaign Lawyer Linked to DEAD PEOPLE VOTING SCAM

Marc Elias

A lawyer named Marc Elias who has strong ties to the Clintons and Hillary’s presidential campaign is being investigated for voter fraud. His previous work includes fighting voter IDs.

Jazz Shaw reports at Hot Air:

Clinton campaign attorney represented voting group now charged with registering dead people

Marc is currently the general counsel for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, but he’s had plenty of other assignments for the Democrats before this. It seems as if Marc’s specialty is dealing with pesky cases involving voter registration and election fraud. One of the latest examples on his resume dealt with a voter registration group in the Buckeye State who he represented earlier this year known as the Ohio Organizing Collaborative. They were challenging the state’s new voter ID law, though their usual purpose was supposed to be going out and registering voters of all stripes to increase citizen participation in the electoral process.

Here’s more from the Washington Free Beacon:

Top Clinton Lawyer Filed Voter Suppression Suit for Group Now Under Investigation for Voter Fraud

A group that had been represented by the top lawyer for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign earlier this year is now being investigated by Ohio authorities for fraudulent voter registrations, including the registration of deceased individuals.

Marc Elias, an attorney at Perkins Coie who has become the go-to fixer for Democrats and is now general counsel for Clinton’s presidential campaign, became involved with the Ohio Organizing Collaborative this May when he filed a lawsuit on its behalf to challenge the state’s voter identification laws.

Now the group is being investigated by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal investigation after a local board of elections alleged that 25 to 30 of the voter-registration applications that the group submitted appeared to be fraudulent.

Anyone surprised?


German Church Removes Symbols of Christianity TO MAKE MIGRANTS COMFORTABLE

German Church

A church in Germany which is being used to house migrants has removed pews and the altar to make room for beds but also stripped away all Christian symbols to make the migrants more comfortable.

Breitbart London reports:

Parish Church Strips Out All Crosses, Pulpit, Pews for the Comfort of Migrants

A German evangelical priest has offered his parish church up to become migrant housing, but will be stripping out most of the fittings to ensure their comfort – including all symbols of Christianity.

Father Joachim Deterding, parish priest of the evangelical Königshardt-Schmachtendorf church in Oberhausen, western Germany offered his church to the city authorities this week, a suggestion they accepted “gladly”, reports der Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung.

It is the first time in Germany a still consecrated, serving church has been turned over to migrant accommodation, but it is entirely in keeping with the philosophy of the priest and his mission. The church website advertises services given in English for the majority of refugees who speak no or little German, proudly proclaims “Refugees welcome… we are all citizens with the saints and members of the household of God”.

If this is true, the massive changed being wrought to the church may seem odd. As well as clearing out pews, the altar, and the pulpit to make space for beds and kitchens, the church is also clearing out Christian symbols. This move has been calculated to make the migrants feel more welcome in their new home, reports The Express.

Would these accommodations be made if the roles were reversed?



caityln jenner1

Apparently, men are better at being women these days than women and some feminists are not happy about it.

The New York Post reports:

Germaine Greer, the 76-year-old author of “The Female Eunich,” is making waves by lambasting the idea that Caitlyn Jenner may be honored by Glamour Magazine as “Woman of the Year.” Jenner isn’t a woman, says Greer. He’s just attention-starved and seeking to steal the limelight from the women in the Kardashian family.

He hasn’t actually had to endure what feminists depict as the true horrors of womanhood, such as being cursed with what Greer delicately characterizes as a “big, hairy, smelly vagina.”

When told that such comments are hurtful to the transgender community, Greer doubled down. “Try being an old woman. For goodness sake, people get hurt all the time, I’m not about to walk on eggshells.”

Those who have long walked on eggshells trying not to offend Greer’s feminist sisters should feel free to laugh.

Feminists vs. trans people. How will the Left decide which team to side with?

Image: (EW)

Why is the Environmental Protection Agency Buying Tons of GUNS AND AMMO?

The EPA is buying guns, ammo, body armor and other military style equipment on a monumental scale. Doesn’t that seem a little strange for an agency which is supposed to be about protecting the environment?

This report from the Patriot Post raises many questions:

Environmental Protection Army?

Even those of us who have worked in Washington for many years and become accustomed to the inner workings of government can still be amazed by what lurks behind the curtain sometimes. Case in point: the Environmental Protection Agency…

The first thing that strikes you is the EPA’s spendthrift ways. Even if times were flush and government coffers were overflowing (which is far from the case), the agency spends money like it’s expecting the Second Coming next week. The Open the Books audit covered tens of thousands of checks the EPA wrote from 2000 to 2014, with hundreds of millions going toward such things as luxury furnishings, sports equipment and “environmental justice” grants to raise awareness of global warming.

The second thing that hits you is where the rest of the money goes. The headline of an op-ed by economist Stephen Moore in Investor’s Business Daily sums it up well: “Why Does the EPA Need Guns, Ammo, and Armor to Protect the Environment?”

And not just a few weapons. Open the Books found that the agency has spent millions of dollars over the last decade on guns, ammo, body armor, camouflage equipment, unmanned aircraft, amphibious assault ships, radar and night-vision gear and other military-style weaponry and surveillance activities.

“We were shocked ourselves to find these kinds of pervasive expenditures at an agency that is supposed to be involved in clean air and clean water,” said Open the Books founder Adam Andrzejewski. “Some of these weapons are for full-scale military operations.”

Among the EPA’s purchases:

  • $1.4 million for “guns up to 300mm.”
  • $380,000 for “ammunition.”
  • $210,000 for “camouflage and other deceptive equipment.”
  • $208,000 for “radar and night-vision equipment.”
  • $31,000 for “armament training devices.”

What is the EPA going to do with all of this equipment?